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What state has the best child support laws (and enforces them)?

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Alright ladies I've heard all kinds of horror stories of states not doing what they should but let's put it to paper- where are the best and worst?  Where should the expecting mom move LOL (just kidding)!

California provides you with a lawyer when enforcing child support.  

They have on the books that they will take away a driver license and passport and if non-payment continues they can go to jail.  (Of course your case worker affects this- mine said she'd take the block off my ex if he paid even a small portion but I have a very crappy worker.)

They also have a law saying (paraphrasing here) that if a man has a good paying job and quits it or is fired his support cannot be lowered if he takes a lesser job.  (For example if a doctor quits and takes a job flipping burgers guess who is still paying big bucks?)

Sadly- child support is based off of how much custody each parent has (meaning- the dad's then file for visitation so they don't have to pay) and of course how much each parent makes.

There is a minimum for support for english speaking average joes- and that is based off minimum wage (in my area it's about $322 a month).

by on Dec. 16, 2009 at 9:58 PM
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by Member on Oct. 7, 2013 at 10:42 AM

I live in Louisiana. They have the same laws listed above.  But it can all come down to the judge. The process can be really slow.

The good thing about this state is that they set the basic child support amount per state guidelines and then add half of all other expenses, such as daycare, dance, private school etc. The NCP is also ordered to pay cs. Also, the mother usually gets to claim the kids. He would have to petition the court if he wanted to claim them. And even then, it would only be allowed if he has no arrears. Also many times the judge will only let him claim 1 child if there are 2. 

In Louisiana, amont of visitation does not affect child support for the most part. The only exception is if the NCP has the child 50% of the time. Then there is a reduction in support. 

The process can take about 2 years, it is slow. My order was in effect from the beginning but getting him to pay was the problem. But for most people once, everything is set up, it all runs smoothly. You will always have deadbeat that will play the system. My state is big on enforcement. But more delays happen when the NCP lives out of state as is my case. Now I am depending on a judge in Cali to enforce my order. I do know that they finally hauled him into court. He said he was working and the judge ordered a garnishment. They threatened him with jail time. I think I may start seeing some support soon. It has been 3 years and he is 25k behind. He is supposed to pay 745 per month plus 100 per month in arrears.  

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