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I'm new to this site but I am so desperatly in need of advice. I was married to my childrens father but he was dating someone else and she became preganant. he left us three for her, hence our recent divorce. We battled pretty hard over the children and spent a lot of money in court. He argued that he wanted as much tiime as possibe with them (false statement)  this went on for years. In recent events I was contacted and informaed he has moved out of state about a month ago. he said not one word to me or the kids. He now owes support collection unit 3000, which has been very difficult to get. He is in the national guard but I having trouble getting his comanding offericers info. Can I go and modifiy our order for sole custody? and any advice?

Also throughout this who thing his mother has had me in court for her own sick pleasures fighting for visitaiton after never having anything to do with either child till this last year. Shes been a nightmare. Verbally assaulting everytime i see her in front of the children. She gained every other sat 10-7. which is awful because I wrok all week full time then go to school full time after work. So my question here is do i really have to let them go see her since the dad has moved out of state? and how can i fight this?

The children do not like seeing anyone on that side. they are very controlling and abusive. Everytime they go they are forced to stay in her office for the whole time as punishment for not cleaning fast enough. Cps does not view this as an I can not take that issue to court. please help me fiqure out what to do.

by on Jan. 27, 2013 at 11:09 AM
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by Bronze Member on Jan. 27, 2013 at 2:51 PM
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Grandmother visitation is a seperate order. You would have to go to court to modify it or be found in contempt. As for the radius order being voided.. not necessarily. Be careful how it is written. Ours was that the parent could not move WITH the children. The NCP was not tied to it, just the CP. I would recommend you check with attorney before you move WITH the kids.... that is what the courts look at.

Quoting ehoff11:

I forgot to mention that non of that side of the family does not have my phone number. 1. because the harassment was horrible and 2 because mid dec. I recieved texts from the kids dad that he was in my house he also sent pics of being there while i was at work. I filed papers and he was arrested and given a trespassing ticket. I have court on the 30th for a protection order, not sure if he'll be there or not. I very nervous about it,

The only communication is via e-mail. so that much i have recorded. The kids are seeing a councler so I hope with this new information it will benifit me and the kids.

we had a radius clause in our order because he didnt want me to move, got figure. I do know that because he moved it no longer needs to be followed,yay. but im not sure how itll effect the grandmothers visitation if i move or something. #toomanyhandsinthepot

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by on Jan. 27, 2013 at 2:55 PM

both have visitation. the granmother has everyother sat 10-7. and the dad has everyother weekend fri 4-sun7.

the kids are 5 and 7

by on Jan. 27, 2013 at 4:58 PM

I recommend bringing a tape recorder if she starts trouble at the exchanges or a friend or two. Peronally, I would tell her she raised a horrible and bad son to her face who is irresponsible for his kids on financially supporting the first two, but I would hold it back because she could possibly use it against you.This is emotional abuse, and it is affecting your children. You need to tell your children or remind them that their grandmother is mentall ill and can't control herself at all and that they should ignore her. It is the best thing that could be said to handle her. She probably badmouths you to them when you are not around. Do not hide the fact from them that their dad walked out on them and you for another woman. Also tell them that she is Daddy's mother. You should really go back to court and get sole custody. I also recommend getting into the child support order that if he is not current on child support that he could not claim the kids. There are ways to search for him on the internet for very little. Btw, you could get a child support increase after three years and him not spending time with the kids which could cost him more in child support. In a number of states, they do not care if he had another child with another woman.

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