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Work From Home Doing Trades ! America's Unknown Secret !

Posted by on May. 26, 2010 at 12:05 PM
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I have been receiving many e-mails regarding a work from home program called Project Payday. So to answer the questions I have written a review for everyone.

Project Payday focuses around using what are called Internet Free Websites (IFW) or Incentive Websites. You may not know what these sites are but I am sure you have seen them. IFWs are the sites that offer you a free ipod, xbox, computer, cash prize, or whatever just to sign up to some offer. These sites often require you to complete a trial offer or refer a certain number of people to qualify for the prize or cash.

The idea behind Project Payday is basically a way to work the system of these types of sites in order to make money. As with most programs most of the information and resources that you get from Project Payday can be found in pieces all over the internet in forums and other websites. Project Payday has just put it all together in one membership site.

Here is how the Project Payday system works:

When you first join Project Payday you will sign up to an IFW through someone’s referral link. The person who referred you to this IFW will pay you to complete the required amount of "trial offers" at an IFW. This step is called "going green for someone". The interesting part for you is that you don’t have to refer anyone to make money with this method. All you do is complete the trial offers at the IFW and they pay you via paypal.

When you join Project Payday you are asked to join one of 3 main online forums where these “going green” deals are set up. There is an average of 200 people online on each of these forums at all times. About half of them are offering to pay for greens and the other half are looking to get paid for greens. It feels like a real community of people and for that reason the whole Project Payday concept works. There are literally new offers posted every minute.

An example of what you will see in one of these forums is a post saying "Paying $40 on green". All you do is reply to this post and tell them you are interested in the offer. They will send you the sign up link you HAVE to use and give you the information you need in order to get paid. Once you are all set up you follow the link given to you and sign up for that specific freebie site.

The second way to earn with Project Payday

After you have gone “green” you can continue to make money with Project Payday by getting referrals for these IFWs. These incentive sites offer cash prizes for referrals, which can be as simple as $400 cash prize for 5 referrals. So all you need to do is get 5 people to sign up and you earn $400. To do this you go to the forums provided by Project Payday and offer to pay new Project Payday members a payment to join from your link.

So in the previous example if you were to offer to pay 5 people $40 each to go sign up through your link to go green then you will pay out $40 x 5 = $200 and then receive $400 for the IFW site for a profit of $200.


Project Payday does work but there are some challenges. It is extremely tedious and takes time. Also, you have to be organized to be successful with this program. Many of the IFW sites require you to sign up for a free trial of a product that can last 7 or 30 days. These sites will take your credit card information and charge you after the trial if you don’t return the product. The amount charged can be higher than the amount you were paid to “go green” If you return the product before the trial ends you will not be charged and you still get paid from the Project Payday member you worked out your deal with to “go green”.

That being said if you are looking to earn an extra $500 – $2000 a month and willing to work a few hours a day then this may be the program for you. Whether you should join Project Payday or not is up to you. There are other ways to make money online that require less time and have the potential to make more money, Project Payday is one of those programs that allows you start making money online with no experience right away with no start up fees.

by on May. 26, 2010 at 12:05 PM
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