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Homeopathy can reverse vaccine damage

Posted by on Mar. 28, 2011 at 9:40 AM
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(NaturalNews) Happily, with the growth of natural therapies, even in all their differences, people are now being supported in their health struggles. With this support now available, it is becoming obvious that the incidents of vaccine damage are much greater than most government or medical authorities would like you to believe. Every day, there appears not just new reports of recent vaccine damage, but old cases too. How can you reverse this? Perhaps homeopathic treatment offers you the most hope.

Homeopathictreatmentdoes not treat your condition. It treats you. There is a subtle difference. It was you who created your condition. It was you, your inner imbalance if you like, which was unable to prevent your illness. This means that this inner imbalance is the cause of your illhealth. Treating the condition only ever treats the effect. But treating the inner disturbance gets to the 'why' of your sickness, the cause.

This means that even if you have been misdiagnosed medically, as often happens, yourhomeopathic treatmentcan still be effective.

Thehomeopathictreatment of vaccine damaged children,animalsor adults can come from many different angles. No one type of homeopathic treatment ormedicinewill universally help every case. As with all good homeopathic practice, you and your unique and personal symptoms are the key to the best approach and treatment.

For example, homeopaths can treat the condition as an acute condition, if it was a recent event. This may involve some well known remedies. Or, especially if thevaccinedamage was some time ago, an experienced homeopath will treat you at a chronic or constitutional level. This means the prescribed medicine will help you and all your weaknesses, as well as your vaccine damage. This is because it is restoring your ailing immune system, so you can cure yourself.

Yet another approach is what is known as tautopathy. Tauto means equal and pathy isdisease, so, in a nutshell, it means the treatment of disease by the same agent which caused it.

When a specific vaccine (or drug)causesan inner disturbance, the same vaccine (or drug) can be made into ahomeopathic medicine. The process of making a homeopathic medicine removes the physical effect but retains the energy of the source. When you take this, it can reverse the damage.

The appropriate homeopathic treatment of vaccine damage can be totally effective. It may take time to resolve fully, but you will experience good signs along the way.

Additional factors which will help are:

change of diet to anaturalone free of chemicals and processed food
regular, but pleasurable exercise
pursuing an interest or passion
look to see where your life or your thought patterns are not supporting your ongoing health - this can be your job, your relationships, your social activities, your health treatment, etc


About the author

Madeleine Innocent has been a full time professional homeopath since 2000, is a writer and homeopathic coach. She teacheshomeopathyat local colleges, has her own on-line coaching and treats people and animals both in person and by telephone. Homeopaths always look for causes of ill health and diet is often the maintaining cause in both human and pet health problems.
You can follow her blogs at,,
her website is

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by on Mar. 28, 2011 at 9:40 AM
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by Bronze Member on Mar. 29, 2011 at 6:28 PM

Thanks for posting....


by New Member on Apr. 11, 2011 at 1:10 PM

There is a great course offered by Learn Homeopathy Now on DVD.  I took the course with the instructors a few years back and am so happy that they put on DVD for people who can't travel to California.  They offer 25% off bundles as well.  I learned how to help my kids through colds and fevers and it was instrumental with my son's ADHD.  Their link is:

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