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I have had ENOUGH (PIAG) *update again **update 3/26

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And the school already thinks I'm nuts for raising hell about something in a library book my son brought home earlier this year.

And another thing, WHY is the "zero tolerance" policy only applied when a kid stands up for themselves and never on the bully first?

there is this kid on my son's bus (my son is in 1st grade and is a green stripe in taekwondo) that has been LICKING yes I said LICKING him in the face for weeks or longer, and a few weeks ago it escalated to him punching my son in the head. I spoke to the bus driver. The next night at taekwondo, I was talking about all this to Master Randy when another parent piped up, turns out he's a sgt with the police department and was going to get his resource officer involved to deal with this kid. I said GREAT!

A few days later, the resource officer called me herself and said this is not the first time she's had to deal with this kid but because of his age they are limited on what they can do, and the next step is really come down hard on the parents. I said WHY NOT LET ME DO IT? she laughed and said no we can't do that.

Anyway, all was calm for a bit. Then, Friday the 8th (my kids were off all last week for Mardi Gras) I was getting my son off the bus and this damn kid had my son by the backpack and wouldn't let him off the bus. The driver fussed and it didn't phase him, I put my foot on the first step and yelled LET GO and he immediately started crying, it was fantastic.

Today, the first day back since Mardi Gras, my son gets off the bus and tells me this kid is messing with/pulling his hair and he isn't "licking" anymore but he opens his mouth and gets right in people's faces like that, AND is still punching.

Seriously. I've had it. This kid has had to deal with the police, the school, the bus driver, ME, and my son has hit and scratched this kid and NOTHING phases him, it's like he's a psychopath. My son now has full permission to beat the snot out of this kid and I DARE the school to try to get him in trouble for it... UGH I wish they would try!! The only reason my son hasn't really stood up for himself like he should is because he's afraid to get in trouble but I let him know there is no way he'd get in trouble at home so don't worry about it. I HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS BULLSHIT ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. Why can't this kid get suspended like you just KNOW my son will, and I know that's how it'll happen because I've seen it time and again. I'd love to get five minutes with his parents.

I've never worked in a school, but honestly I think that's part of the issue is that the school doesn't want to deal with the parents of kids like this because guess where a kid that age learned that kind of behavior?? The school employees don't want to deal with parents like that. Why is it the troublemakers get chance after chance after chance but when a kid who is small for his age and easy target finally has enough and SNAPS, then suddenly it's a problem?

Fuck all that noise, I'm going to the school tomorrow.


Okay, I went there this morning and spoke with the principal. I kept all the "mad" in my back pocket in case I needed it and was as pleasant as a peach.

I reminded her that the resource officer was already involved and she says "OHHHHHHHH YOU MEAN BUS 48" I said yes........ She said she was aware of many problems with this kid. She said she was at a school board meeting yesterday where the bus driver attended and spoke about a few issues with this kid, and one situation in particular (she didn't give me details) that had nothing to do with my son at all. She said the bus driver is involved and has basically done everything in his power he can do to deal with this kid (and I know this already, I love our bus driver). I gave her the details of the events of the licking, the school bag grabbing, the punching, and the hair pulling. She said that this kid is new to the community this year and not sure what the problem is, if he's trying to "find his place" or whatever, but they are on top of it and there is actually a meeting scheduled today with the bus driver, her, board members, and some others (I'm guessing she means his parents?) to decide how to deal with the issues. Apparently, the situation with my son is just one piece of the puzzle of the terror this kid is causing.



I just thought this was funny.

Me: Hey E, was that kid on the bus today?

E: yeah he was

Me: Did he mess with you?

E: no

Me: oh yeah?

E: Yeah when we got ont he bus I told him he better not start any trouble and he didn't.

Me: trying SO HARD not to laugh -- "well good for you!"



--------UPdate 3/26

The kid got kicked off the bus, apparently.  He wasn't on it for several weeks.  Well, he's back this week, it's TUESDAY only, and he's already starting again.  He was punching my son on the top of his head and slapping him in the face.  My son snapped and punched him in the throat but unfortunately not hard enough to do anything.  He just wants this kid to leave him alone, he doesn't want to hurt him.  I told him next time to knife-hand in the throat, it's more effective.

Ohhh our principal is going to have a pleasant day tomorrow..  I have been so nice about this issue but now, the gloves are off and momma bear is about to attack, shit's bout to get real. I dare those sons of bitches to try to get my son in trouble for standing up for himself.  I have gone down the nice road far, FAR too long to fix this.  They had their chance.


 3/27 am

This morning my son said "Billy said he was going to unzip his pants, I hope he doesn't do it today"

So instead of waiting till after speech to deal with it, I immediately called the school board and they said "you need to talk to the school"  yeah well fuck you too.

I called the resource officer, had to leave a message.

Called the school, principal was busy so I talked to the assistant.  I gave her the story, and she tellsme Billy was NEVER suspended off the bus!!!  FUCKING REALLY?????  She didn't seem all that concerned about it either, said she'd talk to them.  FUCK YOU TOO.  I am going to the school after speech (that I have to get ready for right now ) and if Im not satisfied when I leave, Im calling my BIL at channel 6.


part 2



by on Feb. 18, 2013 at 7:13 PM
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by on Mar. 27, 2013 at 12:10 AM


Quoting ghostcat90:

I wouldn't recommend a knife hand to the throat...maybe a yoke hand instead.  Too much pressure in the wrong place can cause real damage.  Of course, my suggestion would be tell your son to grab his ears and twist, his fingers and pull them in the wrong directions, or his nostrils and pull.  But my Sensei was teaching girls to not be raped, not to stop bullies.  Talk to his instructor and see what suggestions he has to get the point across without doing permanent damage.

 I tried talking to our instructor, and he basically sided with the school, don't want him to get in trouble with their "zero tolerance"

My tolerance is at zero now

by on Mar. 27, 2013 at 5:32 PM

Bumping for an update!!!!

by on Mar. 27, 2013 at 9:03 PM
When I get back to my comp, we all just passed belt test. Gonna have a blister on my foot

Quoting tottaxi:Bumping for an update!!!!
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by on Mar. 27, 2013 at 11:19 PM

Oh my goodnes....good luck mama...keep us posted!!!

by on Mar. 27, 2013 at 11:34 PM

bump for update

by on Mar. 28, 2013 at 12:01 AM

Hmmm...I think given the lack of help from the "authorities" it's time to answer violence with violence.  If the kid is a true bully and discovers that there's little return for his effort at bullying, he may move on.  I suspect the child has been through some major life events and isn't coping well and needs some councelling.  Sooner or later someone will put him in his place.

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