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Info's about MMR

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Info's about MMR

Vaccine ingredients ( from the insert):
MMR (MMR-II)- recombinant human albumin, neomycin, sorbitol, hydrolyzed gelatin, chick embryo cell culture, WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts, Medium 199, minimum essential medium, phosphate
Live virus vaccine that has to potential to shed.

One by one:
Human albumin- “Treating a variety of conditions, including shock due to blood loss in the body, burns, low protein levels due to surgery or liver failure, and as an additional medicine in bypass surgery. It may be used for certain conditions as determined by your doctor. Albumin (human) is a concentrate of plasma proteins from human blood. It works by increasing plasma volume or serum albumin levels. Side effects include:Anaphylactoid reactions, fever, chills, rash, nausea, vomiting, tachycardia, hypotension. Dermatologic side effects have included urticaria, skin rash, pruritus, edema, and erythema.Nervous system side effects have included headache, chills, and febrile reactions. Cardiovascular side effects have included hypotension. Gastrointestinal side effects have included nausea, vomiting and increased salivation. Respiratory side effects have included bronchospasm.” (72) Included in MMRV (ProQuad) MMR (MMR-II)

Neomycin- “Neomycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic. It kills sensitive bacteria by stopping the production of essential proteins needed by the bacteria to survive. Neomycin may cause permanent hearing loss, nerve damage, and severe kidney damage. Hearing loss can occur even after the drug is stopped. If you already have kidney problems or hearing difficulty, tell your doctor. Notify your doctor immediately if any of the following occur: ringing in your ears, hearing loss, unusual tingling, muscle twitching, seizures. Neomycin may be stopped if you develop kidney or hearing problems. Your doctor will monitor your progress to minimize the possibility of these effects occurring and may run certain tests (eg, hearing and/or kidney tests). Do not use neomycin with other medicines that can cause nerve, kidney, or hearing problems. Other factors that increase the risk of these side effects occurring include advanced age or dehydration (unusual thirst). Neomycin may also cause severe muscle relaxation progressing to paralysis and breathing problems. This possibility increases if you are also taking anesthetics, neuromuscular-blocking agents (eg, succinylcholine), or if you are receiving massive transfusions of citrate anticoagulated blood. Use with other aminoglycosides (eg, paromomycin) or other nephrotoxic/neurotoxic medicines (eg, bacitracin), advanced age, and dehydration all increase the risk of side effects. Potent diuretics (eg, ethacrynic acid, furosemide) should also be avoided because they can cause hearing loss.” (100)Included in Hep A (Vaqta), Influenza (Fluvirin), MMR (MMR-II), Polio (IPV-Ipol), Varicella (Varivax), Dtap+IPV+Hib (Pentacel), MMRV (ProQuad), Zoster (Shingles-Zostavax)

Sorbitol- “A polyhydric alcohol with about half the sweetness of sucrose. Sorbitol occurs naturally and is also produced synthetically from glucose. It was formerly used as a diuretic and may still be used as a laxative and in irrigating solutions for some surgical procedures. It is also used in many manufacturing processes, as a pharmaceutical aid, and in several research applications. Ingestion hazard: abdominal cramps, abdominal pain, diarrhoea. May cause respiratory tract irritation. May cause skin irritation. May cause eye irritation. The substance may cause effects on the gastrointestinal tract. Finely dispersed particles form explosive mixtures in air.” (135) Included in MMR (MMR-II), MMRV (ProQuad), Rotavirus (Rotarix)
Hydrolyzed gelatin (hydrolyzed collagen)- “Hydrolyzed collagen refers to enzymatically or chemically processed collagen derived from marine life, though it can also be taken from bovine, ox, pig skin, and bone. It is water soluble and contains peptides like amino acids as well as glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and glutamic acid. Hydrolyzed collagen is normally used to benefit nails and skin due to the presence of the amino acids. It is also used to regenerate cells for the body’s lean muscle mass, benefit arthritis, and even help the body burn off fat and enhance weight loss. Hydrolyzed collagen side effects from topical use may trigger dermatitis or inflammation of the skin. Initially, a mild rash may develop. Since dermatitis is an allergic reaction, the reaction may therefore depend on the person using the cream and doesn’t affect every user. Before taking any supplement orally, you should check with your physician for any allergies to animal products. While marine collagen is very much safe, people might have allergic reactions to animal or plant hydrolyzed collagen. Some hydrolyzed collagen supplements are now being made from chicken. While no studies yet show any bad effects from chicken based hydrolyzed collagen, other chicken based supplements aside from collagen have been known to cause mild cases of nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, drowsiness, skin reactions, and headache.” (74) For more information see gelatin description. Included in MMR (MMR-II), MMRV (ProQuad)

Chick embryo cell culture (egg protein)- “The paper below shows that vaccines cultured in chick embryos (such as measles and mumps) contain "retroviruses" that show potential for replicating (and causing cancer) in the host (human). Researchers have detected "reverse transcriptase" activity in vaccines. Reverse transcriptase is a DNA polymerase enzyme that transcribes single-stranded RNA into double-stranded DNA. 'BACKGROUND: A recent publication reporting the presence of low levels of reverse transcriptase (RT) activity in certain vaccines for human use necessitated that regulatory agencies address the issue of whether this RT activity presented a risk to humans. Detection of low levels of RT activity corresponding to fewer than ten virions became possible with the development of highly-sensitive polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based RT (PBRT) assays. Variations of the PBRT assay were developed in three laboratories. These assays were reported as being at least one million-fold more sensitive than conventional RT assays. OBJECTIVE: To ascertain the sensitivity and reliability of PBRT assays in different laboratories and to determine which vaccine samples possessed RT activity. STUDY DESIGN: Coded panels of licensed vaccines together with positive and negative controls was assembled at the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and distributed to five cooperating laboratories as well as to our laboratory at CBER. Each laboratory carried out their version of the PBRT assay and submitted the results to the coordinator at CBER. RESULTS: Results of the PBRT analyses carried out in the six laboratories are presented. Five of the six laboratories reported results that were highly consistent. RT activity was detected in live attenuated vaccines that were prepared in chick embryo cells (mumps, measles and yellow fever), but very low or undetectable RT activity was found in vaccines produced in mammalian cells (rabies and rubella). influenza vaccines from several manufacturers included in the panel displayed the most variability, with different products of this inactivated vaccine having differing amounts of RT activity. CONCLUSIONS: Only vaccines produced in chick embryo cells had significant RT activity. Because RT activity was present in the allantoic fluid of uninfected chick embryos and culture medium from chick embryo fibroblasts, the RT activity arises from the cell substrate used for vaccine production. The PBRT assays were reliably able to detect the low levels of RT activity in chicken-derived vaccines.' -Maudru T, Peden KW. Laboratory of Retrovirus Research, Food and Drug Administration, Bethesda, MD 20892, USA. Analysis of a coded panel of licensed vaccines by polymerase chain reaction-based reverse transcriptase assays: a collaborative study.Clin Virol. 1998 Jul 24;11(1):19-28.”(30) Included in MMR (MMRII), MMRV (ProQuad), Influenza (Fluvirin), Influenza (Flumist), Influenza (Fluzone:high dose)

WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts- “To date, there are two human diploid cell lines which were originally prepared from tissues of aborted foetuses (in 1964 and 1970) and are used for the preparation of vaccines based on live attenuated virus: the first one is the WI-38 line (Winstar Institute 38), with human diploid lung fibroblasts, coming from a female foetus that was aborted because the family felt they had too many children (G. Sven et al., 1969). It was prepared and developed by Leonard Hayflick in 1964 (L. Hayflick, 1965; G. Sven et al., 1969)3 and bears the ATCC number CCL-75. WI-38 has been used for the preparation of the historical vaccine RA 27/3 against rubella (S.A. Plotkin et al, 1965)” (145) Included in MMR (MMR-II), MMRV (ProQuad)

Medium 199- “Medium 199 was originally developed for nutritional studies of chick embryo fibroblasts. It has broad species applicability, particularly for cultivation of non-transformed cells. Medium 199 is widely used in virology, vaccine production, and in vitro cultivation of primary explants of mouse pancreatic epithelium, and rat lens tissues. The complete formulation is available.
Compared to other basal media, Medium 199 contains unique components, including adenine, adenosine, hypoxanthine, thymine, and additional vitamins. Medium 199 is available with Earle's salts for use in a CO2 incubator, or with Hank's salts for use without CO2.” (85) Included in Dtap+IPV+Hib (Pentacel), MMR (MMR-II)

Minimum essential medium- “Minimum Essential Medium (MEM), developed by Harry Eagle, is one of the most widely used of all synthetic cell culture media. Early attempts to cultivate normal mammalian fibroblasts and certain subtypes of HeLa cells revealed that they had specific nutritional requirements that could not be met by Eagle's Basal Medium (BME). Subsequent studies using these and other cells in culture indicated that additions to BME could be made to aid growth of a wider variety of fastidious cells. MEM, which incorporates these modifications, includes higher concentrations of amino acids so that the medium more closely approximates the protein composition of mammalian cells. MEM has been used for cultivation of a wide variety of cells grown in mono-layers. Optional supplementation of non-essential amino acids to the formulations that incorporate either Hanks' or Eagles' salts has broadened the usefulness of this medium. The formulation has been further modified by optional elimination of calcium to permit the growth of cells in suspension.” (87) Included in MMR (MMR-II)

Adverse reactions:

MMR (MMRII)- Panniculitis, atypical measles, fever, syncope, headache, dizziness, malaise, irritability, vasculitis, pancreatitis, diarrhea, vomiting, parotitis, nausea, diabetes belitus, thrombocytopenic, purpura, regional lymphadenopathy, leukocytosis, anaphylaxis, anaphylactoid, pneumonia such as angioneurotic edema, bronchospasm, arthritis, arthralgia, myalgia, encephalitis, encephalopathy, measles inclusion body encephalitis (MIBE), subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE), Guillain- Barre syndrome, febrile seizures, febrile seizures, ataxia, polyneuritis, polyneuropathy, ocular palais, paresthesia, ear nerve deafness, death

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(55)Dr. Tenpenny's video what science and CDC documents revial
(58)IARC 2006, Asian et al. 2006, Sarsilmaz et al. 2007, Golalipour et al. 2008, Ozen et al. 2005, Majumder and kumar 1995

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(91)The risks, the benefits, the choices by. Dr. Tenpenny

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