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Dating advice, Please

Posted by on Jun. 19, 2007 at 5:31 AM
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Okay, I have a guy friend. We've talked and agreed to take thing slow. Somehow got into a friends with benefits, but there are not real benefits. We have not had sex. Pretty much anything else. He says, there is no one else in his life. And there is no one else in my life.
Anyhow, I text him - he never sends a text back. If I call, he answers the phone. If I ask him to come by, he comes by. BUT he never makes a move to be with me, it's always me calling him.
Granted he works two jobs and has a ranch to take care of. He's always working.
I'm a single Mom with three kids. Usually, busy with their activities, school, etc. And of-course work full time.
Someone said: he really cared he'd be calling you. He want to spend all his free time with you. Okay, I get that.
BUT when I call and tell him, I'm alone (no kids) he does make the time to come by and spend time with me. AND it's not a bootie call, no sex!
So, do you think, he really cares? Or just wants to get a little non-sex action every now and then? I don't understand, if he really cares or not? IF I should just never call him again and move on or keep trying to get more of a relationship in the works.

He called this past weekend - he's still interested. We have plans this coming weekend. I hope, we talked about it, told him, I'd call him. That I wouldn't have any kids this weekend. He made a comment about my daughter, talking to her about boys, (giving her a hard time about keeping away from them) Anyhow, after she walked off he make the comment "she's going to be my problem" - It just sounded weird to me. What do you think? When he called, my son, had just fallen off his bike, skinned up his knee - he said "I haven't been around him much, but he's a good boy", when he was here, he talked to him and shook his hand.

He'd just come by to borrow my lawn mower, so it was visit with a purpose. And they've (the kids) know this man, they just don't know, how well, we know each other at this point.
Anyhow, the kids went back in the house and we kissed a few times. What do you guys think? Do I still have a chance here?

Okay, he did not show up this weekend and I have not heard from him - I'm so lost. I don't know, what to think.
He's not using me, nothing has been done.
I'm thinking, he felt pressured that something had to happen?
OR maybe he wanted a one-night stand in the beginning and it didn't happen?
Any idea's?


Missed you this weekend - like you told me there is no one else & we agreed to take things slow. I want to get to know you - not just sexually, YOU! If you come over or I go to the ranch to hang our. I want to be your friend if something more happens - it'll happen. Remember out talk: nothing has changed. Greg, Please don't shut me out. Call me on good days, call me on bad days or to just say Hi. Our friendship means more to me then I can say. Maybe we started this off wrong but I want you in my life.


by on Jun. 19, 2007 at 5:31 AM
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by on Jun. 19, 2007 at 4:21 PM
I was just reading this and it's totally what I haev going on right now except I haven't told him i'm ready to take things slow yet. He doesn't answer the phone to me sometimes either but sometimes he will answer texts. I decided i'm letting him come to me. Don't call him anymore let him come to you. If he wants to be with you or see you let him call u and come by. By u not calling he will wonder what your doing. Today is my 1st day of doing this with my guy friend and I want to see what he is going to do.My friend works during the day and into the night sometimes. It just stinks finding someone and them doing this he knows I don't want to get hurt again and neither does he.Good luck keep me posted 
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