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son with a fever... any suggestions (off topic)

Posted by on Jul. 28, 2009 at 2:38 AM
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my son Damien is 2 1/2 and has a temperature of 101 today.  We currently have no health insurance (hopefully we'll get it next month).  He had a bad fever (104) about a monmth ago due to an ear/throat infection and my doc gave him antibiotics for it. That was his second ear infection and he tends to get wax build up so she was recommending me to clean out his ears every 3 weeks. I have been doing that aliong with giving him vitamins and probiotics to buist back up his immune system.  So, I don't know what the fever is from. It could be an ear infection like before but he hasn't been complaining about his ear.  It could be a virus, or another infection of some sort. He has had diahrea on and off since thursday and so have I. I was thinking it was from something we ate, but now I'm second guessing it. Also, he said his tummy hurt when I put some pressure on it and he didn't want dinner tonight.  But at the same time he has been acting ok. He has been playing and jumping around... even though I encourage him to rest, and then the next minute he's upset and cuddling with me.  So, if anyone has any suggestions on what to do about it if the fever persists. I gave him tylonel tonight because I know the fever will raise when he's sleeping and I don't want to rush him to the bathroom to give him a cold bath again (thats what I had to do last time). 

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by on Jul. 28, 2009 at 2:38 AM
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by Gold Member on Jul. 28, 2009 at 8:53 AM

I'd give motrin if he needs relief to sleep, but not for temperature.  My son gets a 104 temp everytime.

Pick up "How to Raise a Healthy in Spite of Your Dr", which has great information on fevers:http://

Dr. Sears:

Dr. Sears:
A fever is not an illness in itself -- it's the symptom of an underlying problem (usually an infection), just as a car's engine light acts as an alarm signal. And not every one is necessarily serious. A higher fever doesn't always indicate a sicker child. Minor viral illnesses may produce a high temperature (104°F to 105°F), while some serious bacterial infections -- like meningitis -- may cause a lower one (101°F to 102°F). Also, a fever that spikes high but subsides quickly is usually less of a worry than a mild fever that doesn't come down easily.

The best way to know when to be concerned: Watch your child, not the thermometer, for increasing signs of illness. (One exception: If an infant 3 months or younger has a rectal temperature above 100.5°F for more than eight hours, you should call the doctor right away, whether or not she shows any other signs of illness.) Get to know the typical progression of her fevers, and pay attention to any deviation from their typical course. For example, if your child never runs high fevers and then one day does, that's much more serious than if her temperature usually reaches 104°F with a normal cold.

Most fevers will go down within a few days, but in the meantime, here are some ways to help your child feel more comfortable:

  • Dress her in light, breathable clothing, to let the heat radiate out of her body. Don't bundle her in heavy blankets or cover her head.
  • Give your little one plenty of fluids -- such as water and juice -- so that she doesn't dehydrate.
  • Keep your child calm, since too much activity and fussing can raise her body temperature. Make sure she gets a good night's sleep too.And, of course, if your child's temperature continues to rise over a few days and she gets progressively sicker, call your pediatrician.

When to Call Your Doctor for Fever

Call 911 Now If:

  • Not moving or very weak
  • Unresponsive or difficult to awaken
  • Difficulty breathing with bluish lips
  • Rash with purple (blood-colored) spots or dots

Call Your Doctor Now If:

  • Your child looks or acts very sick
  • Any difficulty breathing
  • Great difficulty swallowing fluids or saliva
  • Child is confused (delirious) or has stiff neck or bulging soft spot
  • Had a seizure with a fever
  • Age < 12 weeks with fever > 100.4°F (38°C) rectally (Caution: do NOT give these babies any fever medicine before being seen)
  • Fever > 105°F (40.6°C) at any age
  • Very irritable (e.g. inconsolable crying or cries when touched or moved)
  • Won't move an arm or leg normally
  • Signs of dehydration (very dry mouth, no urine > 8 hours, etc.)
  • Chronic disease that causes decreased immunity
Fever with Rash viruses:

  • How many days ago did his fever begin?
  • High, low, stayed high, stayed low, etc?
  • When did the rash appear?
  • Was the fever gone when the rash appeared?
  • Where did the rash originate? Head, Torso, Extremities?
  • Where did it move to, from the point of origin? Torso, Extremities?

In a mild case, it is more likely not to have all the clinical symptoms.

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by Bronze Member on Jul. 28, 2009 at 12:06 PM

ok.  Damien woke up this morning and the fever went down a bit.  I think I'll watch him today and see if it goes down more.  He's up and playing right now and not complaining of any pain or anything.  He asked to eat this morning which is a good sign. thanks.

Julia: wife of Drew, christian, pro-life, homebirthing, AP mom of Damien and Gavin, baby Harley 2/09-3/09  Isaiah 66:10-13

by Bronze Member on Jul. 29, 2009 at 4:50 PM

I agree with 'happytexasCM".

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