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Am I wrong? Baby Daddy Drama & IDK what to do.

So I've finally calmed down but I was livid earlier. PHEW does Giselle's dad annoy my entire life!!

I am finally fed up with the BD and his temperament. Okay, our arrangement is that he gives me $200/month and takes Giselle one day out of the weekend, alternating Fridays and Saturdays. Now this past weekend was his Saturday but he called me up & asked if I could keep her the whole weekend because he was going out of town. Now mind you, we had  just had an argument two wks ago because he called me a stupid B and all types of crazy stuff while Giselle was in the car with him because he claims I was being neglectful for not having taken her to the doc, but I digress. So i was already pissed at him but I said whatever and he went. He is supposed to take her this whole weekend but she has a project to do so I told him that I'd keep her this Saturday and he'd take her Friday & saturday next weekend. Cue WWIII. "Nope I can't do it. I have plans. I don't care. I'm not doing. I'm going out of town. I bought tickets." bla bla bla yelling yelling yelling. Now I did have a coworker lunch I wanted to attend but what grinds my gears is his attitude. So I stood my ground and told him that he was techinically supposed to take her that Saturday anyway, so he shouldn't have made plans. He comes and starts being all defensive and loud in my house, and just completely ridiculous. UGH! 

It's frustrating to me because oh he loves her soooo much but his friend outings etc are always priority and if he can't get it his way, well gosh darn it im a stupid unreasonable beeyotch. Can you say psychotic?

Anyway he does this far too often, and although he can be a good dad, I'm TIRED! I frankly don't wanna deal with him anymore. I'm 23 years old and our daughter is 6. THIS SHOULDN'T STILL BE HAPPENING!!!

Is it wrong that I want the court to tell us when he has to take her and whatnot? I just want that stabilized. I thought that went hand in hand with child support but I guess that's a different thing. Im in Chicago, IL and I know it varies by state. If he already gives me $200/ month , is there a point in even filing for child support or will I look like a greedy woman? He has a decent job at Bank of American downtown, while I only work part time and go to school so the money would help but IDK if I'd even have a case. Sigh IDK I'm just frustrated and don't have anyone to talk aboiut this type of ordeal... any help would be amazing. Thanks.

by on Feb. 5, 2013 at 11:49 PM
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by on Feb. 6, 2013 at 2:14 PM

Definitely get it legal. It's a protection thing for your daughter and the both of you. If he's being a jerk as it is without paper he could really screw you over. As far as cs, you have your daughter most of the times and you didn't make her by yourself, so yes get cs. Some lawyers will do "unbundled" services, basically you don't have to pay a retainer or anything, you'd just pay them for like an hour of their time to look over your case. You might check if there's resources in the state where you can file without having to go through a lawyer.

by Ruby Member on Feb. 6, 2013 at 2:25 PM

 ya if he was showing his ass that much id definitely make it legal. you can go to mediation and both of you can agree and it would be legal. then get support legally too cuz i bet you get more.

maybe tell him if he doesnt get his shit together you are going to make it legal and that you are tired of him always flaking.

that all said.. i also do not have a CO and my kids dad used tpo be such a fucking flake. he is better now but what i did was stop arguing w him and stop depending on him for SHIT. if i had plans, i would ask my mom to watch them. if dad came through, great, if not i still had my plans. and i refused to argue w him anymore and if he came to my house showing his ass id tell him to leave or id call the cops.

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