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Got the Baby Blues???

Posted by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 3:28 AM
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Hello~ My sister had a baby 6 weeks ago. (Born May 1st). And for the past week she has been very "moody" (thats putting it nicely).  Cring at the drop of just about n e thing. Very snippy. Tired, Sad, Stressed, and a little depressed about her weight gain. and taking it out on all of us in the house (NOT THE BABY THO, SHE'S GREAT WITH HER). anyways. i was lookin on the web to see if there was a "diagnosis" for her symptoms. Thinking it's either her hormones going wacky or PPD (post partum depression). She also went to the dr. today and they said they would like to have her evaluated for PPD, but who knows how soon they can get her in when she's having emotional breakdowns at least twice a day.
I was looking around the webpage and saw that she has all the symptoms of "baby blues"

(the things highlighted in blue are the symptoms she is having)

Baby Blues symptoms
*Cring for no apparent reason
* Impatience; loneliness
* Irritabliity; loss of identity
* Restlessness; sadness
* Anxiety; low self-esteem
* Increased sensitivity and vulnerability

" The baby blues are experienced by 50 to 75% of new mothers. This is the most commen and least severe of the postpartum reactions. These symptoms are unpleasant, but manageable. They often start around the 3rd or 4th day after delivery and last for a week or two. A woman often experiences a sense of disorientation. Highs are followed by lows. Gather your support around you. Share your feelings with your partner, another mother, or professional. If the symptoms persist and interfers with yout ability to care for yourself or your baby, then you may have postpartum depression. Most women are unprepared and feel bewildered when these symptoms are experienced. PPD does not take the same form for every woman, If you have several of these symptoms, ranging from mild to severe, you could have postpartum depression. You may have alternating "good" and "bad" days. Any of these symptoms can be reason to seek professional help."

Postpartum Depression symptoms
* Sadness, depression, hopelessness
* Sluggishness, fatigue, exhaustion
* Poor concentration, confusion
* Appetite and sleep disturbances
* High anxiety levels
* Memory Loss
* Over concern for the baby
* Uncontrollable cring, irritablility
* Lack of interest in the baby
* Feelings of guilt, inadequacy, worthlessness
* Fear of harming yourself
* Fear of harming your baby
* Exaggerated high and/or lows
* Lack of interest in sex

(i hope this information helps other people too)

ANYWAYS ...   My Question to all of you is:

Has anyone had the "baby blues" 6+ weeks PP ????? What were your symptoms? How did you cope?

by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 3:28 AM
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by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 7:21 AM
To be honest with you my daughter is 2 and I had PPD when I gave birth.  I am no longer classed as PPD but the doctors said if I didn't get treatment this could happen.  I now have depression.  I wish I would have listened to the doctor when I was first diagnosed.

If possible get her to a doctor asap or even maybe the local hospital and tell the nurse's about her symptoms.  She may not want to but she may take it out on the baby one day.  I never did but sometimes I had to hide in a room to make the mad feelings go away while my husband cared for our daughter.

Whatever she does please don't let her ignore it.  It gets in the way of enjoying time with her child.  At least, sometimes it is hard for me to enjoy my time with my daughter.
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