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Has your child ever lost a beloved toy?

Posted by on Oct. 26, 2015 at 9:38 AM
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10 Amazing, True Tales of Beloved Stuffed Animals, Toys, and Loveys

stuffed animal

Anyone with a child knows how much toys and stuffed animals -- or loveys, as they're often called -- can mean to a kid. Loveys are the toys that get dragged to every outing; they're the stuffed animal or doll that's always found clutched between a toddler's fingers as they peacefully sleep; they're the scraggly guy who often needs a good machine-washing (if you can actually get it away from your kid's white-knuckle grip). Some toys are, quite simply, impossible to live without.

Being that these BFFs are so important to the kids that love them, there are some amazing true tales about them, including incredible lengths moms have gone to find them when they've become missing and the amazing videos dads have created involving these beloved toys (yes, videos -- they're adorable!).

Here are 10 heart-warming stories of the one toy a child couldn't stand to be without. 

  • The LONG-Lost Stuffy The LONG-Lost Stuffy

    After a boy named Liam lost his beloved blue monkey named Ah-Ah on a camping trip, his mother refused to give up the search for it. And guess what? She wound up finding Ah-Ah again on eBay ... three years later!

  • The Tale of Mr. Rabbit The Tale of Mr. Rabbit

    When 3-year-old Ruby lost Mr. Rabbit in London -- the floppy-eared bunny she was given at birth -- her mom did what any modern woman would: She posted Mr. Rabbit's photo, along with a message, to Twitter. When a local celebrity retweeted the plea, Mr. Rabbit went viral. And, from the looks of Instagram, Mr. Rabbit is back with Ruby.  

  • The Train in Space The Train in Space

    Insanely cool dad alert! Ron Fugelseth sent his 4-year-old son's beloved toy train "Stanley" into space.Like, actual space. And he made an unbelievably incredible video in the process. Talk about a keepsake. 

  • Pink Bunny's Day at the Beach   Pink Bunny's Day at the Beach

    Maddie Cross's parents tried to find her favorite stuffed animal, Pink Bunny, before they left the beach. But, sadly, their efforts were futile. However, thanks to a Good Samaritan (and mom of six!), Pink Bunny's photo was posted to Facebook, where it was shared 30,000 times (!), eventually reuniting Pink and Maddie again. The internet at its best. 

  • The Teddy Who Stopped Traffic The Teddy Who Stopped Traffic

    Some people are just good. And the off-duty Indiana police officer who stopped traffic to reunite a little girl with her lost teddy is one of those people. After Officer Jason Cullum saw Nikki Mayo crying over the stuffed animal she couldn't find, he moved heaven and earth -- or at least a few cars -- to return the bear to her after he spotted it on nearby road.

  • The Bear Who Saved a Life  The Bear Who Saved a Life

    It isn't easy to get a 2-year-old to part with their most-loved stuffed toy. So, when a little girl in Holland gave her favorite teddy bear to a baby sloth, it was a pretty big deal! See, the sloth's mom was running out of milk, and because baby sloths like to cuddle while drinking, the poor thing was starving! So, the sweet little girl sacrificed her lovey for the sake of the sloth. The true definition of "selflessness." 

  • Teddies for Comfort Teddies for Comfort

    After Lisa Freeman's son was killed in combat in Afghanistan, she established The Matthew Freeman Project, a nonprofit that does all sorts of amazing things for young children -- including turning fallen soldiers' uniforms into teddy bears to help kids dealing with loss. Absolutely incredible.  

  • The Well-Traveled Tiger The Well-Traveled Tiger

    Hobbes the stuffed tiger was probably sad to be separated from his owner, 6-year-old Owen, at Tampa International Airport. However, before the two were reunited, Hobbes got to go on an awesome tour of everything in the airport, and had his photo snapped along the way!

  • The Well-Traveled Dog  The Well-Traveled Dog

    Speaking of stuffies who travel, the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Canada mailed a woman back the stuffed dog she lost two weeks after she checked out. And, yes, they included photos of all the places the dog had been while they were apart. 

  • The Long-Lost Lamb  The Long-Lost Lamb

    When 30-year-old Bernadette Lavalleer lost the stuffed lamb she had for years, she was devastated -- but it wasn't long until she and "Lamberise" were together again. Lavalleer made numerous pleas on Facebook, asking people if they'd seen her stuffed animal. A year later, a woman who had purchased Lamberise at a yard sale 15,000 miles away mailed the stuffed toy back to her rightful owner.  

by on Oct. 26, 2015 at 9:38 AM
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