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Is this rude, or is it just me? EDITED TO ADD #3

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I stopped at the grocery store this morning with my 9 month old daughter to pick up a loaf of bread.  I got in the check out line behind two people.  The lady right in front of me had a cart load of groceries.  So I stood there in line, holding my daughter and a loaf of bread waiting for my turn.

I thought it was inconsiderate to not offer to let me ahead of her.  If I find myself in a similar situation I always offer, even if I have my kids and the person behind me is alone.  To me, it's just common courtesy.

FYI. There was only 1 line open, no express line.  She absolutely knew I was there because she had to go around me to grab a magazine from the rack behind me.

ETA.  Wow.  I really didn't expect that I would be in the minority on this one.  I thought that letting someone ahead of you in line was just common courtesy, like holding the door for the person behind you.  

I'm really surprised that some of you think I was rude by expecting to be allowed to go ahead.  First of all, I didn't actually "expect" it (I've learned a long time ago that expecting people to be considerate and polite is a waste of time), I just thought it was inconsiderate. Secondly, even if I did expect it, I don't see how that would be rude.  I mean, expecting people to be kind and considerate of others is rude?  Hmmmm.  Perhaps if I had said something to her, that would have been rude, but I simply waited patiently in line with my daughter.

I do get that her time is just as important as mine, but honestly what is 30 seconds to anyone?

And, for further clarification I am not a spoiled, entitled brat.  I'm just someone who was raised to go out of my way to help others and am sometimes surprised that not everyone was taught common courtesy.

ETA #2.

Well apparently I am in the minority on this one.  I honestly thought this was a common act of courtesy.  I do it all of the time and others have done it for me. 

You can continue to believe that I am a spoiled, entitled brat.  But just remember, the next time you are stuck in traffic, trying to merge and someone lets you in it might be me.  Or if you are running through a downpour towards the bank, and someone waits an extra 5 seconds to hold the door for you, it might be me.

ETA #3.

Well, I'm glad to see I have a couple of supporters out there.  I guess we just look at the world a little differently that the majority of people.  

To those who resorted to name calling (you know who you are), all I have to say is "how rude!"

by on Jul. 5, 2013 at 10:39 AM
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by on Jul. 8, 2013 at 6:07 PM
Thank u.

Quoting GaleJ:

LDavis 33, I am a fellow believer and while we might be in the minority I try to behave as you do as well. Such simple courtesy would make the world a happier and less stressed out place and might just leave us all feeling a bit less frustrated at the end of the day. Despite the fact that we may seem to be in a small minority we mustn't become discouraged and should just keep being courteous and teaching our children to be so as well!

by on Jul. 8, 2013 at 6:22 PM

I try to let people with small loads in front of me.  I tend to be pretty distracted by my 4 year old, so sometimes I don't always notice the people behind me in line!   

by on Jul. 8, 2013 at 7:15 PM

Some people are rude and only think of themselves (just look at the way people drive). It's sad. If only you could have your baby cry on cue, then they'd all be getting out of your way. 

by on Jul. 8, 2013 at 7:28 PM
I'm not even going to read any of the replies because they'll just piss me off. I too was raised to be considerate. If i hada cart full of groceries and saw someone with a small child and ONE item to check out, of course i'd let them go!

but i'm convinced common courtesy is a dead lesson. seems the majority of people these days only care about their time and their needs and what they want to do. i'm conflicted on whether or not to raise my children this way. if i teach them to put others first, they'll get taken advantage of and used and not appreciated. like me. but i also feel that being courteous is a quality that jesus possesed and being christ like is an obligation i have being christian and i'm supposed to teach my children to be the same way.

lol so there's my rant. i agree with you. you should have just punched that old lady and skipped her in line tbh ;)
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by on Jul. 8, 2013 at 7:35 PM

I'm the same as you. I always let people in front of me if they just have a few things and I have a lot. I think that is just common courtesy, but I learned a long time ago that most people (especially here) lack basic courtesy and manners these days.

by on Jul. 8, 2013 at 7:35 PM

It would have been a nice thing to do. But it's not something to be expected, or feel you are entitled to.  She was in line first, she has the right to stay there.  How many items you have has no bearing on what she should do.

It is most definitely NOT "common courtesy".  It's a EXTRA, going out of your way thing.  A favor.

ETA: For the record, I would have let you go ahead of me.  I just don't think it's something people should feel should be automatic.  It's not like she broke some etiquette rule or anything. I don't like that you used the word rude.

by on Jul. 8, 2013 at 8:27 PM

Quoting Godgaveme4:

I am curious about this. How many people behind you do you let go? 1?2?3? Where do you draw the line?

Let's say you come up behind me and my big cart of groceries with you loaf of bread or gallon of milk. I see you and smile but do not offer for you to go ahead of me. Do you consider me to be inconsiderate? What if you are unaware that I let someone, the person checking out in front of me now with their milk, go ahead of me? Should I let everyone with just one item go in front of me? Where is the line drawn?

Courtesy s not rare. I see it everyday. I show it to others. I just never expect it in return because I do it for others.

Quoting heather406:

Not bothering to read replies but I ALWAYS let someone go ahead of me if I see they have a few things and I have a cartful.  Courtesy...apparently a rarity nowadays! 

*I* never said I expected anything - I said I always let someone go ahead of me if they only have a thing or two.  Which I do.  I wouldn't expect anyone to just let me go in front of them, although it's greatly appreciated - especially since I always have a small, sometimes screaming child with me.  I dunno where you live but I rarely run into severely congested check out lines (except at Aldi and that shits just a free-for-all, lol) so I can't honestly recall a time when I had more than 1 or 2 people in line behind me with few enough things I'd tell them to go ahead of me.  I think a good bulk of the replies here prove that courtesy *is* a rarity, at least among some.  

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by Platinum Member on Jul. 8, 2013 at 8:34 PM

I'm from a small town and have been let infront of others when they had a cart full and I only had a couple things--even when I was alone.  But, this is a small town too so that may make a bit of difference.

by Member on Jul. 19, 2013 at 10:27 PM

I'm sorry, did you expect her to let you go ahead of her because you only had one item?  Or was it because you 'had a baby'?

by Platinum Member on Jul. 19, 2013 at 10:42 PM

It wasn't rude of her to take her turn.  If there was only one lane open, she could have been standing in line for a while also.  Just because she didn't offer to let you go first, doesn't mean she doesn't know how to be courteous of others.

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