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sleeping problems (kinda long)

Posted by on Jul. 28, 2009 at 9:23 PM
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Ok so my daughter is the hardest child in the world to put to sleep. weather it be a nap or bedtime. we have established some what of a routine and ive just stuck with it (as hard as it is). But lately i cant handle it. Every night it the same thing. We fight to get her to sleep. She is so tired from lack of naps that she wont eat but then she gets so hungry she wont sleep and it's a battle.Now before anyone comments on the lack of naps let me explain.
I try to get 3 naps in a day (morning, mid day and evening) but it seems i spend the whole day trying to get her to nap. I get her to sleep and she lasts like 20 mins then she up again. Now i wouldn't be upset if she was a child who could handle a few 20 mins naps and be fine,but she not. She wakes up cranky and is cranky all day. I feel i spend 45 mins to get a 5 min nap. I've tried everything, even getting books on how to get children to nap better.
nothing is working. Im at my witts end.

When she finally does fall asleep (at night) she constantly up all through the night, whimpering. (she does put herself back to sleep). I am so tired of battle but i don't know what my next optionis. Here's a run down of a normal day.

7am: wake up/play
8:30: eat
9:15-30 start nap
10:00-10:30: nap
1130-12: eat
12-1: start nap
4:15-5: start nap
5-5:30 nap
5:30-6:30 eat
6:30-8-start bedtime
8:00pm-usually asleep
3:30am-bottle/diaper change
4:00am-7:00am sleeping

(that is app. times every day is slightly different)
but it's like even when she happy and playing you can tell she's still tired, she will change to happy baby to crying in a spilt second.
She is teething i do know (her bottom teeth are in already) but she's been this way since birth.
any suggestions? IF crying it out is your suggestion please dont respond i do not believe in it.
by the way she 6 months. She is eating solid foods and drinks about 28 oz of formula a day. I was told she over stimulated so she cant wind down but for about a week and half i kept everything VERY low key and i had the same problems. So i dont think it's that.

Please help


by on Jul. 28, 2009 at 9:23 PM
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by on Jul. 29, 2009 at 4:50 AM

A lot of people forget the most important thing--DARKNESS--maybe it is too bright in her room.  With my daughter, I would go into the bathroom (no windows), turn on the vent fan (white noise), put her over my shoulder and walk/rock her while patting her back and humming/singing.

1) darkness

2) white noise

3) rhythmic movement

4) lullabye


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by on Jul. 29, 2009 at 12:44 PM

well i cant really help but my son is like that for his nps....he will only take a nice long nap if we been out and about during the day...but he does sleep thru the night but i feel for u cuz i know how frustrating it is when they dont sleep. my lil guy just started sitting up in his crib and in teh middle of the night he will sit up and cant get back down lol so he will sleep sitting in the corner of the crib. i pretty much at nap time gotta put him in his crib and give him time. i know if he is tired he will pass out within 10 minutes but if he stays up i know mommy doesnt get relax time lol. Hope things work out!

by on Jul. 29, 2009 at 1:01 PM

I don't usually have a problem putting my son down now that he's four but when he was a little younger and was really cranky, I would bring out the Aveeno calming products-bubble bath, body wash, lotion.  I'd give him a bath, lotion him up and lay down with him.  And that seemed to work just fine.

My newborns bedtime routine is a little more elaborate.  Before I give her a bath, I warm up her room and set out everything I need-pajamas, diapers, etc-turn on her Baby Einstein lullaby CD, have a bottle and my nursing pillow ready. 

I give her a warm bath until the water gets cool get her dress and give her a bottle, then I switch to breast.  The whole process usually takes an hour but its worth getting five hours sleep and she sleeps well, no whimpering, or crying in her sleep.  Yeah, this routine is a little tiring every night but is also relaxing for both of us. 


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