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Why do some people choose not to vaccinate?

There are MANY different reasons that parents from all different backgrounds and levels of education and socioeconomic status are beginning to choose to forego vaccinations. The reasons for choosing alternatives to the recommended vaccine schedules vary widely. As explored in-depth below there are philosophical and religious reasons, medical reasons, reasons having to do with past family and friend experiences.

         There are varying options regarding the amount, timing and number of vaccinations your children receive. Some parents choose to forego vaccinations all together. Others choose to selectively vaccinate, meaning that after they study and research each "vaccine preventable" disease they choose to only give their child the vaccines that they feel are completely necessary. This is usually based on prevalence of the disease in their area, likelihood of their child acquiring such a disease, the risk of complications from the disease and so on.  Some parents choose to have their child fully vaccinated but on a delayed schedule. They may wait until the child is of a certain age to begin administering them and may choose to have them administered one dose at a time (rather than multiple shots during one visit) and/or spread them out months apart. You have the right to legally choose any of these options (unless of course you live in VA or MS where the law only allows for medical exemptions). (More on exemptions at the CafeMom website or soon to come here on FB)

Medically the argument is that there just isn’t enough evidence to support the claim that vaccines are safe or effective and incalculable evidence that points to vaccines being linked to serious side effects. The only large-scale research out there is the research done by the vaccine manufacturers themselves and not one of them has been conducted SOLELY on the side effects or long term effects of vaccines. There have been NO long term studies on the side effects of vaccines. The studies the vaccine-makers use to determine the safety of vaccines only follows participants "for hours, several days , and occasionally for a few weeks longer... autoimmune responses may take months, even years, to emerge." There have been no large scale studies specifically testing to see if SIDS, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, Guillain bare syndrome, ADHD, asperger's, spectrum disorders, eczema, childhood arthritis, chronic bronchitis in children, dyslexia, neurological disorders, recurret ear infections, allergies… are related to vaccines. The list goes on and on with conditions that medical doctors across the gold have linked to vaccines. The CDC gets thousands of reported cases of vaccine damage a year and admits that the cases are LARGELY underreported. No one has investigated the genetic predispositions which may be causing some children to react to vaccines this way, no one tests your child before injecting them with known toxins, no one screens for tendencies toward illness.

  There are claims that vaccines eradicated diseases such a polio in the United States but there is graphical evidence to the contrary. Looking at the graphs reporting the time frames of the rise and fall of these specific diseases you will see that reported cases were on STEEP declines years before the vaccines were ever introduced. The natural decline in such diseases can be attributed to much safer medical practices and drastically better sanitary conditions everywhere in the world; and the fact that on our planet all organisms come to a peak in population growth and die off within a certain amount of time (any and all organisms). As I learned in a Population, Genetics, Ecology and Evolution class in college every organism within a population controls itself naturally, without outside interference. It has very low population and it grows, then is naturally held in check by mother nature as it dies off. The vaccine makers saw the populations of diseases declining and contributed it to the vaxes without considering all possible causes of the occurrence. (Hey, vaxes were making them billions of dollars, why even try to find another reason?) In the recent past the outbreaks of such diseases in our country happen among people who have been vaccinated -  in all cases 75% or more of the people who acquire the disease report having been vaccinated for that same disease. There are many outbreaks of diseases that were previously completely eradicated being caused SOLELY by the vaccines administered.

Some would argue that the risks of getting a vaccine are far greater or equal to the risks of catching these diseases. For example in some countries today the measles are just a common childhood disease, like chicken pox were when we were growing up. When you get measles very rarely are there any major complications - you get sick for a week or two and you have natural immunity for life (unlike a vaccines, whose immunity only lasts for ten years or less, if there is any immunity at all!). Many medical professionals would argue that having an aversive reaction to a MMR vaccine is far more likely than having a serious complications from the measles, mumps or rubella in today's society where medical care is so advanced and readily available. Another argument they make is that there are vaccines for diseases which your child is extremely unlikely to be exposed to. How likely is a middle-class american child to be exposed to such a disease as Hepatitis B which is usually transmitted sexually or through sharing drug needles? Statistics show that they are actually more likely to have an adverse reaction to a vaccination!

Another argument is that injecting things into our bodies isn’t natural. Normally a disease must pass through many other bodily defenses before it invades your body (nasopharynx, lungs, blood circulation, lymph tissues antibody and cellular protection...). But when you inject something into the body you bypass all of this your defense system has no time to prepare the rest of your body for the infection and this causes some organs to work over time that shouldn't be and disrupts the natural flow and order of the body and nature in general.

It is also true that not everyone who contracts a disease gets sick. There are many people who are carrying around disease germs, such a the flu for example, that aren’t sick at all and wont get sick. Diseases only harm our bodies if we do not properly care for our bodies or there are other reasons why our immune systems aren't responding properly such as AIDS, medications and other factors. For most of us healthy individuals, If we get adequate nutrition and exercise our bodies are capable of fighting off most disease germs a lot of times without even experiencing any of the symptoms or complications. Being exposed to diseases naturally during childhood "provides immunity against those diseases and may prevent chronic problems later in life". The "human immune system has evolved over tens and thousands of years to respond to and be strengthened by invading disease-causing organisms. If that natural tendency to fight these organisms is taken away through the use of vaccinations, the body just can't do it's job to protect us resulting in all the autoimmune diseases associated with vaxes."

As far as philosophical and religious reasons not to vaccinate there are many. Some say that morally research on animals, or aborted fetus cells, for the purpose of vaccinating is wrong. There are those who don't believe it’s right to inject our bodies with chemicals and disease germs and think it’s unnatural to purposely put these known toxins and viruses into our bodies. Religiously the Bible says that we shall not harm our bodies and that we should trust God to protect us. (Religions such a Christian Science believe that Jesus' message in the bible was to model for people how our bodies heal themselves through trust and faith in God.)

Philosophically some would say there are bound to be MAJOR repercussions to vaccinating in the long run. Even if it is so, that vaccines are responsible for stopping certain diseases from coming back, essentially we are messing with mother nature. We do need illnesses and they play an important role in the existence of humanity. Certain diseases and animals are "allowed" to increase their population in order to keep other more dangerous forms from flourishing. We are creating drug resistant bugs due to vaccines. We are pushing diseases which are low-risk during childhood into older age brackets when the risk of serious complications is much higher (chicken pox and rubella for example).  The long term consequences are big and it's something to consider. What are we creating for our children and our grandchildren?

In the past it has been necessary for us to put our blind faith in the medical profession to decide these things for us, due to a lack of information provided to us on the topic. We no longer need to do that because of the vast amounts of information and evidence available to us. We can stop being sheep and pave our own path for the life and health of our children. You legally have a right to refuse vaccines (and it's easier than you may think to deal with school officials and the like).

Hope this helps!



by on Oct. 13, 2007 at 9:20 AM
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by Head Admin on Nov. 7, 2007 at 8:38 AM

Why is it so diffcult to find evidence and hard proof of harm by vaccines?

There simply has been NO studies properly done on the SOLE issues of side effects or long term effects of vaccines. No one has hard evidence b/c there isn't any to be had. The studies that are done are done on irrelevent things like how much Mercury is in each shot and if that much mercury is harmful. They forget to study the rest of the chemicals in teh shots and to test how harmful each one of those are alone and when mixed together or how this shot effects my child five, ten and fifteen years from now, and what effect it has getting one vaccine at a time vs. three or five, or if vaccinated children get sick more or less often than unvaccinated children. And all the studies that have been conducted are by the companies making the vaccines inthe first place - so they are a bit biased if you ask me. Not to mention that it is literally impossible to do a long term study on any one particular vaccine becasue the formulas used to produce them change VERY often (a great question is 'why do they?" Could it be due to the fact that there are so many negative side effects to each of them? Perhaps there is a better explaination.)
To do a real study that actually got absolutely true results you would have to purposely not vaccinate a large amount of people over a very long period of time. The government really believes vaccines work and they believe that if they did choose not to vaccinate a large population then they would be sending them to slaughter, then they would be blamed for their deaths/illnesses. You would also have to have a study independant of any drug company that makes the vaccine. That requires funding and things that no one is really interested in using on vaccine research apparently (or else it would have been done by now). If suddenly a large population of people stopped vaccinating there would certainly be a sudden rise in the rates of incidence of the diseases which we would need to be prepared for. Doctors have not been trained to recognize or treat many of the illnesses that have been kept at bay by vaccines since before they were born so this might be a pretty serious issue (and this is also why you NEED to know the symptoms of the illnesses that your children are not vaccinated for - you can help the doctor to consider the possiblity of an illness he/she may never have seen or thought of, due to the fact that every other child they see is vaccinated against it.) 
Some people believe that the goverment does know how dangerous vaccines are but is somehow tied to the billion-dollar medical industry. No one knows for sure but I can tell you that most every presidential candidate in the past has recieved campaign funding from pharmaceutical companies (Bush recieved $14 million for example). If someone gave you a whole bunch of money to help you out, would you start a crusade against them? Probably not. The medical industry spends billions of dollars a year in lobbying to get ceratin laws and regulations passed or overlooked, so the issue is up for debate.


by Head Admin on Nov. 10, 2007 at 4:43 PM

My children recieve governmant assitance, don't they HAVE to recieve all their vaccines, or at least some of them?
My husband is/I am in the military, aren't my children required to be up to date on their vaccines?

No! Everyone has a right to refuse vaccines for their children. My son recieves Medicaid and does not recieve vaccines at all. 
Military persons and some medical health professionals are required to recieve certain vaccines depending on their area of work and where they are required to travel. But their children are not required to have them at all.
If you have been told by someone working for the state that you must have your chidlren vaccinated politely inform them that you are sure that you do not and furnish them with your notarized letter of exemption to keep on record. (It's a good idea to have a few copies notarized and ready to present should anyone ask.) And try to remember that they have been misinformed and are doing thier job.

by Gold Member on Jan. 26, 2008 at 8:59 PM
Submitting an exemption for dependents to use military facilities in not so easy as it may be in the civilian world.  Here are some resources:

DODEA Administrators Manual. On page 80 (section 18.2) covers vaccine exemptions.
" Religious — A student’s parent/sponsor may claim exemption from the DoDEA immunization requirements for religious reasons. If the parent maintains the need to continue the religious exemption during a documented outbreak of a contagious disease, the student will be excluded from school for his/her protection and the safety of the other students until the contagious period is over. Religious exemptions require a written statement from the parent/sponsor stating that he/she objects to the vaccination based upon personal beliefs. "

AFI 34-276 is the AFI that governs Family Child Care.

"A5.40.3. The provider maintains medical information for each child, including permission to treat emergencies signed by the parent(s), child’s allergies, chronic illness and other known health prob-lems, and immunizations (or written documentation of parents’ objections for religious reasons). This information is recorded on the AF Form 1181, Youth Flight Patron Registration Form."

It's on page 53 of the publication.


AFI34-248 1 OCTOBER 1999 43
Chapter 11
11.1. Health Protection. Protect the health of staff, children, and parents while they are in the program.
Use Caring for Our Children: Health and Safety Guidelines for Out-of-Home Care as general guidance on
health issues not covered by this instruction.
11.2. Access. Limit the access of well children to children or adults with contagious illnesses.
11.2.1. Do not provide care to children without immunizations required by Air Force policy unless it
is an emergency.


2–6. Exemptions
There are 2 types of exemptions from immunization: medical and administrative. Granting medical exemptions is a
medical function that can only be validated by a health care professional. Granting administrative exemptions is a
non–medical function, usually controlled by the individual’s unit commander....

(3) Religious.
(a) For Service personnel, immunization exemptions for religious reasons may be granted according to Service–
specific policies to accommodate doctrinal religious beliefs. This is a command decision made with medical and
chaplain advice.
1. Requests for religious exemption must include name, rank, social security number (SSN), occupational specialty
code or branch, and a description of the religious tenet or belief contrary to immunization. Army: (see AR 600–20,
para 5–6). Air Force: Permanent exemptions for religious reasons will not be granted. The major command (MAJCOM)
commander is the designated approval and revocation authority for temporary immunization exemptions. Coast
Guard: CG–122 is the designated approval and revocation authority for temporary immunization exemptions.
2. A military physician must counsel the applicant. The physician should ensure that the Service personnel is
making an informed decision and should address, at a minimum, specific information about the diseases concerned;
specific vaccine information including product constituents, benefits, and risks; and potential risks of infection incurred
by unimmunized individuals.
3. The commander must counsel the individual and recommend approval or denial of the exemption request, by
endorsement. The commander must counsel that noncompliance with immunization requirements may adversely impact
deployability, assignment, or international travel, and that the exemption may be revoked under imminent risk
conditions. The commander, in making his or her recommendation, should consider the potential impact on the
individual, the unit, and the mission.
4. Forward exemption requests through command channels to the respective Service approval authority for decision.
Individuals with active requests for religious exemption are temporarily deferred from immunizations pending outcome
of their request. For USCG, forward through appropriate chain to G–WPM, via CG–1121.
(b) Civilian employees submit religious–exemption requests to their supervisors. Such requests will be processed in
accordance with 29 CFR 1605 and component and local policies.
c. Bargaining units. Civilian personnel affected by this document who are members of bargaining units will be
considered for exemption consistent with applicable personnel management policies.
d. Other categories. Administrative or medical personnel will appropriately annotate electronic ITS with exemption
codes denoting separation, permanent change of station, emergency leave, missing or prisoner of war, deceased, and
other appropriate categories.


If you go to page 80 section 18.2 it clearly states and outlines that military dependents have both medical and religious exemptions available to them. This document was written in Oct. of 2007 and is a DoDEA document so I don't know how they could deny the existance of exemptions.

by Head Admin on Feb. 28, 2008 at 12:45 PM
What is a notarized letter of exemption and how do you get them?

You write a leter of exemption yourself - or you print one from the internet (just google "Louisiana vaccination exemption forms"). You can bring it to your local notary (mine is in the Chase bank I go to) and have it notarized for free. It's just a stamp and a signature they put on it a the bottom. This should be enough documentation for most schools but some do require that you fill out a form that they have already drawn up. I would still make my own and request that they kep mine on file as well.
by Head Admin on Jun. 11, 2009 at 7:13 PM

Do doctors recieve kickbacks for using vaccines?

Yes - they sometimes do.

Please see post:

by Head Admin on Jul. 11, 2010 at 10:54 PM

What about Herd Immunity


(From wikipedia) Herd immunity (or community immunity) describes a type of immunity that occurs when the vaccination of a portion of the population (or herd) provides protection to unprotected individuals.

This is just a theory, information to with what you choose.

According to the theory, for example, if all teenagers receive their meningococcal vaccine as they should then they won't contract this specific strain of meningitis (fatal swelling of the brain) AND because the disease is not prevalent in the population (due to everyone receiving the vaccine) then babies (who cannot yet receive the vaccine) or seniors or immuno-compromised people (such as those with AIDS) will not contract the disease.

Currently there is a rising incidence of pertussis among children who are too young to receive the vaccine. Some say that this is because the unvaccinated children are now contracting the illness and passing it on to the other children who aren't yet old enough to receive the vaccine. Some feel it is in the best interest of others to decide which vaccines are worth getting to help protect those who cannot receive vaccines and perhaps consider a delayed/selective schedule. But you mist weigh all the risks and benefits for yourself and your family.

by Member on Dec. 4, 2010 at 2:22 PM
Can you site a source for the statistics regarding the vaccine and illness rates in Australia? Very interesting that the illness rate is the same between the half of the population that is vaccinated ca the half that is not. I would really like to share that info but it won't mean much to anyone pro-vaccination if I don't have a credible source. :o) thank you!
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by New Member on Feb. 16, 2011 at 2:51 PM

LOVE THIS POST.  I am a big believer in educating yourself on vaccinations!  I always tell people not to be sheep!  LOVE!

by Member on Oct. 3, 2011 at 11:44 AM

Thank you so much for writing this!  It's very well written. However, the link to the video that you posted isn't working. What is the video called?

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