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2 Under 2 sharing a room?

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Our children will be 21 months apart when baby #2 arrives. We basically have a 2 bedroom house. Our 3rd bedroom is downstairs and has an exit to the outside which I am just not comfortable with. So, we will need the two (a boy and a girl) to share a room at least for the enxt few years. We will have baby #2 in our room the first few months, until he can sleep through the night. Does anyone have any advice on 2 sharing a room? I worry about the naps and one waking up the other. Particularly, baby #2 waking his older sister up too often and disturbing her routine too much. Would love any and all advice our experiences to be shared. 

Many thanks!

by on Apr. 7, 2010 at 10:30 PM
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by New Member on Feb. 14, 2012 at 7:30 PM
Sorry I never checked back on this til now... I tried putting the kids together back then and it really didn't work at the time. Baby was (still is) a very light sleeper so when my daughter went to bed she would wake him up (possibly on purpose. Grrr.). Baby boy also STILL wakes up at night (little girl finally stopped doing that and sleeps soundly through the night, even when baby cries a bit), although this is finally down to once a night 4 or 5 nights a week... We finally got them in the room together a few months ago (@ ages dd 25 months, ds 10 mo) and the kids love it. Most nights they go down together. We do "ba-ba bible story time" and they each go in their own crib with a bottle while I read them a story. Now @ 28 mo dd is trying to climb out of the crib. Time for a big girl bed. And more lost sleep for me. Ugh. Hope you all have had better luck! :)
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by Member on Feb. 19, 2012 at 11:30 PM
My kids can't share a 2.5 year old wakes up 3-5x a night so my little one would get no sleep if they were in the same room.
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by New Member on Sep. 17, 2012 at 5:37 AM

We are just about to tackle this. I had hoped that my youngest would be sleeping through by now (5 months) but no joy!

I panic that they're going to wake each other up but I've decided to just wait for a week where we don't have too much going on and we'll just have to suck it up and be tired! My eldest is dreadful at sleeping in a room with anyone else and we have to get her used to it at some point.

I think toddlers sleep through more than we think they might. Good luck to you!

by on Sep. 17, 2012 at 5:50 AM
Hers a bump as I have no advise at those ages all our kids still slept with us....nobody got their own room until age 3 or 4
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by on Oct. 3, 2012 at 5:25 PM

 When mine were still napping I would put one in my room so they wouldn't wake eachother up. now neither one will nap... (ugh!) and they share the room and a bed. I found out after I bought matching toddler beds that they wanted to share, every morning I would find them scrunched into one, so I sold the toddler beds and got them a queen sized one to share, now they never get up in the middle of the night. :)

by on Aug. 25, 2013 at 10:56 AM

My boys are 11 1/2 months apart.  I thought that they would wake each other up, but it's never been a problem.  The other will sleep right though anything, and vice versa.  The biggest problem is usually getting them to fall asleep.  They want to talk to each other, or play instead.  I just had to take their nightlight away, so they couldn't see to stay up.  They now have "Dream Lights" instead.  The "Dream Lights Penguin" lights up enough so that they are comfortablele, but the lights are out so they understand that it's time for sleeping, not playing. 

by on Aug. 26, 2013 at 4:39 PM
My girls are a little over 13 months apart. The sleep situation varies. They share a room for the most part with a pack and play for my 3 month old and the crib for my 18 1/2 month old. Sometimes one of them or both will end up in my room. One will be on the bed with DH and i and thr other will sleep in the pack and play in our room. DD1 is potty training so she sometimes gets up at night because she is wet or wants to potty. They were/are both breast fed babies (DD1 self weaned a little before her sister arrived) and thats part if why we kept them in our room...just easier for me to feed them.

The nights that they both sleep in their room surprisingly they dont wake each other up. DH and i put DD1 to sleep first and then our newborn. This works well for us. When my newborn gets up for her night feeds no matter what kind of cry she does it doesnt wake DD1. They got used to each others crys etc during the first month. Congrats and i hope you guys find a solution that works for your babies.
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