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If your child is bipolar,has mental issues or any other diagnosis?EDIT

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When were they diagnose? did you notice something different on your child from day one? how are you handling their daily life?

Thank you moms who have answered and told me a bit about your life. I stand by my opinion you are all amazing cause kids in general are hard to deal with. You need the patience of a angel to deal with a kid with disabilities. And thats what you are to me angels.I know lots of you have used medication as last resort and your kids have gone through extensive treatments before getting a diagnosis. But its scary how much mental illness is around now a days. Ounce again moms thank you and God bless the great work you do.

FYI: DD is does not have issues, im just asking is all.

by on Feb. 22, 2013 at 8:40 AM
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by on Feb. 25, 2013 at 10:00 AM

My DD was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD when she was 4, but her pediatrician had talked to me about it before that- more like around the time she turned 2.  The doctor just didn't make the firm diagnosis until she was 4. 

The doctor told me that boys usually require meds, where girls usually don't.  Not sure why this is, but suspect that it may be that boys are more active in the first place so they can get to a much more hyper state than the girls with ADD/ADHD.

My main advice is to be firm and consistent.  The American super nanny, Deborah Tillman, has been a great source of information and strategy.  On her show she deals with all kinds of kids, behaviors, and issues and watching it helps me soooo much.  I still use the "calm down corner" if taking a privilege doesn't do the job or she escalates into further behavior- it forces her to calm herself and self regulate which is a huge issue for these kids.  I hope this helps.  I would definitely talk to your son's pediatrician about his behavior and see what they say.  Good luck.

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My DD has ADD, and yes- I kind of had a feeling from about the 12-18 month mark that she was not as calm as other peoples kids and suspected that she would be diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.  Her dad appears to have ADHD as does my mother, but they are both undiagnosed.  I may have noticed sooner than some because I got my degree in K-12 Art Education and recognizing the signs and symptoms of ADD/ADHD and other learning dissabilities was part of our training.  As far as how I am handling her daily life... I just keep it as normal as possible.  She needs firm consistent discipline.  I have to help her find focus when her mind is going a mile a minute.  When she is 6, if she continues to have "issues" in school the doctor has offered to try meds and see if that helps.  Most of her issues are around not listening to her teacher the first time- the teacher has to repeat herself over and over to get DD to focus and respond which is pretty typical.  Thankfully, girls for some reason are usually able to self modify their behavior when they have ADD/ ADHD and don't require as much meds as the boys do according to my ped.

how soon is to soon to be diagnosed by a dr..I feel the same way about my son who is 3 ..same as you since he was about 18 months old I started noticing he wasn't EVER as calm as my nephews even when he was tired...his attention span is very very short and sometimes he is more "wound up" than I have EVER seen any other kid... my entire family just turns it into he is slow or "he is a horrible child I have never seen a child this bad" ... he isn't bad he is just ALWAYS so hyped... I don't want o put him on meds if there is other ways of dealing/helping him with it...any advice ?

by New Member on Apr. 24, 2013 at 12:33 AM

I am bipolar and was diagnosed when our son now 13 was maybe 2 years old. It took me 3 doctor's to get the right diagnosis. I kept going and telling them I felt like I was on a roller coaster. Up one day, down the next. They just kept telling me I was depressed. Finally I found a doctor that diagnosed me right. I have been on several different meds, but think I've found the right combo. I remember I had problems as a child fitting in etc. I watch our son and so far he doesn't seem to have any of the problems I did. He's just a teenage boy. That's all I can say. lol Now our daughter is 4 and seems to be fine so far. But I'll watch her too.

by on Jun. 12, 2013 at 10:58 AM

I'm alarmed that people seem to think it is just a "trend" and do not recognize that the issues do exist and the parents care enough to recognize the symptoms and not chalk it up to just "childhood" behavior until they reach what you would consider an appropriate age for a diagnosis. You should educate yourself and be up at arms that there is still no much ignorance out there. For the parents who choose to medicate their children for these children that are TRULY suffering from these disorders just like a parent would for asthma etc..should be commended and not stigmatized.

by on Aug. 14, 2013 at 11:22 PM

I do understand your situation. My son is autistic  and now 22years old. He was like that as well. Very fussy! When we would go out for a burger, he would only eat the bread , when it was his birthday, he cried when we lit the candles on his cake, when he was at Chuck E Cheese he went bezerk and got mad at a kid for crawling through a tunnel before him. Now, he is 22 and much calmer. It WILL get better. I also work in special education with bipolar students and autism. Do make use of the teachers and staff at his school. They can give you many suggestions that will be specific for your son. My son has PDD and his verbal skills are limited. I did have to put him in a special school but found that they were very good with him and had many good ideas for behaivoral modification. A rewards system worked well for him. He woudl get tokens and earn prizes for following directions, completing assignments etc . I also kept him on a strict schedule. He needed that and your son will greatly benefit from it too. BTW- I have a daughter who is bipolar too. I have run the gammet. I know it is hard but I have found much support here. Don't lose heart.

Specmom 2 mom of two disabled kids that why I made this screen name up. 

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