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Human Trafficking In Taiwan & In The United States!

Posted by on Apr. 19, 2010 at 5:02 PM
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Human Trafficking has grown at its worse in Asian countries, and the Taiwan government is slowly dragging its feet about putting a stop to it! It is also happening here in our great country, The United States of America! Young children as young as 8 years old, boys & girls alike, and women are being sold into sexual slavery, a disgusting, filthy act! Men are kidnapping young children & women in Asian countries, and are selling them into sexual slavery for money! This is a crime and a sin against humanity, and it needs to be stopped! It's going to take more than just Christian ministries like Daystar and the Taiwan government to finally put an end to this horrible crime against humanity! It's going to take everyone in the United States, including the government, and everyone globally to help put an end to this sickening act!

Children & women are being snatched off the streets, especially in Taiwan, sold to brothels, and forced to perform unspeakable acts on men sex-driven men who have no moral or human conscience! The women and children are either locked in cages or in small rooms with nothing but a filty mattress to sleep on! They are beaten, whipped, and raped, and forced to perform sex acts against their wills! They are crying out, hoping that someone would one day come to rescue them! They are hurt, torn, & broken! This is a crime against humanity!

Daystar, a television Christian ministry, has so far been able to rescue most of these women and children, but more help is needed from all, Christian or not, globally! Pastor Rod Parsley of Rod Parsley Ministries announced on Daystar that Hillary Rodhman Clinton did implore the Taiwan government to put a stop to this crime against humanity, but they slowly dragged their feet about it! In the meantime, this crime continues, affecting countless of innocent children, teenagers, and women! The Taiwan government and their law enforcement officers have managed to rescue some of these victims off the streets, but many of them end up right back where they started because the villagers of the villages that they were returned to by the police and the Taiwan government, chase them off because they look down on these victims that were forced into sexual slavery through no faults of their own! They wind up right back on those sickening streets because that's all they know!

They don't want to make sexual slavery their lives! They have admitted on Daystar that they want jobs, careers, an education, and even their own businesses! One young girl said that she loves to cook! They deserve these chances, and all they want is to regain their self respect, pride and dignity, and their well within their rights to want what any human being wants! They are human beings and not animals, and should not be treated as such and subjected to such inhumane, harsh, and cruel treatment! We as American citizens need to get involve to help put a stop to this atrocity toward human society, as it is our civic duty and responsibilty to put an end to this sickening trade!

Ladies, I implore you to write to your state Congress, and to address them with this issue! Let's all put an end to sexual slavery!


GenieW12, Tangela Williams

Tangela Eugenia Williams

by on Apr. 19, 2010 at 5:02 PM
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