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defend yourself!

Posted by on Jul. 25, 2007 at 4:30 PM
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This is from a friend of mine in another group.  Thank you kickbuttmama!!

2 Nights ago a family in my state had their house broken into. The re-peat offenders had been living in a half-way house together. They broke in - beat the mom and dad for seemingly hours - then molested their teenage daughter and tied both the teen and the 9 y/o daughters tot he beds. They choked the mom to death and the father was unconscious with major head trauma...then they set the house on fire. The only survivor was the dad.

As many of you know I have been in the martial arts since  was a teen and have taught many a self-defense workshop. I had a journal from a few months ago on personal safety and i just wanted to send it to everyone..


1) Always be aware of your surroundings- know who is walking across the street, see who is driving in the car, etc - This also means no walking outside while talking on the cell phone or listening to headphones  - you want all 5 senses involved in determining your entire environment.

2) Keep your Hands and Feet unencumbered. This means always wear comfortable shoes and clothing that will not prevent you from running if need be. Wouldn't you hate for something to happen because your platforms made you trip? Keep your hands free by not carrying a million things. If it doesn't fit in a bag over your shoulders you shouldn't carry it. A single book could be used as a weapon to strike an attacker but if someone grabs you - seconds count and you don't want to waste them by having to drop stuff.

3) Don't leave doors unlocked.Many a robber or criminal will follow the path of least resistance. Don't leave your windows open and doors unlocked while sitting in you car or at home. At least a lock could slow them down enough to give you some warning. Women have a tendency to sit in their cars and do things, like balance their checkbooks or look at their messages. DO NOT, you are a target, lock your doors, start your car and be ready with a cell phone.

4) Review your first aid training.How many people could be helped if someone knew how to apply a tourniquet or CPR before the area is safe for an ambulance.

5) Don't go for the nuts.The first place a woman goes to strike a man is the first place a man expects to be struck. Then you've wasted the opportunity to inflict pain. The best soft tissue areas to strike, jab, scratch, etc are the following: Eyes, nose, under the chin, center of the throat, inner thigh, (or my favorite) stomp on a foot or kick at the knees. It only takes 5 lbs of pressure to break a knee - kick at it from the side or the back and it will make them stumble.

6) Do not stop and drop.If you hear gun shots MOVE!!! Our first reaction is to stop and drop to the ground or hide under a table/desk. It is much easier to hit a stationary target than it is to hit a moving one. Get everyone around you to emit utter chaos. This will make the shooter hopefully have to opt to shoot to wound rather than to kill.

7) A bullet is very small don't be in the way!This ties in with #6. A bullet is no more than 1/2 inch in width. Therefore the shooting zone is about 1 foot square. That 1 foot of space is the only one you have to worry about. For example, if the shooter is aiming at your chest you should be concerned with the space from your head to your belly ONLY. Not your knees or arms. That means, when the shooter pulls the trigger you want nothing in that one foot of space. Drop, roll, jump, do cartwheels for all I care, just MOVE!!

8) A person with a knife is much less likely to use it.A knife is a very personal weapon - when used in a crime it is usually a crime of passion since the attacker would have to get REAL up close and personal with the victim. So you have about 30 seconds to defend yourself while the attacker makes the decision as to whether or not to really use the knife. MAKE THEM COUNT.

9) Beware of what you can use around you as a weapon. If someone where to grab you - you want to have been aware of your surroundings enough that you could grab something quickly. Again that 30 second window. A pen can be used as a knife. High heels hurt like hell, a book, your purse, etc can be use to strike the face. Look around always, don't live in a tunnel!

10) Explain to your children stanger danger. Not to just prepare them in case someone tries to kidnap them but also so they can be aware of everything. As you know kids see ALL - outside your home you can use that to your advantage. Since if your kids are with you you have to keep one eye on them they can be your eyes and ears for things out of the ordinary. Also teach them that is mommy or daddy are screaming to crawl out the window and go to the neighbors for help - DON'T go see what is wrong. Most kids run to their parents, rehearse with them - they should be prepared you never know you may get separated due to a fire or a medical condition. The kids need to know what to do to not panic. Practice will help keep them calm.

Please share with your family and friends, this is information we can all use!!

by on Jul. 25, 2007 at 4:30 PM
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by on Jul. 25, 2007 at 4:57 PM
This is really good information. Thank you for posting it. But can I also add that it is important to find a balance between taking reasonable precautions to keep yourself safe and prepared, and not living your life in fear. I was raised to be afraid of everyone and everything, and it was paralyzing. None of these safety tips matter if you end up not really living because you are too afraid. So use these great tips to become empowered, not paralyzed.
by on Jul. 25, 2007 at 5:36 PM

Great advice!  I also heard recently about keeping your car keys on your night stand because if someone breaks in your house (if they don't get shot first) you can push the panick button on your keys and sound the alarm in your driveway.  Maybe it would help.

by on Jul. 25, 2007 at 5:39 PM

If you let someone tie you up or drive you away most likely the battle is lost. YOu have to fight and fight like mad from the onset.  Thanks for the advice.

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