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My vaccine schedule, not their's

Posted by on Mar. 8, 2014 at 4:55 PM
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I am not totally against vaccines. Most I feel are unnecessary. However I do think it's the safest thing, for my childeren, to get a few. However, I do delay them.

DTap delayed until 6 months
PCV delayed until 6 months
Hib delayed until 6 months
IPV delyaed until 9 months
MMR Delayed until 12 months

by on Mar. 8, 2014 at 4:55 PM
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by Bronze Member on Mar. 9, 2014 at 12:28 AM
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MMR is not recommened by the manufacturer until 15-18 months, 12 months is way way too early.

by Member on Mar. 9, 2014 at 12:34 AM
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When my daughter was little, I only allowed one vax at a time.  It pissed the nurses off. 

by Member on Mar. 9, 2014 at 10:05 AM

PLease, please, please.  think about what you are saying and doing! Please do more reserach and do not trust pediatiricans, the CDC, the FDA nor our government.  Vaccines are an extremely lucrative maga-billion dollar profit business.  It is NOT about saving lives or helping babies.  The USA is the most vaccianting country on the face of the earth and yet we have the HIGHEST infant mortality rate among industrialized nations.  This site made my last post disappear.  Who knows why.

My son was damaged neurologicall, and MEDICALLY by vaccines.  He immediatley lost all speech.  It took me eleven years to get him back to where we could have simple converstaions.  He has been SICK since the day of the shots.  He wa merucy poisoned but all the chemicals in the shots can damge chidlren's brains and bodies.  "autism" is the LEAST of his problems.  He can no longer fight infections.  Sicne the shots he has had too many cases of bronchitis, ear infections, strep, staph to count.  he has had pneumonia twice and meningitis twice, asthma, mega colon, constipation, mal-absorption syndorme, and he cannot fight the bacteria from a simple insect bite. He gets radiating staph from every bite which turns into cellulitis, putting him at risk for MRSA, septicemia, and death.  His childhood was ROBBED from him.  I had to quite my job. It took our life savings.  We owe more on our farm now than when we bought it twenty years ago.

The only thing your baby needs for health until age two is YOUR BREAST MILK.  That is where your child will get passed down immunity from things.  

You cannot sue a docotr, hospital, or drug company for vaccine damge or death and the government vaccine compensation program is a JOKE and a sham. They threw 5000 of our kids away after making us jump thorugh hoops for almost ten years.  We never got a hearing as you cannot go to civil court and have a jury.  All we got is a "Special Matser" paid off by the drug industry.  

It only takes ONE SECOND to give a vaccine and then you can NEVER take it back.  It has cost us approximately 1.5 million dollars in thirteen years in out of pocket (not covered by insurance) costs and lost wages so far. It only takes ONE second to destroy all your lives.  You can NEVER take a shot back.  Oh, how I wish I could.  We are one of the "lucky" ones.  My son learned to talk again.  Most iwll not.  My son's "autism" has improved to high functioning (most will not).  My son will be able to go to college on-line (most will not).  He will be able to have a job if we can get his immune ysstem under control in the next ten years, but he will probably have to looked after to some degree for the rest of his life.

When this happens, you lose your regular friends becsue they don't understand, and you gain friends becasue they are moms of damaged children.  So many of my firends children will never speak, leave home, have a job, get married, or ever have children of their own.   We dodged a bullet as our son's absence seizures and nystagmus went away with biomedical intervention, far too may of thes kids develop full-blown seizure disorder and can have up to five or more grand mal seizures a day.   the government and media hide far too many truths about this iantrogenic disorder.

Drowning is the numbr one killer of these children as they must be watched constantly and closely or they will wander off and fall into water and drown. Or as in the case of Avonte Oquendo they wander away from school and are exploited.  Avonte was missing for three moths when parts of his body began to be discovered along hte banks of a New York City River.  

Oftentimes the burden of caring for these children is just too much.  More than seventy percent of fathers leave after a child is diagnosed with "autism." In the case of Alex Spourdalakis, his mother could not get him treated appropriately. These children are MEDICALLY SICK but our children are viewed as only having psychiatric problems. Our children have severe gut pain and gut disability, but hopstials and doctors only want to pump them full of psychotropic meds.  Sadly, after hadncuffing Alex to a hospital bed for over 18 days, he was released but before the atuism community coudl rally to get him into a facility or place that could help him (the mom had no money), his mother and caregiver, overwhelmed with the 24 hours a day care he needed, killed Alex and then tried to kill themselves. the suicide rate among mothers of vaccine damaged children is higher than the national average.  the suicide rate among high functioning childrne with this disorder is several times higher than the national average.

Caring for a child who is damged by vaccines is DIFFICULT. My family is "lucky" as interventions (NOT psychotropic dope) helped our son tremendously, but it doesn't work for all children.  Most of these families are left to deal with overwheling medical, therapeutic, and educational needs for their children. Few offer them help, and most friends abandon these families as they don't understand and after all - all the media venues call these moms and dads who know vaccines damaged their children "crazy." Your town and/or views you as crazyy if you say your child was dmaged by vaccines - even if you show them overwhelming evidence.  People like to beleive the media (which is stuipid).

There are some risks on either side of the issue, but forces are fast at work to remove your choices. Dr. Paul Offit is wroking franticlly to take away parental rights. He wants to remove even religious rights to deny vaccnes.  I imagien then he shouldhave the National Guard go and forecebly vaccinate the entire Amish population as they do not vaccinate and  they have very low rates of autism, asthma, juvenile diabetes, and cancer.  I am surprised that you have found a doctor willing to let you decide on ANY changes to the schedule.  Most will "FIRE" any parent if they refuse to take all the shots when the doctor decides when they should have them.  But it will NOT be the DOCTOR who is holding your hand in the middle of the night while your child has seizure after seizure or your child is having debillitating gut pain and screaming in bloody murder from that pain.  When we called ours after a two hour stint of blood curdling screaming (we wanted our son admitted and given something for the pain) the doc on call said as he could hear that blood curdling screaming, "Just let him scream.  He will eventually exhaust himself and pass out."  These are the people we are trusting with our children's health.  My GOD!  

The neurologist who diagnosed my son with "Heavy metal Intoxication said after admitting he got mercury poisoned from vaccines, "I'm so sorry.  I thought they took that stuff out of vaccines.  But you just have to understand, by mass vaccinating we are saving so many [that has NEVER been really proven and they cannot prove it].  But there are going to be LOSSES.  Your son is one of them, and you just need to go home and accept it."  Cold comfort to the parents of their one and only child - the only boy to carry on the family name.  

The following year we saw a developmetnal pediatricn.  I knew we made a mistake when I saw all the posters in her waiting room with drug compnay logos at the bottom.  Whenever you see these psoters, please know that doctor is on the take.  Whenever they offer free samples, know that that doctor is on the take.

This pediatircian spent very little time with our son.  She had us fill out questionairee''s and I was so confident our son was getting better that I went back for the results alone.  She told me that our son would never get better, never talk again, never make a friend, never learn, never be in a regular classroom, never go to college, never get married nor ever leave home.  She said the best thing for me to do was to find an institution to put him in immediatley and "just get on with your life."  When I refused to abandon my only child she put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Well... then if you can just hang on until he is a little older, I have drugs I can give him to make your life easier."

I took her hand off my shoulder and told her she could keep her dope and I said, "I am NOT interested in making MY life easier.  I am interested in making the quality ofmy son's life better!" and I left.  I had a cry in the car and threw myself a little pity party, and then I diecided to reject the mainstream, and today my son is BETTER.  He was severe and non-verbal.  Today he is high functioning and very verbal and he has proved that idiot doctor wrong on all counts except he is not old enoguh yet to get into college, but since beginning to home school three years ago he is taking off and his tutor says he is a math whiz and will go all the way through calculus. He already diesigns buidlings inside and out on the computer and he says he wants to either be an architect or a meteorologist.  He says he wants to get married and wants to have a daughter first, and he is going to name her "Ellen."

But vaccines damged his immune system, and that has alwasy been the biggest challenge we face, and it will impact his life forever.  Vaccines were NEVER worth what they did to my son.  He wouldhave gotten over numerous childhood disorders in two to three weeks.  What vaccines gave him will last a lifetime.

It only takes a moment to give a vaccine, and the consequesnces can destroy lives and dreams.  After reseraching for thirteen years, I would NEVER vaccinate unless there were a CLEAR and PRESENT danger.  From reserching INDEPENDENT studies I see that the risks far outweigh ANY perceived benefit.  They say vaccines ended polio, but the truth in saying it and proving it beyond a reasonable doubt are two very different things.  They CANNOT prove that.  Sometimes they just rename diseases to further thier own agenda.  I believe very often cases called meningitis are cases of polio.  Not every child with polio winds up parlyzed.  Most recover. I know two who did.  My aunt, however, was brain damged by the high fever and lost her hearing.

So there are risks on both sides.  I simply say reserach, assess the present risks and dangers, and make an informed and educated desision, but IMO allowing any vaccines before the age of two or giving more than one vaccine at a time or giving ANY combiantion vaccines is highly damgerous and NOT work the risk. Chekc out the Oversite commitee hearing on Autism in 2012 to see officals admit that NO synergistic studiens ahve EVER been done.  And NO govenemtn studies comparieng the incidence of autism in vaccinated vs. nonvaccianted chldren has ever been done.  Independent studies comparient he health of vaccianted vs. non-vaccinated children shows that non-vaccinated child are much healthier.  Our governemnt so far has refused to replicate this study.

I asked the American Acadmey Of pediatrics on several occasions if it was condoning the use of medical blackmail (Fire parents who want to postpone or not give vaccines).  They refuse to anwer.  Then I found out that Merck paid for thier building and vaccine makers donate $$$$$$$ to the AAP for various reasons.  If a parent really cares about the health of their child IMO I would say to breast feed as long as you can (they are starting to recommend NOT breast feeding as they say it makes vaccines "work" better). Never feed a child junk food or processed foods, give them clean air and clean water that does nto contain fluoride,  promote activity, and LOVE them.  Only go to a doctor when they are sick (well visits are jsut money making scams),and then choose a holistic family physicain who RESPECTS the parent as a partner in heath care.  If the doctor does not support a parents right to decline vaccines, RUN.

It only take one moment to lose your child.  I had to mourn the child I lost.  I love both of them, but pre vaccine and post vaccine are two different children.  I got to live the American Dream for fifteen months, then thanks to vaccines, the nightmare started.  My son is the most important thing to me no matter what, but every day I have to wonder what will ahppen to him after I am gone.

NOw they are pushing pregnant women to take mercury and aluminum coantaining vaccines I would imagine so more kids will be "born with" autism, adn then they can say "See!  theyare jsut born with it!"

My son was a happy, healthy, wonderous child whose favorit word was "shoes."  He developed normally and met milestones early until whn at fifteen months, though I isnsisted he be given thimerosal free vaccines, teh pediatrician deliberately lied to me and gave my son several vaccines conatining thimerosal.  My son regressed immediately and lsot all speech.  The doctor and the clinic then abandoned his care and treated us abominabley and STILL we were told by attorneys we couldnt even sue her for LYING.

The choice is yours.

by New Owner on Mar. 9, 2014 at 10:15 AM
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Pneumococcal Vaccine 
  • There are two types of pneumococcal vaccines licensed and used in the U.S. today: Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPSV) and Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV). PPSV vaccine contains 23 strains of pneumococcal and is recommended by the CDC for adults over 64 years old and PCV13 vaccine contains 13 strains of pneumococcal and is recommended for children between two months and 18 years old.  For more information see links to vaccine manufacturer product inserts. 
  • The CDC recommends four doses of pneumococcal vaccine (PCV-13) for infants and children, with a dose given at two, four, and six months old and between 12 and 18 months old. One or two doses of pneumococcal vaccine is recommended for children ages two through 18 years, depending on how many doses the child received as an infant. [viii] 
  • Although pneumococcal vaccine (PPSV-23) is recommended for adults over 64 years old, in 2011 the FDA expanded its approval of PCV-13 vaccine to include adults over age 49 years.[ix] 
  • By 2008, eight years after pneumococcal vaccine containing seven pneumococcal strains (PCV-7) was licensed in the U.S. and recommended by the CDC for all children, public health officials reported that pneumococcal vaccination programs had been responsible for decreasing the rates of invasive pneumococcal disease in children under age five to about one-fifth of what it was in 1998.[x] However, there was also evidence that mass use of PCV-7 vaccine by American children had put pressure on some of the 80 other pneumococcal strains to cause invasive disease and was responsible for increasing the rates of otitis media caused by serotypes not included in the seven-valent vaccine.[xi] In an attempt to prevent the six additional pneumococcal strains from causing invasive disease, the new pneumococcal vaccine for children (PCV-13) now contains six more pneumococcal strains. 
  • As of July 2012, there had been more than 34,000 reported adverse events following pneumococcal vaccinations (PCV-7, PCV-13) given to children in the U.S. with 90% of the reported PCV-7 vaccine adverse events occurring in children under age three and 95% of the PCV-13 vaccine adverse events  occurring in children under age six. There have been more than 1,000 deaths and more than 2,000 cases involving convulsions reported following receipt of PCV-7 and PCV-13 vaccines. Reported pneumoccocal vaccine reactions include fever, severe local reactions (swelling, redness, pain at site of injection), irritability, drowsiness, restless sleep, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, decreased appetite, convulsions, asthma, pneumonia and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 
by on Mar. 9, 2014 at 11:03 AM

Thanks for the feed back ladies. I always welcome opinions! I value them all and take all information in for careful consideration!

by Member on Mar. 9, 2014 at 1:34 PM

When I was still vaccinating my older son and daughter, we chose a Dr Sears style, delayed and no more than one shot per 2 week timeframe. Having Medicaid in KY, we're required to do them at the health department. The 2 NPs at my local office aren't concerned with delayed, "so long as you get all shots." They worry about delayed because "it's such an inconvenience for parents to have to return for so many trips." The only person to really complain and go off about how dangerous delayed/selective is, was the receptionist LOL

It's interesting to hear different doctors' opinions (as they are still opinions, even after a decade of medical training) on which one vaccine is most important. Our former pediatrician said if your child should only get 1, make it pertussis (DTaP). Our current family physician thinks something protecting against tetanus is best, even if it's "just" Td. Older doctors still fear polio or measles most.


Happy momma and natural birth, homeschooling, and ERF advocate!
by Bronze Member on Mar. 9, 2014 at 2:04 PM
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I'm curious as to why you chose those and do you go back for boosters?  Also, how did you choose when to get each one?

by Bronze Member on Mar. 9, 2014 at 3:32 PM
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If it were me I would do more research before starting anyway.  My son has brain damage from a vaccine reaction, he coded before we were out of the office.  Almost 4 years later he is in a wheelchair part time, part time beginner walker, has cerebral palsy (non progressive brain injury), daily seizures, autism, and issues with feeding, swallowing, and digesting food.  I was bullied into doing 1 shot at a time and that 1 shot is what did this.  We found out much later that my son received a Hep B at the hospital against our wishes.  We had signed the refusal and everything.  You can always catch up later, but you can never take back once given.

by on Mar. 9, 2014 at 6:39 PM

I chose these, because I feel that things like polio and mumps were eradicated when we started vaccinating against them. Obviously there are still cases of them occuring, but the chances have been drastically diminished. And Pertussus and menengitus are highly contagious and are very often fatal. I have worked in health care for 7 years and I have seen it. I chose to wait until after 6 months because while breast milk is wonderful and the only food required, it only provides immune protection for 6 months. And that would also be the point in which the baby would start going to daycare. But basically that's it. I don't feel like other vaccines like the flu or chicken pox are necessary in any way. There have been too many cases of damage caused by them. I know there is risk with all of them, but I have to make my decisons based on the research that I have done. It's what's best for my kids. I think everyone's way of deciding is what's best for them :)

Quoting micheledo:

I'm curious as to why you chose those and do you go back for boosters?  Also, how did you choose when to get each one?

by on Mar. 9, 2014 at 6:43 PM

I am so very sorry . That is aweful. You and your family are in my heart. Thank you for sharing.

Quoting nicki.hemingway:

If it were me I would do more research before starting anyway.  My son has brain damage from a vaccine reaction, he coded before we were out of the office.  Almost 4 years later he is in a wheelchair part time, part time beginner walker, has cerebral palsy (non progressive brain injury), daily seizures, autism, and issues with feeding, swallowing, and digesting food.  I was bullied into doing 1 shot at a time and that 1 shot is what did this.  We found out much later that my son received a Hep B at the hospital against our wishes.  We had signed the refusal and everything.  You can always catch up later, but you can never take back once given.

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