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Thought this might be fun....

Posted by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 1:04 AM
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Hey ladies, I thought it might be fun if we gossip about how we met our spouses/significant others.  I'll start it, even though I still feel a bit embarrased on how we met.  Be prepared, it's gonna be long, or else it won't make sense, ROFL.

It all started back around 2002/2003, and my EX husband and I were still married.  He was into computer games BIG TIME, the RolePlaying kind, and I hated them so much.  Well, as time went on in our marriage, he got me to try the game.  I did.  And it wasn't bad, ROFL.  Well, I met now hubby in the game and we were "acquaintances".  Ocassionally we talked in game, but, nothing more.  Well, around the end of 2003, me and EX hubby were having some major issues.  He moved out in January of 2004, and divorce was being thrown around.  We had been together almost 10 years, and married for almost 3 1/2 of those, with no children.  Anyways, about the time he moved out, DH now and I started talking a little more in game.  He was seeing someone at the time, so we weren't trying to hook up or anything.  Well, I didn't talk to him for about 3-4 months.  He just kind of vanished, no biggie, cuz we were still acquaintances.  My divorce was finalized in March of 2004.  And around June, DH had come back into the game.  Well, he had gone to basic, and was back, and we started talking alot more in game, about the things we had gone through in that time, and just life in general.  July of '04 I gave DH my #, couldn't tell you why, I would normally never have done such a thing, but, I did it anyways.  We talked every single day from that point on.  We had exchanged pictures, and I honestly wasn't thinking of him as anything other than a friend, because, the time, he was only 21...and I was 29, ROFL.  None the less, we devolped feelings for each other.  I was falling, and fast for the person he was on the inside, how he made me feel when we talked and the fact that I could talk to him about anything.  We finally met Nov '04, and it was like we were a regular normal long term couple.  Those next 8 days were the happiest and best of my entire life.  He went back to San Diego, then he left on deployment for 6 months.  While he was gone, we started talking about marriage.  We knew we were meant to be.  Well, he bought our rings, he came home end of May '05, we got married June '05, and got pregnant end of July '05. 

Here we are now, we just celebrated our 2 year anniversary, and I still love the man as much as I did the day we met.  We have our moments, but, who doesn't?  We work through them, and we don't let them interfer w/our marriage.  In the 2 years of being married, we have had 3 major fights.  That is it, and we have always talked it out.
by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 1:04 AM
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by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 8:04 AM
DH and I were born and raised in Southern California (Orange County).   Neither of us knew each other (lots of people there, lol), but we had both gotten out very serious relationships wihtin a week of each other (his first marriage, my first engagement).  We both were sick of feeling heartbroken so decided that getting a second job at Disneyland would be fun and help get our minds off of things of the heart.  So, that's where we met, we worked together in New Orleans Square wtih the Portrait and Characature artists. :)  We will celebrate 8 years of marriage this fall.

by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 11:10 AM
My fiance and I met on the uss theodore roosevelt. haha. I was new to the ship and supposed to be going to his division. I saw him walk out of the training office (and had no idea who he was) His sleeves to his coveralls were rolled up showing off his tattoos and huge arms. I immediatly thought man this guy is so freaking hot! and without thinking I grabbed his arm and pulled it towards me and said "Let me see your tattoos"
he just gave me this look that said who the fuck are you? and walked away after I let his arm go. Well I was amazed at how sexy this guy was and he didnt say one word to me! (i didnt even know his name) I  asked his LPO who the hot guy in M-div was, you know the one with all the tattoos, i said and he told me his name was ellis. So I would see him around on his way to watch and just to make convo I told him I was going to be going to his division and he should help me get my qual cards early, so he got them for me, then eveytime id see him he would yell at me for not working on qulifications! He was trying to be mean (he was senior and out ranked me) but I just thought it was hot!! I knew when he had watch so I would time it to bump into him all the time :) and one night I had this x-rated dream about him and told one of my girl friends, she had no idea who he was and a few days later she saw him and said.." oh your Ellis...well then I guess its ok if she dreams about you" she didnt even say my name but he knew who she ment, later onI saw him walking to go to training and he stopped me and said "so I hear you dream about me" I turned SOOO red and just sdtuttered , no words would come out and I turned around and walked away. After that when I would see him at chow or whatever he would just smile at me or wink, then FINALLY he emailed me and asked some basic questions, name, age yadda yadda. we started hanging out during our off time (a big no-no we were on deployment!) and when we pulled into ports we would go out together, we fell in love pretty fast and talked about getting married he was and is everything I want in a guy, I ended up getting pregnant in Turkey, our second to last port (i didnt know yet) we got back march 11 2006, i moved in with him and found out I was pregnant on the 13th! He proposed a few weeks later (with a $10,000 ring-holy crap) We have an amazing son who will be 7 months on fathers day and just bought a house in march. :)
its funny because I thought he was way out of my league!
by Member on Jun. 16, 2007 at 5:34 AM
My story is a cute one.

My DH & I are HS sweethearts we meet on the 1st day of our 11th grade school year.  As we were going around the class room introducing our selves I found out that he had just come from the same school as my older sister.  So we began to talk.  By October we were the best of friends and then over Christmas break something happened and or friendship bloomed.  We when we returned to school after break we had BIG news to tell everyone...yes we were a couple.  Our 1st breakup came when he told me he didn't love me in 2000, our 2nd breakup came two weeks before Prom (he Dumped me) in 2001, our 3rd breakup came when he joined the military in 2002 & didn't talk with me about it first ( I broke it off with him).  And in 2003 when he came home for a visit I realized that I couldn't live without him.  We were married right off his 1st deployment on February 27, 2007.

by on Jun. 22, 2007 at 8:52 PM
We met on NYC yahoo chat room in 1999. We chatted online for 2 weeks and we didn't exchange any pics either. He claimed he didn't have any and I didn't know how to do it. Well, after 2 weeks of online chatting and over the phone conversating we finally decided to meet and we have been a couple ever since.  We got engaged when we were 11 months. I moved in with him at 15 months. We got married in the court in may of 2001 and saved for our wedding. We got married in the eyes of God on June 16, 2002. Here we are a few years later. I wouldn't trade him for the world.

This is the day we got married in the Queens, NY city courts on May 22, 2001. And I know I was much slimmer...what the heck happened, I got to happy and started eating way too much, lol!

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