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Childhood illnesses- In you or your kids?

Posted by on May. 24, 2009 at 1:13 AM
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Do you have any stories? This thread  could get really emotional, I suppose. But I guess I'm just interested in what you all have been through. We moms are surviovrs right? And we raise them, too. Or, perhaps we're friends, siblings, or children of them?

So, if you're comfortable sharing I'd love to hear your tales of bravery.  Perhaps we should start out with short descriptions and let one another ask questions? With the understanding, of course, that we won't grow angry at any of the questions people ask?

I'll go first:

I was involved in an accident when I was eleven that hospitalized me. During my two-week stay at the hospital a number of test due to the accident revealed that I had the very early stages of a highly aggressive form of Leukemia. Coencidentally, it was the accident that caused us to find it early enough and is the reason I'm alive--and in remission--today.

having a baby
by on May. 24, 2009 at 1:13 AM
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by on May. 24, 2009 at 1:17 AM

Well I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at 15..I was sick for about 2 years before that...

when I was diagnosed I weighed all of 89 lbs and the same height I am now (5'4)

I had knots on my legs from malnutrition....I could barely walk...I hadn't eaten in about 2 periods had stopped...

I had doctors tell me I was pregnant...which was funny cause I was still a virgin....

I was told I had an eating disorder....

When I was finally diagnosed I went to john's hopkins.....the put a tube in my nose that went down to my stomach...I hated that so freaking much....

and they did a ton of test on me...all of them very evasive...but they finally figured out what was wrong and started fixing me....

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Tummy Trouble???

by Emerald Member on May. 24, 2009 at 1:22 AM

OP - it's amazing how something "bad" can turn out to be good.  In your case, an accident led to early detection of your illness.

My daughter started having seizures when she was 5.  She in turn had an EEG and MRI.  They found a brain tumor (benign thankfully.)  Turned out the seizures were not in any way related to the brain tumor.  The seizures have since stopped, and we would not have known about her tumor if it weren't for the few harmless seizures.  DD also had surgery at 5 (5 was a tough year!) on her back for a fatty tumor on her spine.  She has a scar but is 100% recovered from that.

by on May. 24, 2009 at 1:30 AM

I took DS into the ER for a high fever. Even though I was aware he was very underweight his pediatrician never seemed too concerned, so I more or less took her word for it that all was fine. After DS saw the doctor they decided to admit him and do a calorie count for 5 days in the hospital. They tested him for...well, just about everything. At the end of those 5 days they released us with a dx of failure to thrive. A few weeks later they sent me the results of his genetic testing. In this packet of medical jargon was a diagnosis of mosaic partial trisomy 1p. Not so much as a phone call explaining what this actually meant, just this big fat manilla envelope full of words I'd never even heard before.  Our first meeting with the geneticist wasn't much more help. He was the 17th dx'ed case, and I was basically told no one has a clue what this means for him.

He's done more than anyone expected at this point (5 years later). He's about 2 1/2 mentally, and slowly but surely progressing. His weight issues have always been linked to his disorder by the doctors. Come to find out all he needed was his tonsils & adenoids out. He's gained 3lbs in a month. It's been our biggest concern, especially since in the past few years he's only been putting on 1/2-1 pound a year. At that rate I couldn't help but wonder how much his body could handle, especially as he got taller and his bones starting poking through more and more. The relief I felt at his last weigh in was indescribable. 

So, anyhoo, that's my boy! :-)  

by on May. 24, 2009 at 1:32 AM

i was diagnossed with H. Pylori infection in my stomach when i was 15 i was in pain for nine years i may get ulcers or cancer in my future

by on May. 24, 2009 at 1:41 AM

Wow! Incredible. Thaks so much for sharing.

I'm so glad that it was me that went through this and not my children. So far the worst the next generation has is a herion addiction (my adopted son was born with it) and one kid that's allergic to like everything. (A nephew of mine, not my own child.)

I'd do all the chemo and stuff over again in a heartbeat if I knew it would protect my kids (and nieces, nephews, younger sibs, etc) from ever having to go through anything like it.

What kinds of effects do these things have on your/your child's life now? Are these things genetic? In the cases where you/your child may have children in the future, is there an increased riskin complications? Or, a genetic likelyhood that the child may have the same condition? What do you do to cope on a daily basis?

having a baby
by on May. 24, 2009 at 2:31 AM

My son was complaining of a sore throat.i didn't think much of it.He was snoring the night before and thought that his throat was sore from sleeping w/ his mouth open.I gave him some children's Motrin and a glass of water.I check his temp before I gave him some water and he didn't have a fever.I went to pick him up from school and he was still complaining.So when we got home I checked his temp again.It was105.i felt like the worlds worst parent by now.So we went to the urgent care to get him checked out.They said that he had  strep throat.So now i fell like dog due.I get him some meds and he gets to take some time off from get better. The next day he brakes out in hives (or so I thought).So I have my husband take him back to the urgent care to switch meds.He gets there and they give my son the once over.I find out that he's not allergic to the meds.He has scarlet fever.He was out of school for a while and i had to keep him away from everyone.I had to call his school and tell them that everyone was exposed to scarlet fever and i had to call and tell the parents of the boy that I nanny for.I couldn't believe it.What door knob did he have to touch to get that?I didn't know that was around any more.I had to give him meds and put him on a special diet.I should get the worst mom award for that.

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