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So I was right after all

Posted by on Jan. 9, 2010 at 10:24 AM
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We have always been lucky to live where we have some Arabic stores close by to us . Here we have them scattered through out the city . Some of course are better than other . Some are cleaner , some have better products, some have better prices . I always go with the better product and cleanest store . DH always goes with the cheapest . Last month we went shopping . He knew he was leaving and wanted me to stock up so off we went . He went to his favorite store . He stayed behind in the car with the baby who had just fallen asleep . Well there I stood waiting to place my order when a young couple who was in front of me were helped . They asked for their stuff and then asked if it was pork . Yes replied the butcher . The young lady asked again (in perfect English so I know all parties understood and heard clearly) . Once again the butcher relied yes . I was shocked . It was then my turn and so I asked the butcher in my native language ( Spanish) if I heard right and the couple before me had just bought pork . Yes he replied . I asked how long  had this Halal store had been selling pork and he said only when it was requested and the store owner knew all about it . I then told the butcher that I was thankful for all his help ( he always gave me the best cuts of meat, and veal) but that I couldn't purchase my things there knowing it was cut where pork had been cut and laid next to it in the case . I went back to the car empty handed and DH wondered what had happened . As I told him he was in as much shock as I . He could not believe that the owner who had just made haj would do something like this . I them reminded him of the son who this summer had told a customer there that the fruit snacks her daughter wanted had pork in them .They had been ordered by mistake and were put aside to be thrown out  . The little girl got one package and wanted them . The mother said it was ok she'd still take them and he still sold them to her making a profit from this item . I told DH I never wanted to shop there again ,. To sell pork and then to make a profit . I'll have no part of it . Problem is they sold the goat meat my children love to eat . So now I'm in the quest of finding another butcher . Wish me luck sisters . This is just a reminder to us that just because a store says it's halal doesn't mean they're right or being honest .

by on Jan. 9, 2010 at 10:24 AM
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by Group Admin on Jan. 12, 2010 at 10:58 AM

wa'alaykum asalam dear sister astagfullah this is SO SAD SUBHAN'ALLAH they are completely being disobedient to Allah SWT ......

May Allah guide the owner and those that are muslim working there not to sell or even bring it in the store ameen.....

alhamdulilah Allah showed you what was going on he saved you and the family from harm....mash'Allah


I finally found when i use to live in florida a inbetween priced store, with lots of selections, and okay cleanliness

and one day my daughter ran to me asking what this ugly statue was and immediately my head bombarded in thoughts, it was a hindu so called god statue ASTAGFULLAH ASTAGFULLAH ASTAGFULLAH.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was in complete shock so i told my daughter to hurry put it back and never ever touch it again. i told her it was haram and tried to explain shirk to her..

so the man i always dealt with i debated rather or not to speak to him about it but then my fear of Allah overcame me and i went to him politely asking him why he was selling it and if he knew it was shirk .

he said yes that the owner is the one who wants to sell it and he's not happy with it in the store but the owner has the say so, which is also muslim too.

anyways i asked who the manager was and i politely reminded him of what shirk was and then asked why he's selling it in a halal market..

astagfullah astagfullah astagfullah i was sooooooooo disturbed to see what he told me....

he told me he has to accomodate all religions, and i said no you dont its a halal market directed towards muslims , he said as he pointed around at the spices and rice what about this I SAID RICE IS HALAL, SPICES ARE HALAL i said the statue is something hindu's worship its SHIRK SHIRK SHIRK he looked at me said sister i appreciate your help but if you were in my situation you would sell it I SAID NO WAY FIRST THING I'D DO IS THROW IT IN THE TRASH

I said brother do you think for instance that say its $5.00  say u sell a few that that price is worth Allah throwing u in the hellfire if Allah wills, he looked at me again and said that he appreciates my help but he has a partner, i said well you dont have to go in business with him what does that have to do with it

i reminded him that participating in sins especially shirk you get a portion of it, he just kept astagfullah arguing with me politely.

i went on to tell him he's my brother in islam and i just care for them but how can they mix haram resources and money with halal, it makes no sense..

so he said what about these cd's (it was music and movies) i said its haram also but not as severe as shirk astagfullah.

I said i dont listen to music that is another issue but the main is the shirk in the store ....

anywho he just seemed like it went in one ear and out the other astagfullah.

I pray Allah will guide him and protect his family because he has a wife and child and its so sad seeing him put his family in harms way astagfullah...

but alhamdulillah i felt better after at least mentioning it alhamdulilllah



by Group Owner on Jan. 24, 2010 at 9:28 AM

That is so sad... I can not believe although I know it is true. There are arabic stores that are markets and they sell pork...we have stores that sell beer and cigs, hair weive, pornos, things to make a crack pipe to the poeple... they know what the people are doing and when they ask for certian things they sell it to them knowing they are going to use crack with it... ALL OF IT IS HARRAM.. IT IS SICK...

by Member on Aug. 16, 2010 at 12:32 AM

doesn't it seem that people are becoming more and more careless!?!

by on Aug. 19, 2011 at 1:50 PM

Wow thats really sad astagfurAllah.

by New Member on Sep. 8, 2011 at 5:30 AM
That's horrible!
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