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I Got a Job and Quit 15 minutes Later

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A lot of you probably saw my last post about how crazy expensive it is to rent a house out here. Well in my effort to help our money situation I got a job today, one which I quit 15 minutes later. Let me explain....

My bf works full time as a government contractor. He makes pretty decent money. I am a full time student and homemaker. Since I am a veteran I get paid a housing allowance for going to school, which is a nice chunk of change considering I am a student and not an employee anymore. With our situation with wanting a bigger house, but knowing our budget will hurt if we decide to pay more a month I decided I would get a summer job. DS will be gone to my parents' for the summer and I only have classes 2 nights a week. I figured I could get a job at a coffee place or somewhere that serves breakfast for a morning job to beef up our savings since we won't be able to put much into it after the move. Well I walk into Ihop today and ask if they need morning servers, the guy hires me on the spot. I was supposed to start training this afternoon. Well I text my bf to ask how he feels about me working there because I just got hired and he was NOT pleased. I hadn't told him I was going to look for a job because that was the first place I tried! He said I make more than enough with my housing allowance and he doesn't want me working somewhere like Ihop, or working at all unless it is a good job that is worth my time and effort. Of course he left it up to me, if I really wanted to I could, but he didn't like it. So needless to say I walked back in there 15 minutes later and told them I no longer could work there. I felt pretty foolish.

So can I put that I had a job for 15 minutes this year on my resume? Lol! A ridiculous post I know, but I felt pretty ridiculous!

by on May. 15, 2012 at 1:56 PM
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by on May. 21, 2012 at 9:45 AM

Seriously- why did you bother to post this only to try to convince all of us that you REALLY never wanted to work in the first place???  I mean, you come across that your man is MAKING you quit this job and then you post replies defending him? What gives?

Quoting MissTuree:

I definitely don't need a man at all, and I am fully aware of that. If we broke up I would be just fine financially, I bring in enough from going to school plus I have a savings that would more than suffice to get me out and started in a new life. I also have a well off family that I know would be there 100% if I needed them. He doesn't want me to not work because he wants me to just be under his thumb or something, he just doesn't want me getting a job when I don't want to just because things are a little tight right now...and when I say tight I mean that we are only able to go out to eat twice a week kind of tight and we can't afford a 4 bedroom house, we have to stick with a 3 bedroom. (There's only three of us) I just got done with 8 exhausting years in the military, the last thing I want to do is handle mommyhood, school AND work, he knows this and assured me that he feels I do more than enough to "pull my weight" and I have nothing to prove.

Quoting HyperMom38:

Chanel5nyc is correct.  This is a huge red flag.  You are not married, you said he is your boyfriend... so- are you currently in a position to support yourself without his pay???  Because if you 2 break up it's not like you have alimony or child support to fall back on.  Why do you need his permission to do something you want???  I married a guy like this and divorced him 2 years later.  They are control freaks.  They isolate you, control you and then when they have ruined your self esteem they go in for the kill and then the real abuse starts.  Girl- you are a US Military Veteran- you do NOT need a man that bad!!!

Quoting Chanel5nyc:

Red flag.

You could of still managed a job and your relationship.

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