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cecily johnson calls for vaccinatioms following death of her daughter

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by on May. 15, 2013 at 9:48 PM
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by Silver Member on May. 16, 2013 at 8:25 AM
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Anything can kill you. I'd rather my child's body have an intact properly working immune system toxin free to fight .

Quoting .sp4rkl3z.:

My dad posted this to my Facebook and I pretty much said the same thing. He thinks I'm killing his grandkids. He only knows because my sister opened her big mouth. It's not up for discussion except he thinks he needs to show me every chance he gets that some people don't survive these rare infections

Quoting kitty8199:

Horrible, but I still think the risks of the vaccines are worse.

Measles is extremely rarely fatal. The vaccine poses more risk. It risks the disease on top of the risks of the vaccine.
by Member on May. 18, 2013 at 8:48 AM
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When one out of every 50 children descends into "autism" (which is just a politically correct term for this iatrogenic, vaccine-triggered disorder which INCLUDES NUMEROUS health problems and NOT JUST BEHAVIORS) MS. Johnson is WRONG that the benefits outweigh the risks.  THEY DO NOT.  Many children die after receiving vaccinations, but that, too, is covered up and called "SIDS"  or "Shaken Baby Syndrome," and then they try to blame the PARENTS  for that.  We do not know from one child to the next who will get measles and who won't.  We definitely do not know which child will develop the later disorder Ms. Johnson's child developed.  It is tragic, and my heart goes out to her.

She stated in the article that she was "glad" her daughter died, though she states she felt that way for her daughter and not for herself as she knew her daughter did not want to live that way.  

How does she suppose these vaccine-damaged children feel about their lives?  Most cannot talk and never will talk again.  The news media enjoys showing those high functioning individuals who have been barely affected, but they RARELY sow the reality of vaccine-triggered "autism" which IS most aptly named "Post Vaccinal Toxic Encephalopathy Disorder."  So it, too, is a type of encephalopathy, only this one is doctor caused.  So much for "First do no harm."

Ms. Johnson is also erroneous in thinking that vaccination could have saved her daughter.  She could have caught measles anyway.  She could have caught measles at a later time when the vaccine wore off.  There is NO WAY to tell if the vaccine actually worked and prevented that particular child from not contracting measles. The vaccine itself could have re-written genetic code and flipped a methyl switch between her genome that opened up to the secondary infection, but the corrupt subversive medical dictatorship which has arisen in the world has convinced far to many that the be all and end all of health rest solely in being injected with numerous cross-species DNA (something forbidden in the BIBLE) and being injected with numerous toxins.

Perhaps if her daughter had lived in a world where the focus was on a clean environment, truly clean and nutritious food, and clean water along with clean air, she may have faired better, but while on the one side vaccines are the painted as teh "gods" of health, the same people who promote them are for polluting the environment further, genetically modifying food, and could give a damn about building products or clean air and water.  

People die. Tragically, children die at times too, and MORE CHILDREN DIE of MALARIA in the world today than all the other diseases combined, but there is no truly safe and effective malaria vaccine because in the places where it is killing children, the people have no money to pay to the drug lords for such a vaccine, so these peoples children get used as the guinea pigs for new vaccines they will push on YOUR kids, because those people, as far as corporate greed is concerned, are expendable -- just as children like mine, who was horribly damaged by vaccines is perceived as expendable and not deserving justice.

How is the loss of my son any less compelling than the loss of her daughter?  My son is very lucky not to have died from any one of the eight bouts of pneumonia he has suffered since his last vaccinations.  he is lucky not to have died from anaphylaxis thanks to his immune system now being confused and over-reacting to many things.  He is lucky not to have died from any bout of ear infections and strep which could have turned into  encephalitis or meningitis.  He is lucky not have died of any of the bouts of spreading staph and cellulitis he has suffered over the years.  Due to the disruption of mineral transport in his body (for which we can thank the mercury they lied and told the public they had taken out) he was not able to regulate copper in his body and he walked around over a year before any doctor thought to check these levels.  Having gone so long with high copper, he has certainly suffered brain damage, as well.

He will most likely live a normal life span - so long as I am vigilant and address the staph, strep, chronic constipation, impaction, diet issues, nutrition issues, cellulitis, and other allergies as long as I am alive.  He will most likely live a normal lifespan if I am vigilant and he doesn't wander off as so many do and either fall in water, panic, and drown; or come across a predator. He will live a normal lifespan if I can protect him from the bullying of normal children who have not been taught compassion, and if he doesn't become so depressed at his differences and isolation due to his social inadequacies that he ends his own life (suicide rates for children on the autism spectrum are twice as high as the national average).

So while I feel such sadness over what happened to Ms. Johnson's daughter, it is NO reason to lose reason and think that by mass vaccianting we will end ALL childhood death and disease.  It is imprudent when you will mostl likely have tto destroy tens of thousands of childhood lives in causing PVTED to MAYBE save ONE life with the variables being so unknown.  You tell me, is saving one childhood life worth throwing away one hundred thousand chidlren to autism?  Is that what we are talking about?

Because AUTISM that we have today is NOT just behaviors.  It is: Immune dysfunction, seizure disorders, digestive disorders, loss of speech, lack of social skills, chronic staph, chronic strep, mitochondrial disorders, PANDAS, hypotonia, nerve disorders, chronic diarrhea and/or chronic constipation, mega colon. impaction, asthma, COPD, chronic bacterial infections, chronic fevers, gut dysbiosis, malabsorption syndromes, learning disorders, anxiety disorders, OCD, APD, SID and a host of other problems.

This is why I believe it should be the parents choice as to which risks they decide to take.  Since no one may sue a doctor, hospital, and soon not even a school nurse(since they will be vaccinating without even informing the parents) - it is the parents who are left with the fallout. AUTISM financially bankrupts families.  Autism breaks families apart.  More than 80% end in divorce due to autism.  Usually, it is the mothers who are left to deal with it all alone.

At present there is no way to tell which child will regress after vaccination and which won't.  Most children who contract measles will make a FULL recovery with NO chance of residual infection.  Autism lasts a lifetime.  Our society educates those it deems worth educating, and that DOES NOT include these children, they are usually just warehoused until they age out and if something happens to their parents and there is no designated guardian, then they go to state institutions where they are shocked (literally) into submission, neglected, abuse, and often raped.

So I DEFEND the right of every parent to be the person who decides which risks to take, and Ms. Johnson is welcome to come and spend some time with us and see what it is like to care for a child damaged by vaccines.  I don't think she should be able to make the statements she made until she has walked a mile in our shoes or in the shoes of parents who deal with seizure disorder in these children every day.  One of my friend's daughter developed post vaccinal seizure disorder.  She died after having a grand-mal on her twelfth birthday.

Her death is no less tragic than the death of Ms. Johnson's child, but you never hear about the death of these children nor the relationship their deaths had to vaccination. How convenient to sway the population.  Always keep in mind that the news media outlets are owned by just THREE corporations, and most of these are funded largely by BIG PHARMA.

We CANNOT erradicate disease.  How shall we sustain life on this earth should everyone live?  The best means we have of saving children from disease and death is creating a clean environment, providing REAL food, providing clean water, building buildings with green materials, teaching good hygiene, and providing good sanitation systems. The rest is a shot inthe dark. If anyoen wants to play medical roulette with the life of their child by vaccianting, they shouldhave the right, and lifelwise, for those of us who wish to trust the immune system that GOD created, we shouldhave that right, too.  MEDICAL FREEDOM NOW!!!!

by on May. 18, 2013 at 1:24 PM

 It seems that girls immune system was weak (could have been born that way) couldn't that have had an effect on how she caught it and passed??

I always like to bring up nurses that helped the sick way back when there we no vaccines and didnt get was that??

by Member on May. 19, 2013 at 9:55 AM
My DS is fully vaxed, he has ADHD and a Mood Dissorder (mild form of Bipolar), and my DD only had the three month vax before my list of vaxes she wasn't getting got so long I said no to all and she is just fine. My sons Dr said she would be a "high maintenance child" most likely having the same diagnosis as her brother; but I am not seeing that at all!
I think the vaxes are to blame for my sons issues and stand by not vaxing my DD!

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