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Just For Fun

Posted by on Jul. 28, 2009 at 12:01 AM
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Ever been so bored you looked up words on Thats exactly what I did tonight and in the process looked up my name. Then i got wondering who else would actually take the time to do it. .So heres the place to post what your name means. Ill go first. My Name is Anna.

1.The name for the most awesome person ever, It is impossible to fit so much awesome into any other person.

2. The subject of the Arthur Alexander song as well as the remake by The Beatles.The best "Annas" come from the South. Anna is a unique name that can be spelled the same forwards & backwards; Anna - annA. See? The name is simple & elegant, which is a good description of females named Anna. Elegant & exciting. Simple & undefined. Traditional & radical.

3.good to be around, fun-loving

4. 1. beautiful, hott,*sexy*, gorgeous, fine, babe
2. omnipotent, smart
3. SPUNKY, lively, outgoing
4. amazing, awesome, wonderful
5. perfect

5. a crazy girl that always smiles!

6.the hottest girl ever. a word describing the prettiest girl you have ever seen

7. A girl who is generally sweet and mild mannered on the outside, but is a crazy party girl on the inside. She is also quite bi-polar. It can be used when you are extremely drunk but trying to play it cool.

8.Anna is a name a soft name not mean or fierce just anna. An anna is a friend and most likely a good one by the sound of her name. If you treat an anna badly you will probably get screwed over. If you were to be an annas friend he/she would probably run with you when you run away. An anna deserves the best of the best because just by the sound of the name he/she probably has givin you the best. So do not take Annas lighthearted they could be breaking down inside and you not knowing. Something like a goddess on earth.

9. Anna is a name for the sexiest, most gorgeous, amazing, and beautiful girls in the world. These girls are the sweetest and have the best personality, are absolutely stunning, and are the best at sex. Every guy should date an Anna. Every guy WANTS to get with an Anna. Annas are not sluts, but when they decide to give someone their love, they are by far the best. Annas usually have beautiful curves. Basically, you are lucky as hell to have an Anna.

10. The most beautiful, charming, intelligent, clever, nicest , and best person you'll ever meet.

11. A female that is beautiful, gorgeous, & amazing. One who is outgoing and loves to be around nice people. One who enjoys many sports and activities. Does not group with any stereotypes. Will always tell the truth. Always listening to music. & loves you<3

12. A now comonly English name, deriving from 'Grace'. Parents adopt this name when they realise they give birth to something truly beautiful.

13. The name for a really awesome and pretty girl who is one of the best friends you will ever have. She is up for any fun or random activity you can think of and never gets tired of it (or at least never shows it). She seems to radiate warmth and happiness and always has a smile on her face. Anna is that one-of-a-kind friend that everyone needs.

14. The most awesome, prettiest, most popular (she gets good grades to!) girl in the School. Everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) Likes her and all the boys have crushes on her. Everyone is envious of Anna but at the same time Anna has thousands of friends


by on Jul. 28, 2009 at 12:01 AM
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by Gold Member on Jul. 28, 2009 at 12:06 AM

uhm,  no.  i never get THAT bored.  but a while ago someone specifically asked me to look my name up on so i did.

freakin HOT, amazing in the sack, freeek-a-leek, sweet, caring, funny, smart....and boooooootylicious :)

a girl that is cool, smart, fun to be around, and always there to help ... you know what i mean wink.wink she is so hot! and the thing everyone loves about her is her ASS!! fuck yea .. that thing can bounce you out ... and you can grab it all day!

sexually attractive female character in the mortal combat series of video games

and my favorite....

Sonia is the commonly known pejorative slang term for a hussy. A Sonia is normally attractive, yet often self-centered and overly vain.


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