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I know I shouldn't care *vent* no bashing please

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But I know it's my hormones since I had the baby 6 days ago. But I just found out... My DS has a half sibling possibly siblings... & it's known he has a kid at his old job... Now when I asked him if he had kids... He looked me dead on & said no (that was before I got pregnant... But still, like I cried about this.. I know I shouldn't care. But it stings a little. I'm trying to stay positive. And it's kinda working but like this is a low. I'm happy I have my son, don't get me wrong. & I love being a mom & ill find someone who will love us both when the time is right. I just don't understand this whole thing. But whatever. Sorry rants over!
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by on Nov. 8, 2012 at 3:46 PM
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by on Nov. 17, 2012 at 3:05 AM

My ex was pissed off about getting a girl, just as my sperm donor was. I refer to him as just a sperm donor as well, or a boy. A man takes care of a child, so as far as I'm concerned he is not one. Once upon a time when he'd go to the moon for me, and all was grand, he was a man....I got pregnant as we'd planned for and been trying for 2yrs and he turned boy the second we knew it was a girl. He didn't even go to my ultrasound with me. A girl friend and mutual male friend of ours went. 

It's not bitter mama. I feel where your coming from.

Quoting Teenmommy1119:

I defiantly want to leave the door open. But if BD had it his way, I would of had an abortion or given my son up. Soooo Idk if there really is a door to keep open?

& in all honesty i don't even call him a man I call him "a sad excuse for a human being with the reproductive organs of the male human species." I know it's bitter but idc.

Quoting Armygirl2299703:

Leaving that door open if very important. I am child #2 of my sperm donors. He wanted a boy, had me named and was pissed off to learn he was getting another daughter. My parents were together, had been for a bit and my mom was helping him raise my older sister due to her mom passing away in a car accident. He dumped my mom on the streets and went straight into another relationship where he got married and had 2 boys. My mom ran into his family and thier mutual friends over the years and learned of the birth of my younger brothers. I've always known about them and my sister I knew about probably around 4-5yrs old because my mom has pics o her that she managed to steal when she got kicked out because she knew he would never be around so I could know my sister. I know each of my siblings now, tho I've never met my sis in person due to living so far from each other. We all get along and they have little contact with him because he's a loser and gets pissed that they know the truth about him lieing to them all thier lives. Our only anger is towards the douchebag. He's a trucker too, so only God knows how many kids he really has.

I deal with a similar issue with my DD's dad. He's around when he wants, out living the party life at 45yrs old, that asshole. He has no other kids to his knowledge. His xwife (he lied to me about the divorce being final, wasn't until we'd been together for almost a year) aborted thier child as her sick way of telling him she didn't want to be with him anymore.

Men just lie.ugh.idk why. My current SO told me he was divorced, come to find out he was still married. He was honest about having a daughter tho.

Quoting Teenmommy1119:

they really do lie. its actually sad they lie about their kids. smh. but we are in to completly different age groups not to mention he hangs around different areas in the 3 states surrounding where i live... soo lord only knows.. i wish i did know.. but when my son gets old enough i will always leave the door open for him to find his father and the siblings. 

Quoting Robsessed98:

Sad fact is men lie. Makes no sense how or why they lie about their kids, but they do. Dont worry about it at this time, but when yours is old enough, keep the door open to finding and maybe getting to know the siblings. Do you know the mom(s)? I got one of my best friends out of my dds half sisters mom. Anything can happen.

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