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Posted by on Oct. 13, 2007 at 9:20 AM
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Why do some people choose not to vaccinate?

There are MANY different reasons that parents from all different backgrounds and levels of education and socioeconomic status are beginning to choose to forego vaccinations. The reasons for choosing alternatives to the recommended vaccine schedules vary widely. As explored in-depth below there are philosophical and religious reasons, medical reasons, reasons having to do with past family and friend experiences.

         There are varying options regarding the amount, timing and number of vaccinations your children receive. Some parents choose to forego vaccinations all together. Others choose to selectively vaccinate, meaning that after they study and research each "vaccine preventable" disease they choose to only give their child the vaccines that they feel are completely necessary. This is usually based on prevalence of the disease in their area, likelihood of their child acquiring such a disease, the risk of complications from the disease and so on.  Some parents choose to have their child fully vaccinated but on a delayed schedule. They may wait until the child is of a certain age to begin administering them and may choose to have them administered one dose at a time (rather than multiple shots during one visit) and/or spread them out months apart. You have the right to legally choose any of these options (unless of course you live in VA or MS where the law only allows for medical exemptions). (More on exemptions at the CafeMom website or soon to come here on FB)

Medically the argument is that there just isn’t enough evidence to support the claim that vaccines are safe or effective and incalculable evidence that points to vaccines being linked to serious side effects. The only large-scale research out there is the research done by the vaccine manufacturers themselves and not one of them has been conducted SOLELY on the side effects or long term effects of vaccines. There have been NO long term studies on the side effects of vaccines. The studies the vaccine-makers use to determine the safety of vaccines only follows participants "for hours, several days , and occasionally for a few weeks longer... autoimmune responses may take months, even years, to emerge." There have been no large scale studies specifically testing to see if SIDS, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, Guillain bare syndrome, ADHD, asperger's, spectrum disorders, eczema, childhood arthritis, chronic bronchitis in children, dyslexia, neurological disorders, recurret ear infections, allergies… are related to vaccines. The list goes on and on with conditions that medical doctors across the gold have linked to vaccines. The CDC gets thousands of reported cases of vaccine damage a year and admits that the cases are LARGELY underreported. No one has investigated the genetic predispositions which may be causing some children to react to vaccines this way, no one tests your child before injecting them with known toxins, no one screens for tendencies toward illness.

  There are claims that vaccines eradicated diseases such a polio in the United States but there is graphical evidence to the contrary. Looking at the graphs reporting the time frames of the rise and fall of these specific diseases you will see that reported cases were on STEEP declines years before the vaccines were ever introduced. The natural decline in such diseases can be attributed to much safer medical practices and drastically better sanitary conditions everywhere in the world; and the fact that on our planet all organisms come to a peak in population growth and die off within a certain amount of time (any and all organisms). As I learned in a Population, Genetics, Ecology and Evolution class in college every organism within a population controls itself naturally, without outside interference. It has very low population and it grows, then is naturally held in check by mother nature as it dies off. The vaccine makers saw the populations of diseases declining and contributed it to the vaxes without considering all possible causes of the occurrence. (Hey, vaxes were making them billions of dollars, why even try to find another reason?) In the recent past the outbreaks of such diseases in our country happen among people who have been vaccinated -  in all cases 75% or more of the people who acquire the disease report having been vaccinated for that same disease. There are many outbreaks of diseases that were previously completely eradicated being caused SOLELY by the vaccines administered.

Some would argue that the risks of getting a vaccine are far greater or equal to the risks of catching these diseases. For example in some countries today the measles are just a common childhood disease, like chicken pox were when we were growing up. When you get measles very rarely are there any major complications - you get sick for a week or two and you have natural immunity for life (unlike a vaccines, whose immunity only lasts for ten years or less, if there is any immunity at all!). Many medical professionals would argue that having an aversive reaction to a MMR vaccine is far more likely than having a serious complications from the measles, mumps or rubella in today's society where medical care is so advanced and readily available. Another argument they make is that there are vaccines for diseases which your child is extremely unlikely to be exposed to. How likely is a middle-class american child to be exposed to such a disease as Hepatitis B which is usually transmitted sexually or through sharing drug needles? Statistics show that they are actually more likely to have an adverse reaction to a vaccination!

Another argument is that injecting things into our bodies isn’t natural. Normally a disease must pass through many other bodily defenses before it invades your body (nasopharynx, lungs, blood circulation, lymph tissues antibody and cellular protection...). But when you inject something into the body you bypass all of this your defense system has no time to prepare the rest of your body for the infection and this causes some organs to work over time that shouldn't be and disrupts the natural flow and order of the body and nature in general.

It is also true that not everyone who contracts a disease gets sick. There are many people who are carrying around disease germs, such a the flu for example, that aren’t sick at all and wont get sick. Diseases only harm our bodies if we do not properly care for our bodies or there are other reasons why our immune systems aren't responding properly such as AIDS, medications and other factors. For most of us healthy individuals, If we get adequate nutrition and exercise our bodies are capable of fighting off most disease germs a lot of times without even experiencing any of the symptoms or complications. Being exposed to diseases naturally during childhood "provides immunity against those diseases and may prevent chronic problems later in life". The "human immune system has evolved over tens and thousands of years to respond to and be strengthened by invading disease-causing organisms. If that natural tendency to fight these organisms is taken away through the use of vaccinations, the body just can't do it's job to protect us resulting in all the autoimmune diseases associated with vaxes."

As far as philosophical and religious reasons not to vaccinate there are many. Some say that morally research on animals, or aborted fetus cells, for the purpose of vaccinating is wrong. There are those who don't believe it’s right to inject our bodies with chemicals and disease germs and think it’s unnatural to purposely put these known toxins and viruses into our bodies. Religiously the Bible says that we shall not harm our bodies and that we should trust God to protect us. (Religions such a Christian Science believe that Jesus' message in the bible was to model for people how our bodies heal themselves through trust and faith in God.)

Philosophically some would say there are bound to be MAJOR repercussions to vaccinating in the long run. Even if it is so, that vaccines are responsible for stopping certain diseases from coming back, essentially we are messing with mother nature. We do need illnesses and they play an important role in the existence of humanity. Certain diseases and animals are "allowed" to increase their population in order to keep other more dangerous forms from flourishing. We are creating drug resistant bugs due to vaccines. We are pushing diseases which are low-risk during childhood into older age brackets when the risk of serious complications is much higher (chicken pox and rubella for example).  The long term consequences are big and it's something to consider. What are we creating for our children and our grandchildren?

In the past it has been necessary for us to put our blind faith in the medical profession to decide these things for us, due to a lack of information provided to us on the topic. We no longer need to do that because of the vast amounts of information and evidence available to us. We can stop being sheep and pave our own path for the life and health of our children. You legally have a right to refuse vaccines (and it's easier than you may think to deal with school officials and the like).

Hope this helps!



by on Oct. 13, 2007 at 9:20 AM
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by Head Admin on Oct. 13, 2007 at 9:21 AM

Don’t my children have to get vaccines to attend school?

No they do not.

On this website scroll down and click on your state to view the laws concerning vaccination exemptions. In every state (but West Virginia and Mississippi) all you need is a letter, written yourself, stating that you religiously or philisophically object to vaccines. Some states require you to fill out a form that says the same and/or a note form a Dr. stating that your child has no communicable diseases and that if an outbreak occurs in your area you'll keep your child home from school for a certain period of time (a week or two I think).

Unfortunately you have to claim religious or medical reasons in most states in order to have a valid exemption. It is almost impossible to get a medical exemption b/c medical doctors believe SO much in vaccines that, sometimes even if someone mentions harm by vaccines they get angry and send your child out of their office, refusing them care. (more on choosing a doctor below) You could attempt to get a medical exemption, but you most likely wouldn't be able to obtain one. Some parents ensure their right to religious exemption by attending churches specifically known to be anti-vaccination. At this time it is not necessary - because legally no one is allowed to question your religious affiliation at all. Most of the members of our group I have spoken with say they are Christain and object to vaccines and this has worked fine for them. Some parents actually home-school thier chidlren to avoid vaccinating, but I thik they may have been misinformed about how easy it is to choose not to vaccinate and still attend school (unless they live in MS or VA - in which case there's almost no way around it unless your pedi will atest to your child having severe reactions to the vaccines). Right now in most states all you need is a letter, written by you, stating that you RELIGIOUSLY object. In some states the wording is very important so it's imperative that you find out your state's regualtions. When I lived in LA I googled "Louisiana Vaccine Exemption Forms" and found a few different forms to copy and paste. I printed them out and gave them to the daycare when they asked for my son's shot record. No one asked me a thing - they just put it in his file and that was that. I've also done this in IL and had no problems at all. A great thing to do as well is to have the form notarized, this is free and can be done at your bank or at a currency exchange. It's helps make the letter more professional-looking and legit.
"Dr. Janet Levitan, a pediatrician in Brookline, Mass., said she counsels patients who worry that vaccines could harm their children to pursue a religious exemption if that is their only option. 'I tell them if you don’t want to vaccinate for philosophical reasons and the state doesn’t allow that, then say it’s for religious reasons,' she said. 'It says you have to state that vaccination conflicts with your religious belief. It doesn’t say you have to actually have that religious belief. So just state it.' "

There are plenty of already-written exemption forms that you can copy and paste and then edit with your child's and your own information. All you need to do is google your state's exemption forms and you'll come up with something. There are a few links to different sites containing exemption forms posted in the "Links" announcement at the top of our home page and two refusal/exemption forms have been posted in previous posts. I have included them here as well:

There are many confrontations that I have heard of between parents and school officials trying to push vaxes. It helps to remember that the school office NEEDS to have proper records to continue to operate and get proper funding from the government. They have to have a shot record OR letter of exemption for every student or else they will be cited or loose essential federal funding. They are just doing their job and they may have never heard of exemptions before b/c there are so few people out there who know how easy it is not to vax your children. So before you loose your cool with people who seem to be disrespectful, take a second to remind yourself that this could be an opportunity for you to help educate someone on the dangers of vaxing (by simply mentioning that you choose not to) and if you get all irate with them they will be less likely to listen to what you have to say or they could make things plenty difficult for you if they want to. It's best to just walk away without arguing and return with exemption letters and all other information in tow (such as a print-out of the exact laws of your state).

Here's an article from the Mercola website outlining how to legally avoid any and all vaccinations (very detailed, step-by-step process - MUST READ!!).
It was also posted in this group by PhilsBabyMama, here's that link as well:

by Head Admin on Oct. 13, 2007 at 1:14 PM

I live in a state where only medical and religious exemptions are allowed. If my child has already recieved some or most vaccines can I still claim religious exemption?

YES, you can! From everything i have ehard no would would ever know. theschools not going to call your doctors office or anything. No one delves that far into it. When you tell them you don't vax for religious reasons and you hand them the necessary paperwork, they believe you. They don't go searching for past medical history or hire a private investigator to see if you've ever vaxed before. You don't have to say anything about your religion except that you have a letter of exemption and show it to them, nor are you required to tell them anything specific at all. The doc doesn't need one on file and you can just simply tell the doc that your children won't be recieving vaxes and why. (OT -
Just be prepared for any reaction - like trying to push vaxes on you and argue every point you make.)
A good point made by member p2of9;

"I'd also like to point out that if you go this route, you don't have to give any explanation at all--freedom of religion and all.  If they ask too many questions it could be construed as 'discriminatory'.

She is right, you owe NO explanation to anyone at all. All you simply have to say is "I choose not to vax for religious reasons." End of story, simply refuse to answer anymore questions or participate in any kind of debate and you will be in the clear. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO QUESTION YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

Mercury was removed from all vaccines, right?
No, it was not. We have been lied to, and this isn't just an extremist point of view or just a conspiracy theory. (From Laren Feder's book The Parent's Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations) Vax manufactureres were asked to voluntarily limit their use of thimerosal (mercury) in vaxes. Health Advocacy in the Public Interest (HAPI) tested vaccines for heavy metals AFTER that and found that the vaxes package inserts said that there were "trace amounts" of mercury and that it had been greatly reduced and that the products were completely mercury-free but each vial still contained mercury. And all of them contained aluminum, which can be an extremely bad combination with mercury, causing all types of reactions you wouldn't want happening in your body.
There a many other very harmful chemicals found in vaccines that everyone should be concerned about such as formaldehyde (a known carcinogen found in fungicides, insecticides and explosives) , lye, phenol (used in pesticides, plastice preservatives, germicides), ethelyne glycol (main ingredient in antifreeze), the list goes on. This list can be found in Stephanie Cave's book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations

Is it OK to stop vaxing once I have already started? Can I undo a vax once it is given?

It is OK to stop vaxing at ANY time and there are NO side effects to discontinuing. Many parents stop vaxing and refuse to restart until they have personally done enough research on the topic to feel completely comfortable doing so (I have not met, spoken with or messaged one single person who has decided to fully vax on schedule once actually researching the topic - and I have spoken with many, many people over the past 3 years on the topic). The best way to start is by choosing one book to read from our list - then you’ll be armed with enough info to know which areas interest you most about vax dangers and proceed with your reseach.

There is no way to undo a vaccine once it has been given. I have heard of therapies for mercury poisoning that take time and effort. I have heard of detoxes that work but I haven’t really researched it myself. A great place to post questions on the topic is in our sister group called “Autism Mercury Poisoning and Everything in Between.”

What would likely be dangerous would be to delay vaxing untill your child reaches school age and begin playing "catch -up." This is too many vaccines at once and could be very dangerous and harmful to the body at any age. If you do want your child to recieve vaccines decide which ones and spread them out as far as possible, such as months apart avoiding (if possible) combo vaccines that contain more than one vaccine.
by Head Admin on Oct. 13, 2007 at 1:29 PM

Can my unvaccinated child catch a disease from a vaccinated child?

I am not sure anyone really knows the answer to this but I have read in a few places that it may be possible for an unvaxed child to catch a disease that a vaxed child has recently been vaxed for - IF it was a live-virus vaccine. I have read that it is a good idea to keep unvaccinated children away from vaxed children for 48 hours after having received the live-virus vaccine. That is if you know that the other child has received the vaccinations. Now, there is no way to tell if every child your son or daughter comes into contact with has been vaccinated and it’s unrealistic to keep them away from all other children, children around the ages that vaxes are scheduled or anything like that so there will be many instances where your child will be around other children who have received vaxes within the last 48 hours. All we can do is to insure that our children’s immune systems are healthy by making sure they are receiving adequate nutrition at home. Please refer to this link for info on the Non-vax lifestyle:

by Head Admin on Oct. 13, 2007 at 1:54 PM

How do I find a cooperative pediatrician that will accept my views on not vaccinating?

We have a post where our Moms can list their non-vax friendly pediatricians in their area;

The process begins with calling pedis in your area and flat out asking them if they are willing to accept patients who choose not to vax and what their views are on parents’ rights to choose not to vaccinate. There are many pedis who will refuse to see patients who do not vaccinate b/c they feel so strongly about the issue (and I have been told they may receive kick-backs for having a 100% vaccination rate a their office). There are many patients who have been kicked out of their docs office for refusing vaccinations. It is just a matter of doing the research and finding one who will respect your rights as a parent without trying to push vaccines on you every time they see you.

Some parents opt for Naturopathic Doctors instead of medical doctors. These doctors use natural ways of healing the causes of problems instead of using medication to treat the symptoms (for example when my son got sick and my SO took him to an MD they gave him antihistamines and sent us on our way, when I took him to see and ND a few days later she told us ways to change his diet so that this wouldn't happen again and since we've changed it he's more energetic and in a brighter mood as well as the symptoms dissipating. We would have never gotten that out of an MD, only medications to treat symptoms.) There are even ND’s who are board certified pediatricians as well. If there are any schools for natural Health care in your area they may also have a clinic where you can see a Chiropractor or ND. Some parents see Chiropractors and use them as their pedi. Some school train Chiropractors hard core and they actually complete the same coursework and hours as a medical doctor does. It's worth investigating.

Just remember; don’t settle for a doctor who’s going to badger you every time you enter their office - you and your family deserve someone who will accept your rights to make decisions for your own family.
We also have a post where health care professionals have listed their own information:
From another group: 

Here's a link to some posts about well-baby visits, some mothers feel they are necessary but many others do not:

Here is a link to a great post in another group titled "How to Talk So Health Professionals Will Listen":

by Head Admin on Oct. 13, 2007 at 2:11 PM

Now that I am a non-vaxing Mom, what do I need to know to keep my child healthy?

BREASTFEED for as long as possible!! Breast milk provides true immunity and will boost your child’s immune system better than anything else on this planet. With that said please visit my post titled “Choosing not to vax is a LIFESTYLE” here for other ways to keep your child's immune system functioning at it's best:

Research each disease they vaccinate for and asses the risks of your child actually contracting these diseases and the risks associated with each one. For example I have read that Rubella is over in a few days to a week or so and serious complications are very rare. Some doctors believe the chance of complications arising from this disease are much less likely and a lot less harmful than the complications that could possibly arise from getting the MMR vaccine.

Keep up with any research they are conducting on vaccines and don’t be fooled by research done by the company who makes the vaccine. Check to see if the studies are done SOLEY on the safety, effectiveness, long term effects or side effects. Check to see who did the study - the only ones that are out now were funded by the vaccine manufacturers themselves. Learn how to read studies and interpret them correctly - like what variables are needed to make it an effective study - you will find that all the studies available to us now are missing major components or have omitted certain facts or groups.

Be aware of any outbreaks in your area, asses the risks associated with the disease and the risks associated with getting your child vaccinated for that particular disease.

by Head Admin on Oct. 22, 2007 at 5:13 PM

Do vaccines cause autism?

No one knows for sure.
There are children who have been diagnosed with spectrum disorders that have not ever been vaccinated before. So that means that Autism really does exist and that all cases are not caused by vaccines. There are not many cases of children with autism who have not been vaccinated therefore there's not enough information available on non-vaxed autistic children just yet. NO ONE knows for sure if autism is caused by vaccines b/c there have been NO studies done solely on the side effects of vaccines and the studies done regarding autism and vaccines have just not been done well enough to reveal conclusive results. But Cave's explanations of the link make a lot of sense and are VERY worth considering if you are trying to decide on whether to vax or not. 

From the book What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Children's Vaccinations (by Stephanie Cave, M.D).:
As the number of vaccines increased so did Autism
As the MMR vax was added to the scedule Autism rose
As the MMR vax was given between the age of 12 - 15 months the average age of onset for autism changed from 'at or around birth' to 12-15 months
As mandatory vaccination laws were more srictly enforced autism rates rose between 500% and 300% in each state
In the 40's and 50's (when only rich people could afford vaccines) cases of autism were confined to upper and upper-middle class families - As vaccines became free to all who could not afford them autism crossed class lines and is now widespread in all socioeconomic groups
Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning and Autism are exactly the same
By the time a child recieves the MMR vaccine (which is a live-virus vaccine)  they have recieved so much toxins in their bodies from the other (killed virus vaccines) that they are unable to fight off even these weakened live viruses injected into their bodies. The measles then are able to infect the bodies of these children and cause brain damage in the areas that present symptoms of autism (so maybe the MMR vax doesn't CAUSE autism - it just triggers an autoimmune response where the body atacks it's own tissues and leads to central nerve system damage.)
She goes into very great detail that is written in a very understandable format on pages 57 - 77 in her book which is very worth reading.

by Head Admin on Oct. 22, 2007 at 9:50 PM

If I choose to selectively vaccinate or delay vaccinating - which shots should my child receive? How long should I delay?

It IS okay to consider putting off vaccines until you have researched the topic enough to be completely sure which ones you choose and are totally comfortable with giving them. You can always catch up on vaccines but you can NEVER undo one that has already been given.

Start with reading one of the books from the list on our “Resources” announcement post. Most of them provide unbiased information on each shot, the ingredients, reprted estimated safety and reported importance/relevance of getting these shots. Read the CDC website and what they have to say about vaccines. I believe Dr. Sears has a recommended schedule for a delayed/selective vaxing which you can find in one of his books or Google it. You need to research each shot and each individual disease they are intended to protect against and decide for yourself, don't fall for the scare tactics of other websites or other mothers against vaccines - go with the hard facts in books written by medical and naturopathic doctors. If you Google the different vaccines you'll find ingredient lists, how they are made, and the documented side effects of each one. You can use the "search this group" searchbar to the left side of the groups home page. 

Doctors are told that vaccines are safe and effective medical school and just blindly trust what they are taught without doing their own research. 

Vaccines are a serious topic very worth LOTS of research before proceeding. I have never spoken with anyone who really researched vaccines and decided to fully vaccinate their child on the reccomended schedule. Not a single one.

There's no reason not to wait until your child is 2 to 3 years old to get get certain vaccines when their immune systems are a bit stronger. It's probably best to space them out as far as possible with months (and months) between each shot. It is not a good idea to put them off until your child is school age and then play "catch-up" right before they start school giving them multiple shots within a small amount of time. If possible you can try to avoid combo vaccines that contain more than one vaccine in one shot - my research tells me these are the hardest on the immune system. 
Right now vaccines are made as a "one size fits all" and we all know that human body‘s have very different reactions to various elements, every person is different and we have no idea what that difference is until it is too late. We all have different immune systems, different hormone levels, different reactions to everything that enters our bodies. No one tests your child for any of that before giving them a vaccine  - and until then NO ONE has any idea of how any specific child will react to a specific ingredient in a vaccine.

Of course these are my own conclusions after hours upon hours of research I have done on the topic. I am not a doctor and don't calim to be one. Don't just trust what i say - you are the only one who can do the work of researching and decide for your own family.

This is the link to the NVIC website. As you scroll down the right hand side of the screen you will se a list of every disease they vaccinate for and info regarding every vaccine for that disease. I highly recommend you read it for each vaccine you are questioning giving to your child.

by Head Admin on Oct. 26, 2007 at 11:07 PM

What vaccines are me and my family required to have if we are travelling outside of the country?

"The only travel vaccine required by International Health Regulations is yellow fever. This vaccine is required for travel to certain countries in sub-Saharan Africa and tropical South America."

Here's a link for "Yellow Fever Vaccine Requirements and Information on Malaria Risk and Prophylaxis, by Country:"

You will have to research each country and which diseases are currently prevelent there to determine which vaccines you might need - if any, and if the benefits outweigh the risk. Ask yourself if it would be any safer for your child recieve the vaccine than to contract the disease. In the case of diseases like rubella, mumps or measles I would say the risks of vaxing do outweigh the benefits b/c these are diseases that are usually very mild and serious complications are about as rare as the "reported" serious complications from vaccines (which even the CDC admits are Way under-reported). It's really up to you - unless you are visiting sub-saharan Africa.

by Head Admin on Oct. 26, 2007 at 11:09 PM
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Can my un-vaccinated child participate in public activites like normal?

From my post on non-vax lifestyle choices:
"By all means Mommies - take your kids out and have fun. Let them swim in public pools, go to daycare and school, libraries, beaches, malls, parks and playgrounds, birthday parties, moms clubs, sports, school functions ... There is no reason that they can't do EVERYTHING that any other child can do. If my son couldn't go to daycare or swim or playdates or anything I would have to vaccinate him just because I would feel bad that he wouldn't have a life! Kids need to have fun and you should not be afraid to let them do anything normal. Have faith in your children's bodies to protect them. Disease is caused by unhealthy INSIDES - not germs from the OUTSIDE. A perfectly healthy person can carry a disease germ and never get sick, but a person with a not-so-healthy diet and lifestyle will carry the same germ and get sick from it. Many, many people carry germs that they do not get sick from because their bodies are healthy (found in the book Immunization Theory vs Reality by Niel z. Miller.)  
Your children deserve to enjoy the same fun things that the other kids do!!"

by Head Admin on Nov. 7, 2007 at 8:25 AM
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How do I tell my family and friends that I choose not to vaccinate?

The reality of the situation is that you will come up against some pretty tough opposition if you choose to bring up the topic. Somewhere along the line someone you thought was a great friend or open-minded enough to handle the discussion will surprise you and be a complete jerk about it. Be prepared for this - even with the people you trust the most - it's likely that one day you'll be surprised at the anger and conviction someone has regarding the opposing view. So no matter who it is that you decide to approach the topic with be prepared for any response they might have. I'm not meaning to be negative - it's just the reality of it. I have heard thousands of women's stories and every person who chooses to frogoe, delay or selectively vax has encountered strong resistance from someone at some point and most of them were shocked at who was least accepting and most judgemental about it.

On the other token you will be pleasantly surprised at times to form new bonds, make new friends and revel in hte excitement at having found someone who shares your views and concerns on the topic.

I don't know how to tell you to approach the topic with anyone at any given time. You can shoose not to discuss it at all. At first I wanted to shout it from the rooftops all the scary things I had learned about vaccinations. But when I came up against some pretty tough oppositin and lost a friendship or two over my viewpoint I started to just keep it to myself for a while. For a long time I just researched and learned everything I could before I gatherred enough information in my aresenal to be prepared for a debate on the topic and be able to sound like I knew what the heck I was talking about. Now I approach the subject without fear - with anyone, family, friends, doctors and anyone who will listen to the reasons why i choose not to vaccinate. I have been surprised to learn that my grandmother is actually very open to the idea of not vaccinating and have made a few friends by actually bringing it up in a crowd of teachers. (I'm sure I now have a few enemies in that circle as well - but you never know who they went and talked to after that - and in their shock and dismay actually spread the word to someone who then decided to begin their own research into the topic.)

Be prepared for anything is my best advice. Be prepared with facts and reseources. I do feel that no matter the response you get you are helping to spread the word about the dangers, choices and parental rights about vaccines. No major positive change has ever come without strong resistance and a big fight (think history class). Good luck.


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