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Labor Records...

Posted by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 3:51 PM
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I was cleaning out the filing cabinet today and came across my records from my daughter's birth! This so makes me want to have another baby sooo bad! I was reading through all the notes my midwife had made through the whole pregnancy! When I was in actual labor, my sister was in charge of charting every little contraction and every little detail of the birth. Some of the things she wrote were freakin' halarious! Here are some interesting things that went on during labor that I know if I were in a hospital I would have been forced to have a C-Section:

Date: 4-11 Weeks Gestastion: 35. Fundus 28 1/2. Presentation: LOA. Fetal Heart Rate: 152. Cervix: -3 station. Effacement: 55%. Dialation: 2 cm.

Date: 4-20. Fundus: 29. Cervix station: -2. Effacement: 65%. Dialtion: 2 cm.

Date: 5-2. Fundus: 31.5. Postion: LOA (still). Cervix: -1. Effacement: 75% (I would have been looked at as a high risk at this point and only being 38 weeks pregnant)

Date: 5-13. Fundus: 33 1/2. Still LOA position. -1 position still. 85% effacement. 3 cm dialated.

Date: 5-20. Fundus: same. Position: ROA!!! She moved on me!! -2 position! She moved on me again! 90% effacement. 3 cm.

Date: 5-26. Fundus: 37cm.  ROA positon. -1 Station. 100% effacement. 5 cm dialated. In the side note it says the baby's head was locked on the 22nd. hehe Med-hard tension on membrane.

Date: 5-31. Fundus: 35 cm. ROA position. +1 station. 100% effacement. 6cm dialated. Rock hard tension. 

That little booger  STILL didn't come for another week after that check up! I was walking around so miserable! She finally came at 43 weeks! HAHA

Anyway, just wanted to share the process of those few weeks. It's amazing how SO much changes in a woman's body and how the baby can change in just a short time! Anyone else have their birth records out and wanna share?

by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 3:51 PM
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