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family christmas photos, possible cc, mostly want to know what you think piog

Posted by on Dec. 14, 2009 at 1:24 PM
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First of I really do love my camera, for the most part. There are some issues with it. I dont have any lighting so I have to use what is in the room and rely on natural lighting to get my pictures done, which means they are always not pro quality, but just perfect for family. My issue this time was my camera refused to stay on teh right settings. I can only change certain settings in certain modes. If I change the mode dial the settings change completely. If I have it in Auto i can change the Fstop but the ISO stays on whatever the camera decides it needs to be on.
If I am in M mode I can change the ISO but the Fstop becomes automated, and simaler issues in other modes.
So in order to get the right lighting(not super dark photos) I had my fstop on f-7(camera is only F2.8 to 8.0) but it also changed in the middle of my taking pictures to what my camera decided it needed to be on. Its a frustrating problem that I cant fix because of the camera itself I think is meant for other type of picture taking, and lighting is not someting I have.
So with these issues I got okay pictures, problem though is that any tiniest bit of movement turned into a blur. Some of my pictures just didnt turn out well. I like them, but I dont like them.
I cant wait til June when I finally get my moms camera, on which I can change everything whenever I want and keep the settings even if I turn the camera off.

Anyway, here are the pictures i took and some of the edits.  I was also wondering if someone can do anything with this first one. Its great, except for my daughter's face. its blurred and I cannot fix it. I saw on here once where someone fixed soemthing like that and am hoping someone can do it for me, also if you want to play around with them you can do that as well.
Any other advice is welcome or CC if you want to. Other than that just look cause there are a few.

by on Dec. 14, 2009 at 1:24 PM
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