Guys are not necessarily from another planet as that famous book claims, but they are a different breed.

Notice I didn't say BAD breed, but their minds work a bit differently than women's, which means that sometimes we ladies don't quite get what's really going on in our guys' heads.

Is he blowing you off or is his behavior nothing to worry about? And if he is giving you the cold shoulder, what do you do about it?

1) Every time you call, his phone rings once, then goes to voicemail. Doesn't matter if it's during the workday or when you're supposed to be calling -- rather than hearing his voice, you hear the same greeting. What do you do? Stop calling him. There's no point.

2) He's always talking about other girls to you. Maybe it's the cutie across the room or the waitress or his co-worker. Doesn't matter WHO it is, it matters that he's making it very clear he's not digging you. Time to move on.

3) He can't be pinned down to making actual plans. He's always "getting back to you" or "has to check his schedule." Being busy, it happens. We all get that. The question is, does he get back to you to confirm plans? If not, ditch the guy. Not worth it.

4) He takes at least a day to return your calls. If a guy likes you, he'll call you back EVEN IF it's to say he's not able to talk right now so can he call you later? It's clear he's not into you like that, so drop him.

5) He never has time to hang out. Now, if a guy likes you, he'll make the time - he'll move heaven and Earth to hang. If he doesn't? He's not into you. Kick him to the curb.

6) He hates relationships and never fails to point this out to you. This is an easy one. He doesn't want a relationship with you - no matter how many mixed signals he's giving off. Ditch the idea of dating him.

7) He blows you off for a date, then pops up on social media that same night "checking in" at various places and posting pictures of himself with other people. Double whammy! Ditch the dude.

8) You genuinely don't know where you stand with him. Clarity is important in a relationship - any relationship - and knowing where you stand in regards to another person is vital. If you can't figure out how he feels or whether he's digging you, it's time to ask for clarity, and be prepared to find out the truth - good or bad.

Any other signs he's blowing you off?