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This school year my 2 8th graders will be issued iPads the first week of school. Well I think there are a lot of benefits to this, I still worry that they will lose them, break them and not care for them properly. We got packets in the mail with all the info to read, I haven't gone through the whole thing yet and both will sit and read front to back before signing it.

This year I had to pay $85 for a missing English book, that thankfully was found an my check was returned! I'm not prepared to pay for an iPad.

Anyone else have experience with having them provided at school? How did it go?

(I'm at work and will check this out later) :)
by on Jul. 11, 2013 at 10:28 AM
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by on Jul. 11, 2013 at 5:25 PM


The kids really enjoy using them and they were excited to use them.  Anything that gets them excited about learning is a plus.  My son was in 4th grade when they started using iPads.  You've got 2 8th graders and I understand how difficult teens can be at that age...and not necessarily the most responsible.  You certainly shouldn't have to pay $85 for a missing English book.  If you want to teach them to be responsible let them know that any unforeseen costs will be paid by them.  They surely don't have jobs so that money would come from birthday or holiday money.  It can't be an empty threat though.  Maybe they will start off taking better care of them if they are responsible for the damages and repairs.  Good luck to you!

Quoting -KJ:

I know they just need to learn more responsibility, I just worry about it! What's your opinion on the use of then for class?

Quoting JessicaR7:

We (the parents) provide iPads at my sons school. One parent was worried about other kids breaking his kids' iPad and who would be responsible for payment. I feel like, as parents, there is always a certain amount of risk. If another kid breaks my kids glasses at school and they don't offer to pay...I can't make them. It's part of the unforeseen costs of raising kids.


by on Jul. 11, 2013 at 5:30 PM

Our schools are considering it but I will not sign anything...if I cannot afford an IPAD  myself then my child will not be getting one that I will be responsible for if something was to happen. And they are stating that if they do it we parents will be held responsible. I think not

by Emerald Member on Jul. 11, 2013 at 6:12 PM

we dont use it as far as i know.  I would be designating a place at home to keep them so you know where they are at all time or there will be consequences.  This is a very pricey item as most school items are to lose.   I think they are good to use in class since the most recent information for the subject can be found rather than reading from a text book which could be outdated by time it is even printed and distributed.

by on Jul. 11, 2013 at 6:18 PM
We are not provided iPads , in fact middle school iPads from HOME had to have a contract that released the school from any liability. Other tablets/ readers were okay and encouraged. I'm not helping, I know, but I can see a student stealing another student's if they lost theirs, though.
However, students MUST learn at this age how to take care of and keep up with borrowed items from school and what their parents buy for them, whether it's an iPad, textbook, phone, ds game, or even a pencil pouch and notebook paper.
I can't tell you how many reminders I got from middle school teachers " please remind your student to refill their notebook paper as I am running low, blah, blah, blah.... Hated them as my son always had paper and pencils and wanted to share. The edict from me finally had to come down that he could give three sheets a day and never to lend pencils!!!
I can't imagine having to explain the " under no circumstances are you allowed to let anyone manipulate you into letting them see that iPad for a split second!"
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