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i need some help!!! please respond and be honest!


k well my daughters dad left us about a month ago...she is 5 months old...and i love this guy with all of my heart but i know he is a jerk..he was awesome when we were together but when we decided to take a "break" a month ago...he got a job and is living with his mom and does not ever call to check on aylah...he called last night and i gripped him out for not wanting to c his daughter...he said he has been busy and he told me he wants to be with me...well i was crying and i told him if he never called i couldnt be with him and he SWORE he would call this morning...and nothin...i think he just likes me chasing him down but i cant help it i love him now i nede some encouragment HOW do i keep myself from calling him i am not going to get back with him but i miss him so much i just keep calling...and i know he wants me but right now he is just having fun and stuff cause he knows when he is "ready" ill be here waiting...am i wrong to not take him back? am i taking something away from my daughter if i dont get back with him? i nede help and how do i act right now...do i call to let him know aylah is sick? do i go after child support? do i let him see her even tho he isnt paying me anything yet? i need help encourangment and just a LOT of advice please help thank u



by on Dec. 16, 2007 at 11:05 PM
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by on Dec. 19, 2007 at 9:58 AM
well firstly I think it is kinda hard to give an opinion about taking him back and if it is right and all that because well.. I dont know the background story. Why you split. What type of father he is. Does he use or sell drugs. Was he abusive. Did he ignore you. Was he wonderful. Did you split on good or bad terms in general and what were they?

Get me?

Anywho as far as not calling or letting yourself fall back in. For me.. I started remembering all the wrongs whenever I missed my SD. All the times he stole from us. How he left us for drugs. How he ignored us. How he treated us. How he caused us to go hungry (well me really I always made sure my kids ate even if I didnt). And that combined with remembering the reasons why we split (drugs and his selfish apathetic nature) kept me away. Cuz it always reminded me why things were the way the way and the pain it cause and how I Knew deepinside (even when I didnt want to admit it) it would just never work.

Thing is as I said I dont know your situation. If you had a good relationship but split because of  "unreconsilable differences" or something like that (where you two just werent quit right for each other) I dont know. I guess all I can say for that is dont you deserve something that is right and will last?
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