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Family dog & annual vaccinations

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It took ALOT of enrgy and research for me to convince my DH that I ABSOLUTELY did NOT WANY TO VAX my (our) son. DH now knows I am super opinionated aboit no-vax, AND DH doesnt ask me about it. (i wish he would ask, so he himself could have a better undersatanding. But he doesnt.
QUESTION IS: his (our) dog has a vet appt for rabies and something else on April 2nd. How would you tell DH to "re-consider" not vax the dog?

I just believe in my heart, that the dog, just like a human, has a difficult time with all the chemicals...
And..since my husband is still a,sheeple, he doesnt get my "no vax" attitude for my (our) son.

The dog is a bit neurotic, almost OCD about tennis balls and he is crazy bark bark when DH leaves house w/o him. DH says it is just the "Germam Shorthair" genes.

***we also have a, 1yr old son who the dog is o.k with, but o also am concerned that dog could /wpuld have a change in tempramemt after vax.

I dont rock the boat with my DH on the topic , althoigh I would LOVE TO!! But he has.a terrible problem with Interrupting me and trying to finish my sentences.....soooo I get quite fumed at hom(most days) I qiuickly remind MYSELF.....DH agreed to no-vax, ne thankful. End of story.

by on Mar. 31, 2013 at 9:28 AM
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by Member on Apr. 21, 2013 at 5:40 PM
We do rabies for our dog because we live out in the country and there have been a few cases of rabies this past year.
by Member on Apr. 24, 2013 at 9:59 AM
I really appreciate everyone's time to read and respond. did make a difference.! Essentially...I dove in, researched as much as I could during my year old naptime. Then I email my husband the links to the pages...and also the specific paragraph (s) that were very relevant.

Interestingly...the renowbed Dr. schultz who is behind the Rabies vax and reasearching tocprove that rabies vax actually lasts 5-7 yrs and he is trying to get big pharma to acknowledge that truth. The point is....Dr. Schultz ironically/coincidentally is at our local University Vet Sciences School!

My husband read the article prior to dogs appt. He said he spoke about with vet about lepto+parvo and bordatella + rabies. The vet was engaging and open to discussion.

Great news is that he only got Rabies vax phewww!!
Husband said we gotta Do rabies as we indeed live in country and daily encounters with raccoon, woodchuck, possum, deer, etc are true I and real.

I also interpreted that the vet was impressed with that recent knowledge that he was asking (GIANT PAT ON MY BACK FOR GETTING ALL THE PERTINENT INFO TO HIS EYES!)
And also *important* is the feedback and support all u offered.

.... now if I could only have his newly "open" attitude about homeschooling as well as water/home birth (possibly baby#2 )! (He wasnt open at all with baby#1...ridiculous as a I am/was the one giving birth! That is a different thread/post/group!
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