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I love being scummy poor white trash

Posted by on Jul. 28, 2009 at 7:06 PM
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I hate condensending people.

We couldn't move into navy housing cause the wait list was to long for our needs so we settled for a complex that has an agreement with the military.  Turns out it is also government subsidized.   Turns out we qualified.  yeah great right,.............

I like the old one. I hate the new people.  There is two of them.  The one I have had the most dealing with is "fake nice" and make me feel uncomfortable.

Anyway, so today we go in to sign the lease for the following year.  My husband mistakenly gives my 20 month old a cookie.  Which he promptly makes a mess of.  Once I get finishing signing my part.  I had it off to him to sign and go over to clean the couch.  (FYI: my husband use to do her job, and that IS apart of her job description).  But I felt, my son made the mess, I should clean it.  And I did.  I did the best I could while holding a 5 month old and watching a 2 year old that was bored and wanted to go out and play.  When I left the couch, I thought I had got it all. - - - It looked clean

We go out the door, we barely make it 20 feet and the other new lady comes out "YOUR (emphasised) son left a dirty mess all over the couch". (or something like that, swore she said dirty son but must of heard her wrong)  I felt this small.  I apologize and I go in there to clean it. 

OMG !!! Yeah, there was a few crumbs on the crease and 2 other spots that was squished into the couch.  Did not see it till I stopped and really examined it.

- - - The one lady seen me trying to clean it.  Wasn't like I said f' it and left it.

- - - Not even 20 feet, they'd have to of run over there as soon as we made it out the door and run to go and get us.

- - - And why talk to me like that.

We did look like trash today.  We needed to get there in 10 mins, I was just getting home from work and dad was having trouble, so my 20 month old was just in overalls and shoes.  He didn't dress the baby either....Still

- - - And it is your f'n job anyway.

- - - I did put forth an effort.

- - - My son wasn't dirty.  Oh my god. 

- - - My son is 20 months old.  Sometimes they make a mess.

I want to complain to corporate office, but I am afraid if I do they will try and make trouble for us.


I felt low.  Then he pointed something out.  Her job, is at most a 4 year degree.  I am 7 classes away from a Masters.  She only makes 13 dollars an hour, I make 29.  She has to pay for her benifits.  My family has full medical and a retirement plan.

,..............................(singing to myself) "She might think she is better than me, but she is not, snobby bitch is nothing more than a cashier with an excel spread sheet, dirty skank cant even afford to live in the housing she manages and in 5 years I'll make more in retirement pay sitting on my ass than she does in two weeks,.......suck on that"

Usually, I am not classist or an elitist, but if you want to play the who's better than game.  I can be just a petty.

by on Jul. 28, 2009 at 7:06 PM
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by on Jul. 28, 2009 at 7:13 PM

i totally know how u feel, u are not white trash and neither am i u know what irks me is when i run out looking kinda messy(no time to primp with a baby) and i go to a nice store and the saleslady there treats me like dirt and thinks i cant afford to shop there, i feel like saying you lost a sale BIOTCH i have a college degree and make more than you, for godsakes your a cashier in a store, you probably make 10 bucks an hour(no im not putting cashiers Down) but when u act like a snob when ur just a salesperson then yes

by on Jul. 28, 2009 at 7:16 PM

 shit your better than me...i would have looked at her and said "oh sorry" and walked the fuck away.

{ insert pissy little paragraph about how my views are better than yours here }

by on Jul. 28, 2009 at 7:23 PM

You should have said something and put her in her spot. Thats so rude. If someone talked to me about my kid making a mess.... I would have said something.

by on Jul. 28, 2009 at 7:37 PM

ugh, great, now my husband is talking about wearing his suits again.  Try to tell him "why".  They already know that we qualify for the below market prices and you stay at home and watch the kids,....funny thing is why.  His pay as an leasing manager wouldn't be enough to cover daycare.

"Those two already know we are poor white trash, honey, they will just think you you got your suits from goodwill,..they'd never believe they are tailor made for you" - - - granted it was 3 years ago before kids.  My Nordstroms would be ruined with one spit up and I am not chasing a toddler in heels.  Why should I try to look good for some dumb byatch.  I know.

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