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Questions for doc??

Posted by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 1:22 PM
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Okay here's the situation: I've seen a doctor 3 times in my entire pregnancy. Once at 16 weeks, the second at 6 months, the third at about 7. At my last appointment, I thought I would be starting to go every two weeks. Well, my next appt was set a month away (which would have been last Tuesday, but he had a delivery so rescheduled for today). I switched docs halfway through( at my 6 month appt), and the only thing the new doc has done is have me pee in a cup, measure my belly, weigh me, and listen to baby's heartbeat. That's it. At the end of the last appt he ordered an US.
~Is this normal???  I thought I was supposed to be on 2 week appts already, maybe every week...?
~He doesn't ask me if I have any questions, or if anything strange is happening, or whatever. And when I did have a question, about why I felt sick everytime I drank milk, he just told me some women become lactose intolerant. Didn't say I should be taking calcium, or anything. And he rushes through like he doesn't want to be asked questions, so idk...
~So what should I be asking him? He hasn't exlpained the delivery, or what to expect in labor, or anything like that. I know I need to ask about the episiotomy and his opinon on them, and tell him I don't want an IV or constant monitoring if it's not medically necessary, and different things I've decided on my own from reading.  Oh, and I need to discuss BC, cuz I am NOT doing this again for a longo But is there anything else I need to be asking??



by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 1:22 PM
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by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 2:22 PM
I am guessing that different doctors do things different ways, so I would just suggest asking your doctor if you have questions about how often you are being seen or delivery.  Don't wait for him to bring it up.  As for me, I had one doctor for my first three pregnancies.  I went every month until the last 4-5weeks.  Then he saw me weekly.  After he retired, I went to a new doctor at a new clinic.  He saw me monthly until the last 6 weeks.  Then we went to weekly.  I am a firm believer in asking the doc whatever I feel I need to.  I don't want to wait for them to bring it up or worry about it being a dumb question.  You should feel as prepared as you can.  Congrats, BTW, on your impending arrival!

by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 2:27 PM
I'd ask questions I wanted answered and not wait for doctor to bring it up. Good Luck.
by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 2:30 PM
Only 3 times? You should definitely have seen a doc more than that. Your doc should be asking you questions about how you feel, any pains or concerns? Have you had any tests throughout pregnancy? What about the sugar glucose test? That is where you drink the real sugary drink and then they draw your blood over three hours? Any ultrasounds done?

Ok, here is my advice! The next time you see your doc and he trys to rush through the appointment, you tell him you are a person, not just a chart and you have some things that need to be answered and discussed. If he says he don't have time, well then maybe you need a new doc. But do not let him rush you. You ask every question you want answered and make him sit there. If you are not happy with the answer then tell him to explain it more. You are entitled to his time, after all that is what he is getting paid for. 

Next time you go to the docs office, take  a list of questions you want answered. Also have your list of concerns too! Then you go through everything you have down. The other patients can wait because they would do the same thing if necessary. I think some docs don't give all patients the same courtesy because some people will let them get away with it. Basically, put your foot down and be the pregnant bitch we have to be at one time or another.

by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 2:34 PM
That is very scary to me that you have only been to the doctor like 3 times. I guess it's too late to look for a new doctor though. I'm sure you are having a normal pregnancy though so I suppose there is nothing to worry about. Just make sure you are writing down every question you have and talk to him about it next time you go in.
by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 2:35 PM
I too saw the doc monthly until the last 4 wks, then it was weekly.

 Working for a group of docs, I can tell you that they are extremely busy and sometimes just dont' stop to think that maybe the patient has questions or doesn't know something... sometimes I think they assume everyone knows as much as they do...I doubt that your doc doesn't "care", he prob just doesn't "think"... 

my doc would ask me if i had any questions, but his answers were very brief. He didn't say a word to me about delivery until I was in the hospital & he did his rounds.  Then he told me what to expect!  
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