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Posted by on May. 19, 2008 at 12:01 AM
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March 24, 1998 (18 yrs old)

"A Lost Love"
The years go by
And we slowly drift apart
A love so strong
Now two broken hearts
How could I let you go
How did you slip away
As the sun rises and sets
I think of you everyday
You gentle and soft touch
Warming my skin
Will our love be rekindled
Can we be together again
My body is waiting
And I await patiently
I can't wait for the day
When you say you love me

August 21, 2000(1 day after my little boy grew wings)

"Gone Forever"

An emptiness inside
Never to return
A feeling so horrible
Why is it my turn
I did nothing wrong
Or so they say
Why did this happen
Why do I feel this way
An innocent child
Gone forever
Up with his grandpa
Safe and Forever

August 31, 2000

"I wish"

an innocent child
Taken away
To a land of love
Is where he'll stay
My heart is broken
Broken in two
I wish I cold have told him
"I love you"

December 29, 2001(I wrote this for our one year anniversary)


Marriage is sacred
Avow of love
Till death do us part
And in heaven above
A ring is a circle
It never ends
Out love is so strong
As we are best friends
To love you forever
A promise so sweet
Till one day in heaven
Our souls again meet

September 9, 2002(1 yr after 9/11)

"One Year"

One year ago
Our world was attacked
Our lives were disruppted
We'll never be able to go back
What we say as normal life
Turned to fear of everything
We were cautious and careful
We looked differently at every human being
For some, it was anger
For others, it was grief
To many, it was both
A feeling of desbelief
Today we are all changed
For the better I believe
We wish love for one another
With nothing up our sleeves
The United States of America
Is the land of the free
This is our life now
This is reality

November 20, 2003(pregnant with second)

"New Addition"

Everyday I worry more
I wonder whats to come
Will I have a baby girl
Or another wonderful son
A healthy baby either way
Is what I'm hoping for
A tiny little miracle
To bring through our door
A new addition to our family
Another child to love
Someone to teach about life
A gift from God above

January 9, 2004(pregnant with second)

"Untitled 63"

My heart is exploding with love
My family will soon be complete
A brand new life has started
With iny little hands and feet
I have a wondderful husband
Who loves me with all his heart
We are meant for each other
And we will never be apart
My beautiful little boy
Is the apple of my eye
No matter what he does
 I will always stand by his side
Anew little baby for me to love
Another child to bring me joy
A happy family is waiting
to welcome home this baby boy

August 10, 2004(In memory of my angel)

"With the Stars"

In four short years
My heart has healed
The pain that was once overwhelming
Has taught me a great deal
I value life mor than I ever did
I know there are no guarantees
My child is in a better place now
That I can nplainly see
There will always be a plave in my heart for him
A place full of peace and love
I will think of him everyday that I'm alive
And when I finally meet him in heave above
My tiny sweet pea, my fragile little boy
Mommy loves you so much
You are my innocent guardian angel
I know that you are watching down upon us
You will never be forgotten
Your brothers will know where you are
When they ask all the questions
I will tell them, you live up with the stars

April 1, 2008(I wrote this for a friend of mine)

"No More"

Broken in pieces
His hear full of pain
Bruises he can't hide
It comes over and ocer again
Afraid and alone
He doesn't know what to do
A small and sweet child
Innocent and true
He cries out for love
While he lies in his bed
So much hatred
He sometimes wishes he was dead
He grows and he grows
Still enduring the grief
Hoping one day soon
He'll find some relief
Now an adult
Finally free
How could she do this
How could this be
He looks into his heart
He looks into his soul
He knows what he has to do
To make himself feel whole
He forgives her for her faults
He forgives her for what shes done
He tells her how much he loves her
And how he's proud to be her son
He's strong and he's brave
And his heart is now free
No more anger and no more hatred
He's filled only with peace

~Thats just a few of them-let me know what you all think~Thank you~

by on May. 19, 2008 at 12:01 AM
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Replies (1-4):
by on May. 19, 2008 at 10:27 AM
I really like them all. My fav was "I wish"  and "One year"  and "Gone forever"  
by Group Owner on May. 20, 2008 at 7:51 PM
wow ur a wonderful poet. i loved all of them i dont even know if i could choose a favorite. I love all of them. that was a wonderful job!

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by New Member on May. 23, 2008 at 5:01 PM
Here is one I wrote after my fiance' passed away.


My life was empty until I met you,
I experienced living in as whole new way.

Your magic erased my feelings of blue,
Filling me with laughter and happiness easch day.

You dried my tears and put a smile on my face,
With your words of jest and your presence of grace.

We shared so much happiness in so short a time,
You may be gone but your spirit is near.

Taken in your youth no reason or rhyme,
Still in my heart I hold you dear.

Your sadly missed by family and friends,
My love for you will never die.

Your work here is done and so it ends,
Until we're together in Heaven so high.

I won an award for this one.
by on Jul. 13, 2008 at 6:57 PM


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