hairOMG. When I first heard about this, I almost threw up in my mouth a little bit. Would you believe a woman named Jacquelyn Byers has gone five years without washing her hair?!?

No, not five days. Or five weeks. Or five months. Five YEARS, people!

It all started when she became leery of using regular shampoo because of the chemicals it contained. For a while, she switched over to organic and natural stuff -- but then she decided those products were too pricey. At that point, she started washing with apple cider vinegar and baking soda -- and then she gave up on shampooing her hair altogether. She now simply rinses it with water -- twice a week.


Take a look at this video to hear more and to see pics of her dirty tresses.

Ok, so in the photos, her hair really doesn't look that bad. But can you even begin to imagine how it must smell? I'm sorry, I know she claims no one complains about the stench -- but it has to absolutely stink. Have you ever given your hair a good whiff after a couple days without washing it? Um ... let's just say it's not a very pleasant scent.

I understand her being worried about toxins and such, but regardless of what ingredients are hiding in a shampoo bottle -- there's no way I could go without it. Like ever.

The longest I ever go between shampoos is two days, though most of the time, I wash my hair every other day. This keeps it fresh, clean, but also healthy, since I'm not stripping it of oils by lathering up every single day.

However ... by day two? I can see the grease starting to build up on my roots, indicating that it's time to hop in the shower and take care of business. Ok, so once in a while, I'll use dry shampoo in a pinch, but 99.99 percent of the time, I wash with regular shampoo followed by conditioner.

I know how greasy a person's hair gets varies from woman to woman, but I'm just not buying that this chick gets by only rinsing with water without her strands looking dull, oily, blah, and reeking to high hell.

Maybe she can't smell it because she's gotten used to it over the past five years. But something tells me the people who are telling her they don't have a problem with it are probably just trying to be polite.

How long do you go in between shampoos?