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Questions...interviewing working moms...want to hear your struggles here...

Posted by on May. 19, 2014 at 9:09 PM
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Please include the following: Do you work full time/part time?  What kind of schedule? Marital status, kids ages, type of work you do, any special needs for your children/family, housework/household issues.  What are you most frustrated with?  What , if anything, has helped you overcome difficulties?  

Conducting this survey for my own personal knowledge so I can gain insight, and maybe make some positive changes.  

Thanks so much in advance.  Sharing sometimes makes the burden lighter especially when someone else is going through it!!

by on May. 19, 2014 at 9:09 PM
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by Silver Member on May. 19, 2014 at 9:14 PM

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by Member on May. 19, 2014 at 9:17 PM
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Full time 40-45 hours a week.

5 days a week but weekends are every other so for example this week I am M-W with Th off then F&Sat.

Single with a boyfriend who tends to his elderly grandmother I only see him once a week.

My DD is 6.5 yo who goes to her dads on Saturday night.

Issues are endless don't get me started but we all have our own issues & they are different.

Frustrated with a lot but I split from my ex 2 years ago & I went through 3 jobs to find one that fit my schedule. I'd like a M-F job but since I don't have DD on weekend I enjoy my week days off actually. My house is a disaster, we are insanely busy, eat dinner in the car often, feel like I don't enough time with DD but I have to do this.
by Member on May. 19, 2014 at 9:59 PM
I work full time in finance for a national construction company, M-F, 8:30-5:30.

I am married with one DD (one year old).

I am also in school part time getting my MBA.

I am frustrated that I never seem to have time to get everything done, yet somehow everything gets done. I think sleep takes the back burner to everything else.

The only way I have been able to overcome my difficulties is to ask for help, particularly from my husband. It's hard on him too (he works) but he's generally good at picking up the slack especially when I remind him that my degree will benefit this family with more $$.
by Member on May. 19, 2014 at 10:00 PM
What do you do that brought about these questions?
by Member on May. 19, 2014 at 10:05 PM
BTW I forgot I work in a call center. I have about 90 companies I answer for. One in AZ has made me apart of their team & flip flop between working blocks of hours a exclusively for them & then the rest of my companies around what AZ wants.
by on May. 19, 2014 at 10:07 PM

i work part-time, but with 2 different jobs. I work, mon, wed, fri, sat, and sun mornings doing homecare, but it is only 3-4 hours at a time. then i PRN (work as needed) at a memory care/alzheimers facility. the hours there can range from 5 hours a week to 30 hours a week. it just depends on how many shifts i pick up. this weekend i worked both jobs (totaling about 11 hours between them) on both sat and sun and tomorrow i will be working 8 or 9 hours between the 2 and then 11 hours again on friday. i am also working every day this week doing homecare picking up extra shifts.

i am married, have 2 kids and 2 dogs. My daughter is 8.5 and my son is 5.5.

i am also in school and go every monday and wednesday night. (for now, it will be more in august when my son starts K)

my kids have celiac disease and sports, so i usually cook before i leave for my husband to warm up later and we split who takes the kids to activities. 

honestly, fatigue is probably the only thing that frustrates me too much. i really enjoy both of my jobs and the people i work with! My daughter does miss me a lot though, and that sucks. 

by Silver Member on May. 20, 2014 at 1:23 AM

Part time

MWF at a call center, sell Mary Kay in my other time

Married, girls 3 & 5, my DH has a neuro condition that keeps him from helping me with the kids and around the house; he has an aide who comes in and does light housework for him. 

I get frustrated with not having as much help as I need.  I have learned a lot of stress management techniques, and time management over the years, and have learned to accept that my life will be crazy and hectic, and it's best to roll with the punches.

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by New Member on May. 20, 2014 at 1:34 AM

I'm a freelancer so my workload changes week to week depending on client needs. I average about 30 hours a week, but some weeks are more.

I'm married with one DD who is 3. I'm a writer and work from home (I have an office). My daughter is autistic so she needs constant supervision. My husband is a chef (works nights). I work in the morning while he takes care of her. When he goes to work at midday I take care of her, and I start work again after she goes to sleep.

Re housework I follow the 'flylady' method and she has been a lifesaver. Before her my house was ALWAYS  disaster area and now it is always clean and organised. She saved my life!!!! I also use a service called 'saving dinner' for nightly meals. At the start of every week they send you a menu for the week, as well as a shopping list and nutritional info. So all my meals are planned out in advance. All the recipes are delicious and super easy and I never have to spend an hour trying to figure out what's for dinner or searching for inspiration on line. It cost me $30 for the year.

My biggest frustration is that my work comes last in the heirarchy of the household. I have to be so flexible about DHs roster (he often gets called into work an extra day when they are understaffed and his hours can be very erratic), obviously my daughter is high needs so sometimes everything has to be put on hold for her, then come my clients needs which I have to work really hard to make happen, so that I get repeat business (my business survives on repeat business and referrals), so my needs come after aaaaalllllll those things and sometimes that's hard.

We used to struggle with the balance a lot but now I take on less work overall and things seem to be much better. Now I can put everyone elses needs first and still usually have a little time to myself at the end of the week when everything on my list is done.

by Member on May. 20, 2014 at 8:13 AM

Do you work full time/part time? Full time, about 42.5 hours a week. Luckily I live close to work so I spend about 2.5 hours driving also so about 45 hours for work a week total.

What kind of schedule? I have to be there from 8-4:30 (I never take a lunch) and then whenver they need me on evenings and weekends, I get nothing extra for that. 

Marital status: single

kids ages: 12

type of work you do: youth services coordinator, so basically I am a counselor/case manager for youth who need to get their GED and are between 16-21.

any special needs for your children/family, housework/household issues: not anymore, my daughter had surgeries when she was younger and we still have to deal some with follow up appointments, etc.

 What are you most frustrated with? Feeling like I'm not there for her. I wish I could pick her up from school, after school costs are outrageous as are summer costs, her father pays no child support.

What , if anything, has helped you overcome difficulties?  Just knowing that I am showing her that working moms can do it!

by Group Admin on May. 20, 2014 at 9:14 AM

I'm in my 2nd career, so I'll answer for that - answers for my 1st career (which was teaching) would be very different.

Do you work full time/part time?  Full time

What kind of schedule?  M-F typically 8:00-4:30 or 5:00 but it's somewhat flexible

Marital status? Married - 19 years this August (2014)

Kids ages? 14, 10, 7

Type of work you do?  I work in software development

Any special needs for your children/family?  No

Housework/household issues?  Not anymore.  DH and I have a really good system for the most part

What are you most frustrated with?  Not being able to volunteer at the kids' school, and needing to travel a few times a year

What , if anything, has helped you overcome difficulties?  Solid support from family

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