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I am absolutely LIVID.  My 8th grade son just started Character Ed.  It's a required 7 week class that rotates out to other required 7 week classes throughout the year.

Anyway.  It's CHARACTER ed.  That would lead you to believe they'll be taught how to build good character, be good citizens, people, etc.  wouldn't it?

So, what does my son tell me this morning?  In CHARACTER ed class they watch TV shows.  Guess which ones??

Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory!

I'm sorry.  But those are NOT appropriate shows to show in SCHOOL to 13 YEAR OLDS.  They promote unhealthy views on sex and relationships, and they sure as hell DON'T inspire those watching to improve their character!  At best they are a "what not to do" kind of lesson - but once they have seen/heard/been exposed to that SHIT, they can't un-see/un-hear it.

We restrict what our son is allowed to be exposed to.  We're not stupid.  We know he hears a lot of bad stuff at school, and we know he's going into high school.  However, our son TALKS to us.  When he hears inappropriate stuff at school he TELLS us about it and we talk through our viewpoints on it, clarify misunderstandings, etc.

Many 8th graders aren't innocent - which is sad - but OURS still has some innocence left.  He's not at all interested in dating, and he actually skips through the "sex" parts of any shows we DO happen to let him watch (like The Office) because he says he doesn't need to see that.

We're TRYING to raise our son right - and then he's forced to watch shows of Charlie Sheen banging every slut he encounters?!  Seriously?!

So, I called and left a scathing message on voice mail for the teacher.  I demanded that my son be given an alternate activity and I demanded an explanation.  We'll see if he responds.


I made a reply but also thought I'd update here:

Wow!  I didn't expect so many responses!

First off - thank you so much to all of you who supported me.  To those with differing viewpoints, thank you to *most* of you for being respectful in expressing your viewpoints.

Secondly, things are turning out well.  I did talk with the teacher, who did not act as though I "overreacted" and even agreed with me that you can't "un-see" what you've seen.  He wouldn't change his curriculum, however he did provide an alternate activity which teaches the same lesson for my son to research and do in the library during class time.  Of course, this makes me wonder if THAT assignment (that my son is doing) is involving research, writing, etc. and still teaches the same lesson, WHY is it necessary for him to continue showing those shows to the rest of the class to teach the same lesson??  But, that's not my call.  So be it.

For those who feel I "shelter" my kids or that my son isn't as innocent as I believe he is, all I can say is - you don't know me or my family. 

My children have knowledge of the - as some of you put it the "realities" of life - at a level that is appropriate and explained to them by us...their parents.  I simply don't believe that it does anyone any good to be bombarded by those "realities" in a filthy TV show during school.  Additionally, shows like that don't show the other "realities" of life - such as waiting until marriage, monogamy, not needing to get drunk at parties, treating women with respect, etc.  It's all very heavily one-sided on the depravity and unhealthy realities - with little to no mention that there is another - better - way to live your life.

We have very open communication with our children.  They are comfortable coming to us about ANYTHING.  And they DO come to us about everything.  My 13 year old is uncomfortable with the huge amount of nasty cussing that goes on in the halls, and we talk about it and ways he can deal with it.  I wanted to discuss oral sex with him because it's something that kids his age are doing, and while we DID discuss it appropriately, he made a comment that he wishes we didn't because now that is "stuck" in his head and he really doesn't want to think about it.

He's a good kid and he KNOWS what he is or isn't ready for.  When he IS ready, I have every confidence that he will talk with me about it first.  And believe it or not, it actually IS possible to raise kids with morals that they will actually adhere to as temptation strikes - just ask me, my husband, or ALL of my college friends - all of us resisted temptation and a lot of that had to do with our upbringing, the expectations set forth on us by family, church, etc., and simply choosing to not expose ourselves unnecessarily to situations that could end up badly. 

If my sons ended up making the wrong choice - I KNOW they will come to me and we'll deal with it.  Some of you obviously think it's naive to believe that - but again - you don't know my family and how open we are with each other.

My son asked to see the email I sent (following the voicemail as many teachers don't check their voicemail).  It said pretty much everything I had said on the voicemail.  After he read it, he said "OK.  Sounds good".  He wasn't "mortified" and he was happy to go do his work in the library that hour...oh and I asked if any kids asked why he wasn't watching, and no one did - no one even cared.

So, in the end all is well.  My son and I have talked.  I asked if he understood WHY I was against him watching and he said because it shows casual sex and bad relationships.  He gets it.  All is well. 

by on Feb. 7, 2013 at 8:54 AM
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by Member on Mar. 24, 2013 at 12:54 PM

I don't understand why a school would be showing those shows in the first place. Especially without parental consent. I would be mad at the lack of education my child was getting in that class as well.

The two shows you mentioned have nothing in common and so I cannot see what the teacher was trying to teach. Have you thought about bringing it up to the school board? I sure would!

I am glad you and your son have such a good relationship. It is sad that more families don't. Good for you for being such a good parent!!

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