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I have 2 questions I would love some input on...
1.) My husband and I are all about protecting our children. One way we plan on doing so is teaching them survival and self defence skills. I have been starting a survival guide for all of them. In which it gives you information on everything from making shelter to finding water, building traps for food and edible and poisonous plants. We plan on starting to train them on survival skills by their 6th birthdays. And starting self defense training between the ages of 10-12 based on their maturity and ability to control their tempers. Is this too soon for self defense training?
2.) Also my husband qnd I are avid gchangesectors and firm believers in our second ammendment rights. We are teaching our children not to play with guns and not to touch a gun now and we have themm locked up and unloaded at all times to keep them from being able to accidentally get a hold of a gun. But we are planning on giving them weapons training between tbe ages of 14-16 also based on their maturity level and discipline. We will start off strictly with gun and weapon safety and move forward from there. They will not have their own gun until they are 18 and that will be
a rifle they will nit have a pistol until they can buy their own at 21 (unless the law
changes) is this too young to begin weapons training?
by on Sep. 8, 2013 at 6:52 PM
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by on Sep. 20, 2013 at 2:17 PM
And what if one accidently shoots the other one,what they gonna do, you sound all braggy about your survival skills ,regular little tarzan, arent you,royal rangers my ass, your a fool.

Quoting MaryIsbell:


Quoting RheaF:

 We plan to get DD her first cross bow/compound bow when she turns 12, and allowing her to hunt with DH as soon as she shows she can handle it. Guns will be at 16 (that goes for both kids). We are hunters, and keep guns(unloaded) in the house. We begin teaching our children gun safety as soon as they are old enough to understand(and we teach it on their level), usually around 3. We do not teach them how to handle guns that early, rather, what they are, they know what guns can do, and the difference between their play guns and real guns. (yes, we allow them to play with play guns, they go "hunting" in our back yard. They also have wooden swords and shields that they play with)

As far as survival skills, yep, my kids will learn them! However, that is part of the Rangers curriculum that DH teaches(he is a Royal Rangers leader). He is also former Army, and taught Cival Air Patrol for a few years. Basic survival skills are for more than "end of the world" planning. What if they get seperated from us while camping? What if, when they are older, they go hiking and something happens? They need to know how to survive should something like that happen.

by on Oct. 11, 2013 at 10:53 PM
Quoting zaezae:

Madness kids with guns ,,wtf this is not right surley and you sound proud, what happened to innocence i mean why not go the full way and give your kids carving knifes and convince yourself your only teaching them how to carve up sunday dinner

Quoting WifeMomStudent:My 8 year old has started on gun safety and uses a BB gun now. Soon he will learn to shoot skeet and deer but we're country folk lol I think 10 is a good age for learning to hunt. Also a good karate school will teach them discipline and anger management so you can start them as you g as you want and then they learn proper outlets for their anger.

Actually as soon as he gets his first deer, he will learn how to skin and quarter it. It's what people do to get food. We eat on that all year. How do you think people are before there were grocery stores. What do you think is in the meat you so proudly but at the grocery store?
by Gold Member on Oct. 11, 2013 at 11:04 PM
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I was 8 when my dad would let me shoot the gun he'd sit behind me and guide me i'd pull the trigger. lol he's a gunsmith. It's never too young to teach, but there can be trouble letting them handle the stuff alone. It's when they have free reign over or acess to it that its dangerous. But if you are right there when you do do it,  and they can't access it otherwise. probably ok. Whatever you guys are interested in, they will be too. be it camping or sports etc.. as long as you are together they will have fond memories no matter what you are doing :) HUGS

by Ruby Member on Oct. 12, 2013 at 12:15 AM

I don't think those ages are too young. I think it just depends on the child's maturity level

by on Oct. 12, 2013 at 12:19 AM
Self defense at 5.

Weapons training as soon as they can talk, regarding safety. Weapons handing and safety around 8 depending on maturity.
Survival skills as soon as they can talk.

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