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In Special Care and need to get this off my chest before I put myself in a Coma!!

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 So I have preeclamisa and im 35 weeks pregnant. And they have put me in the hospital until i deliver i have been here almost a week. And I have a 2 year old DD at home. I am a stay at home mom so this is really the 1st time we have ever been away from each other and its killing me. It kills me!!! My husband has been able to be with her during the day and his mother sits with her at night. Well last night they thought they were going to take the baby because they couldnt get my blood pressure down and my husband had the night off so he stayed with me and my mother in law had to get up with DD today. Well hubby went home at noon to get her lunch, clean ( because mil does nothing expect feed her and sometimes change her) and they were all going to come back up here.

I dislike my mil alot!!! Like she has made herself the viticm in everything that happens. And We have even given her breaks this week where she ONLY had to be at our house while DD slept from 10pm-8am and then my sister comes and sits there until my husband gets up at 1. then they come up here. We even told her she could do her laudnry and eat our food and all that shit while she watched my daughter sleep. This was the plan we had for the week i was susposed to have my c-section. and she was fine with it. I even wrote out what I do for my DD if this or this happens, i mean my husband puts her to bed before he leaves how hard is it to watch a sleeping baby.

Anywas so yesterday she was sitting here all quiet and i guess she was mad because they brought me dinner and i gave some to my DD and my husband stole my fries, and she was mad that i didnt offer her any!!! It was my dinner hospital food, where they do portions there wasnt really enough to even feed DD like i did and i didnt willing share with hubby. So she went home pissed and took it out on my husband ( who didnt come to spend the night with me until after DD was a sleep in bed). Then today she comes in with DD and hubby puts down DDs diaper bag and then walks out the door without saying anything to anyone.

So my husband is like okay and he texts her shes in the family room reading and drinking some coffee... she says i thought my name was mad at me he was like why the hell would she be mad at you. So she sat in there for an hour, i wasnt mad but good i didnt want to stare at her fucking face anyway!! Then she comes in about an hour later and DD fell a sleep between my legs on my bed and she starts telling us we shouldnt let her nap because its not good for her to nap this late, 3pm. And I was like well we were sunggling and she fell a sleep she will still sleep tonight its not a big deal. She sits in the chair by the door ( away from us) and then talks to her ex husband whom is married and she is still fucking because he wants her!!! and invites him up here, i told her only family on my list is allowed up here so they wont let him in she gets pissed and tells him never mind.

Then my sister calls and asks if she can still do laundry at our house because shes coming tommorw to clean the house and i told her instead of paying her she could do her laundry. For some reason this pisses his mother off ( even though she hasnt even done a fucking dish since she had to sit there which i was informed they were all gross) she then brings up if i need clean clothes i told her no because im wearing the gowns. She said oh i was going to do some of your guys laundry for you i told her she didnt need to because we all have enough to get through 3 weeks without doing it. And she was like oh, i was like nothing agianst you just some things need to be washed a certian way and some things cant be dried, and NO ONE  is doing our laundry not even my sister. But i told her if she wanted to do hers this is how it works this is the trick, got to do this blah blah blah cuz its fucking old!!! and she got up and stormed out and was like ill be waiting in the fucking car!! WAIT what??? yeah she flipped out for no reason im guessing because i wasnt mean about it at all. Just said thats what i perfer i wont be here much longer so its not needed she do our laundry.


So she took off, and i started weeping because this is the bitch that my DD has to spend the night with ( yes at our house ) but still i didnt want her to take shit out on her. So I asked my sister to do it, she took the night off work and shes going to sit with DD tonight and my mom will be back from her vacation tommorrow night and can do it until i get home. So I dont need her to fucking throw bitch fits over nothing!!!! And she can fucking come to me and say thats shes sorry my blood pressure is so high that just by crying it could do alot of damage to my baby and I. I dont need this and shes just going to have to throw fits from afar!!

Thanks for hanging on this long if you did lol  any advice would be welcome or telling me im the one being crazy works too because hell i am so out of wack with mood swings and depression that it could all be me. but thanks for listening.

by on Mar. 22, 2013 at 9:03 PM
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by Sue on Mar. 23, 2013 at 1:09 AM

I'm sorry mama! Vent away... then take deep breaths and tell yourself that this too shall pass. Your MILs hissy fits aren't as important as are the health of you and your unborn baby. Don't give her that power over you. HUGS!

by on Mar. 23, 2013 at 2:09 PM

Go to sleep dreaming about the new baby coming and how sweet it is going to be. And how sweet it is going to be to watch the two kids play when they get old enough to do that. Take your thoughts completely away from the mil. She is controlling your life and your thoughts because you are letting her. Blow her off your mind and dream of only good things. It will bring your blood pressure down and you will do well. We are praying for you.

by on Mar. 23, 2013 at 7:35 PM

That sucks! Breath and try to stay calm for you and your baby. Focus on positive things as much as possible. Its almost over, one more day.

by on Mar. 23, 2013 at 7:40 PM

when you're out of the hospital and self sufficient, then you can listen to the bitch whine about "why she doesn't get to see her grandbabies on demand". Then, make sure you tell her why.

Never marry a man whose mother you don't love. It's a lose-lose situation. Sorry to tell ya, but experience told me.

by on Mar. 23, 2013 at 11:19 PM

Send dd over to my house.  We have lots of toys and no grands here right now.  I love to make forts and watch wonder pets.  

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