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HELP! How do I lead BOTH Daisies and Junior Girl Scouts?

Posted by on May. 4, 2007 at 11:58 AM
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My oldest daughter is bridging to Juniors.  She had a blast this year as a Brownie.  I was the troop leader.  It was tons of work but it was great fun.  Unfortunately, there aren't any troops in our area accepting new Juniors.  One troop is bridging together into Cadettes and the other has no one bridging and is closed to new members.  It looks as if the only way my 4 Brownies who are bridging up, plus any other girls who might be interested, can do Juniors is if I lead.  I hadn't counted on that!

Meanwhile, my middle daughter has been jealous of her older sister all year.  I promised over and over that she would be in Daisies next year when she was old enough.  Of course, all the Daisy troops of this year are bridging to Brownies so it looks like I'll have to start one for her.

How on earth can I lead both Daisies and Juniors?  I only survived Brownies because of the excellent parent support and a terrific co-leader who is staying behind to lead the Brownies next year.  I have 5 kids total - a 12-year-old boy in Boy Scouts, my Junior-Girl-Scout-To-Be, my Daisy-To-Be, and twin toddlers still in diapers.  Meetings and outings had to be scheduled after work when my husband was home to babysit.  That seems a little late for Daisies (6:30-8:00 p.m.)  I have no babysitter I trust.  I can't combine the troops because of the age difference so we're talking two separate meetings a week, plus different outings.  How would we pull this off?

All helpful suggestions welcome!


by on May. 4, 2007 at 11:58 AM
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by New Member on May. 8, 2007 at 7:06 PM
I feel your pain!!

I thought I was the only crazy one!

I have a cadette, Brownie and Webelo - It is hard!  I do lead or C0-lead all of them.  Plus I am the Committee Chair for our Pack!  And a 4 year old that is always trying to sneak away to the cub scout meetings.

This is what I did!!

Boy scouts - we meet 2 X a Month.  Then each boy (I should say parent), is in charge of scheduling and running an event for the group.  I don't even go to these - My DH takes DS.  During this month that family is also in charge of snack and making any phone calls that are needed to be made.  I also, have this family collect health forms and funds for camp or dues.  Then I don't have to work on that.  I also have 1 parent that cordinates the achievements, keeps track of them, picks them up at the scout shop.  I just worry about setting the agenda at the beginging of the year, schedule the scout and plan/run the meetings.  It doesn't seem like a lot - we have 13 boys.  I do the boys meeting right after school, at the school.  It works out great - sometimes I don't have a 2nd parent - but, I always have a den cheif.

Cadettes (12 girls)- This troop has always been ran like a co-op.  Every parent had to plan, run, purchase materials, and snack for 2 meetings though out the year.  We have 2 meetings a month - sometimes more or less depending on what is going on.  This last year was the 1st year that the leader have been just 3 moms co-leading.  I was tricky - but, we let the girls lead the meeting or plan the event with the leaders over looking or helping stear the way.

The Brownies (10 girls) we meet 2 x a month (3 co-leaders)  We take turns leading the group and planning the meetings.  2 of us are at every meeting and sometimes we have parents that want to stay and help.  Both troops have another parent that runs the check book and they take care of any special sign-ups.  These meetings I schedule the same night as the cub scout meetings (6:30 - 7:30pm).  This way I am only taking up 2 of my Friday nights instead of 4.

One big idea that I started doing 5 years ago was to have VIP meeting (Very Important Pie).  At this meeting we discuss the years events and make sure everyone know what they are doing and when.  I ask for the volunteers and when everyone is in a group I am amazed at how fast they step forward.  They all know they have to do something and if they miss the meeting they are responsible for the last on the list.  Everyone seems to make this meeting - I am not sure if its the Baker Squre Pie or the incentive of signing up for what they want to do OR don't want to do.

Hope this helps!
by New Member on Jun. 4, 2007 at 11:23 PM
If you have supporting parents in your troop already ask for their help at this point. I know of a troop in town by me that has each parent signed on as a co-leader and each parent took different weeks to lead a meeting. It is tough to find time for everything. I am sure you have parents that are willing to step up and take over once in a while when you can't make it or just need a break.
I had Brownies/Juniors/Cadets all in one troop. The Cadets got mad and the Juniors were driving everyone up a wall so that had to We split them all up. It worked for a year and then that was that. There would be such an age difference you really couldn't combine any crafts because the Juniors would get bored or it would be too hard for the Daisies. I would start off with your Junior parents and see what they want to do. Hold a parent meeting. Also if its a sitter you need ask a local Cadet troop to babysit and earn some of their leadership hours they need to get. I am sure they would jump on the oppertunity. The Daisies here meet from 6-7:30. They seem to handle it very well time wise. I wish you the best of luck with this. I am going to be running into the same problem next year when the boys join
by on Jun. 19, 2007 at 12:03 PM

Don't despair just yet. Remember, there may be lots of new girls coming this fall with the new school year. Your service unit should have a rally for any new girls who want to join and new parents who want to help out. Please contact your service unit manager for help, she should help you in such situation. There may be new Junior and new Daisy groups forming this fall where your girls can be members.

Also, in my area the Daisies are meeting on weekend mornings and one Brownie group meets on Sundays after church, much easier for such young girls, rather than late in the evening. See if any new Daisy group can do this. You do not have to meet in the evenings.

Personally, I hate to hear that any troop is "closed" to new members, that's not what scouting is about. We all should help out and open our groups to anyone who wants to be in scouting. One more girl should not make a huge difference to anyone, especially if she has a mom who is a helper too. My dd just moved to a new group since her old troop had all Brownies not ready to bridge yet. My new group's leader was more than happy to let us join her group, even though her girls have been together for 3 yrs now.

Good luck to you and hang in there.

by on Aug. 10, 2007 at 4:59 PM
I don't have any ideas on how to run two groups as I am having enough trouble running my own cub-scout pack lol. But I must agree with the last lady that no group should be closed to new people. I know in cub-scouts we are not allowed to turn anyone away. Our district people would be very upset by that. Isn't there district committees for girls scouts that can help you with this?


Committee Chair, All Dens Leader, Cub-master Etc...

Pack 421 Hanover Park, IL


by Member on Sep. 13, 2007 at 4:56 PM

no idea. i'm leading daisies, juniors and i'm the silver award coordinator in cadettes, and i have a tiger and bear scout too.


i'm thinking of putting together a co-op babysitting group when my daisies meet, just for the sibs. but i don't know how that will work out. my parent meeting is in 2 days.

and as far as "closing" troops are concerned,  my juniors are closed.  i, along with one other woman, are running all five girl scout troops with no help.  there are 20 girls in juniors.  it is most certainly closed.  i've already told the parents to sign up to help  - at least 2 more people - per meeting, or i would cancel it.  i don't have a junior anymore and they can't possibly expect me to run it on my own like i did last year, with more girls and less help.  not gonna happen.  i can see my wednesdays freeuing up as i type.  we'll see.

~I solemnly swear I am up to no good.~
by New Member on Oct. 26, 2007 at 11:35 AM
Being an ex Service Unit Manager in GS, I am quite sure that a Troop can not close or not take any new members, especially if there is none in the area for the girls.  So maybe call the council or Service Unit Manager on that one.

But I did Juniors and Daisy and brought my daycare chldren and my infant son to the meetings.  It worked fine.  I brought activites for the younger children and made sure the meeting were planed very well that kept the girls busy.  At the Junior level, they need less surpervison with their badge work.  Each month (I only had 5 Jr.s) one girl was the patrol leader (worn the arm sash, which they loved) was incharge of suples and getting the girls started. 

I dont know where you meet.  But do the meetings at the same time, if it is big enough.  Or if you cant get any new Daisys, just have her at the Jr. Meeting and have her work on her petals.  The older girls will get the training they need and meet some requirments by helping her.  Make it a Broonze Award by sponsering the your Daisy daughter through the year, helping her get all her petals.

My 4 grade Jrs did their Bronze Award on a Brownine Outdoor Skills Daycamp.  They did it all theirselves for 50 girls.  You would be surprized at how much the older girls can help.

If you need any help of more suggestions, let me know, I would IM me, as I sometimes can find all the threads I post to.

Good Luck

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