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show off your angel babies or tell your angel baby story (( pics)) May upset some

Most of the time moms with angels dont get to show them off or mention much about them, so I thought I would start a post just for us mamas with angels.


My daughter Nicole Marie was born at 27 weeks, after a drunk driver hit us. She was born on 1-3-06 and lived one week to 1-11-06 I never got to hold her till after she passed. Her little heart just couldnt do it.   I have everything that happened in a journal post. But here is my baby girl

Feel free to share   your story


I wanted to let you mommys know that now has memorial tickers




by on Aug. 22, 2009 at 1:29 AM
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by Silver Member on Aug. 22, 2009 at 2:53 AM

And this...a few days after my miscarriage.....once I was able to bury him in peace.

Butterflies dance across a field in my mind.
You chase them and smile at me from between wild flowers of violet.
Your toothy toddler's grin spreads wide to grace me with joy.
An innocence shows in your eyes; you laugh and I long to hold you.
To cuddle you close with a sigh on the wind.  

That same wind lifts your baby hair,
which is as fragrant as the flowers you have played in;
Soft as the kiss of your butterflies; dark as the early night.
You smile into the sky as the rays of the sun illuminate your profile.
You are fresh and as new as day.  Gods, how I love you!

We run together across that field, chasing dragonflies; dreaming of dragons.
Holding hands, we dash across the rocks of a shallow stream.
It is there, in a clearing, that we dance.
Lifting you into my arms, we whirl and turn,
laughing and smiling, waltzing to the tune of singing bluebirds.

We are one, you and I, free to hold each other; free to love.
Until I place you gently on the ground and step away.
For a moment, we hold hands; for a moment, we look at each other.
For a moment, time stands still for both of us.
And then you are gone and I am here in my reality.

I can still feel your little fingers holding my hand.
I can still smell the wild flowers blending with your baby scent.
I can still hear your laughter rushing around me like our shallow stream.
I can still feel your little body cradled in my aching arms.
But, I know too, that you will be waiting here for me whenever I need you.

Here in our own field of loving dreams;
where reality fades away in the distance.
Where we are free to dance with the butterflies;
Where we can run, while holding hands and dreaming of dragons.
Where I can hold you, just as I would have if you had lived.

Mommy, Wife, Homeschooler, Director of Religious Education, and Earth Religions Practitioner.

by on Aug. 22, 2009 at 2:53 AM

I'm so sorry for all you that have lost your babies! It makes me hold Kameron a little tighter tonight! 

by Silver Member on Aug. 22, 2009 at 2:56 AM

And this one, I wrote for all mother's who lost a child.

(It is written from a pagan perspective, but could easily be adapted to fit any spiritual belief system)

From a far off cloud, you smiled down on me.
You looked to the God/dess and asked if it would be ok to choose me as your mom.
She tossled your hair, and smiled gently at you.
"Yes, Honey", she said kindly "you may indeed choose your mother! but remember too that I have work for you to do here."
You looked at the Goddess questioningly, and then asked "What could I possibly have to do here that would warrant only a short time with my mom?"
Smiling again, the Goddess hugged you close.
"Honey, there are some little angels that are just too perfect to leave on the earth! Those that I call home early are the ones who are too beautiful and perfect to lose their innocence. It is these little angels that make the Summerland shine so brightly for others on the earth. You see? It is such little angels who's inner beauty is a beacon for those who have known hardship."
You smiled, but asked quietly "What about my mom..what about the pain of my loss when that time comes?"
The Goddess hugged you close and said "yes, your mom will be very sad that you had to leave so soon, but she will be comforted knowing that it is you that kisses her hair when the wind blows. She will know joy when she sees a butterfly that has been painted by your little hand. She will not understand at first...but eventually, she will be able to feel your guidance through her life. Then, when she herself begins the journey onto the Summerland, she will know pride upon seeing you...and knowing that her angel was so special that you were there to guide so many others home."
You smiled at this, and knew in your heart that it was so. You looked down on me again from the cloud, and called out to me...
"Mommy, I can only come to stay with you for a little while...but I will always be there even if you can not see me. I love you, and will always love will be me that holds your hand when you cry for me...just concentrate and you will be able to feel my presence in your life!"
and with that, you kissed the Goddess, and jumped to earth.
She waved you off with a blown kiss, while calling after you...
"Have a safe journey, I will see you later!"
and now, here I am...and there you are, lighting up the Heavens. I have not reached a point yet to where I can come to grips with my loss...but I trust in you...I believe in you..and I know that you are still with me, my little child.
"Have a safe journey, I will see you later!"

Mommy, Wife, Homeschooler, Director of Religious Education, and Earth Religions Practitioner.

by on Aug. 22, 2009 at 3:06 AM

I'm sitting here crying, reading  of everyones loss.  It's one of the most painful things that a person can go through. The lose of a child affects not just mom and dad, but sibling, grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle. Even friends around you feel the loss. 

I have one son, 2 misscarriages, 1 angel baby girl and 1 daughter. So I was both blessed and terribly anguished.

This is my angel baby----Fayth Claire. Born March 15, 2004.....passed March 17, 2004

I also have pictures of her in her casket....I used to think it was a gruesome practice to take pictures of the dead. My mom always did that, I always wanted to remeber them alive. However when it comes to your child.........I think you just want ANY memory. Especially if you only have them for a short time.



I miss you Fayth and will see you in heaven someday.

by on Aug. 22, 2009 at 3:07 AM

Quoting de_sly:


Quoting Arianna:

My AndyBear...natural miscarriage, chosen by me, so that I could bury him.  10 weeks gestation...Died around July 28th, 2005...miscarried on August 15th, 2005.  Buried under our wedding tree in a corsage box with a Boyd's bear, a mother's poem card, a wallet size pic of my husband, myself, and our living son, and a Dora the Explorer cookie....


i remember i read somewhere that someone told you that you were sick for having pics of your lost child. and really i find this beautiful. i have lost but i was only 2 weeks along. and if i ever lost my baby farther along i would to a natural miscarry to just so i can see what i loved soomuch. this picture is just so nice to me, i cant believe that they wont let you bury the young ones and they just wanna toss them away.

what you have is beautiful and worth so much

Someone told you it was sick? That is so messed up! I think your little one is beautiful! Good for you to have pics of your baby! That's your baby and you should have pics! AAHHH That makes me mad. Probably those people that don't think it's a baby! AAAHHH

by Bronze Member on Aug. 22, 2009 at 3:08 AM

 I agree with one of the other mom on page 1 or 2 in this post...You ALL are so strong...i dont think i would ever be able to bare somthing like that to happen to me...God Bless You All!!


by Silver Member on Aug. 22, 2009 at 3:15 AM

well thanks for making a post about our angel babies.

i had my son mar 15th 2007

and my angel april 11th 07(ya i did miscarry it wasnt the bleeding from the after birth doctors tested.) her name because we beleive the baby was a girl is kasey rose grace.

my second daughter was born oct 13th 08 her name is arianna graciella(yup there is grace) i wish i had kasey but i know she is in heaven watching out for arianna. arianna has sleep apnea and for the first 2 1/2 months we didnt have any sensors or monitors and everytime ari stopped breathing id feel a little hand touch my face, id wake up and notice that ari(who slept on my chest in a snuggle ) had in fact stopped breathing and i got her back.

thanks to my beautiful kasey rose grace

by on Aug. 22, 2009 at 3:38 AM

Thank you for making this post.  It's so important to be able to talk about our children who are no longer here.  When my quads were born I have a few pictures from a disposable camera of them alive, then I have pictures of them after they died (taken by the hospital) and then I too took pictures of them in their casket.  I know it may seem strange to others to have their pictures but another poster said it so well....when its your child you just want to hold onto any memory.  I've never posted the quads pictures online because I fear someone taking the image.  Its my mama bear protection side but I need to control who sees them and who doesn't (if that makes sense??)

I do have pictures of their stone because every Mother's Day I take a picture of my living dd and me at their grave as well as a "hand picture" on their stone.   The first one I like because I captured my and my dd's shadows.  The second one is from this past year.  My quads are buried in the same plot with their great great grandmother.  Their portion of the stone reads: "Joseph Harold, Patrick James, Mairead Siobhan & Roisin Aileen [last name]  Born and Died March 9, 2002  Irreplaceable Children"  The reason I put irreplaceable children was in response to all the people who even in the early days after their deaths were making stupid comments like you can have more, just try again etc.  I just wanted to say in stone you don't get it, these kids mattered, they were irreplaceable.


       briefcasegirl on a swingpuppy

       Marjie          Rosemary      Winnie

Mommy to Rosemary 5 years old ~~ Best Friend to Winnie the Basset Hound

Mom to Quads: Joseph, Patrick. Mairead & Roisin (Born Too Soon ~ Remembered Always)

by on Aug. 22, 2009 at 1:25 PM

Quoting MNLETLE:

She is so beautiful. Both pictures. I just wanted to say that.

Horribly tragic that what ultimately lead to her passing was something so senseless. Beautiful Beautiful!!!!


by on Aug. 22, 2009 at 1:41 PM

first of all OP, I am so sorry for your loss...

This is my angel baby..his name is Jason. He was born September 24, 2002. He was a full term baby boy that weighed 6lbs. 13 oz. He had apgar scores of 7 and 9. It wasn't until his 3rd day on earth when it became painfully apparent that something was terribly wrong. He wouldn't open his eyes or wake up, he became increasingly hypotonic. I took him into the dr. and they admitted him back to the hospital. All the nurses kept saying..we'll make him better in a couple of hours you will have a brand new never did happen that way. Eventually he was put on a ventilator and the flight team from Primary Children's Medical center was brought in to take us to Salt Lake City.

Jason was diagnosed with nonketotic hyperglycinemia. His prognosis with treatment was that he would never walk, talk or breath on his own. He would require a feeding tube. He'd be deaf and blind. PMC had only seen 1 other case of NKH diagnosed at their hospital..and there was one family there with 2 children who had mild forms. NKH is diagnosed 1 in 63,000 live births.

We removed Jason's life support on October 1, 2002.

family in the van

Who I am as a mom can not be expressed in a paragraph. It is expressed by who my children will become.

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