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Searching for my birth father

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Any ideas on how to find someone who hasnt been seen in two years and is homeless??? My brother is in jail right now and has been requsting that we find our birth father for him. His name is Peter Andrews Owens. I talked toom bio mom and all the info she can gather is he was last seen in Portland Oregon he was still using and he used to talk to there old friend Becky who since has an 11 month old baby and stopped talking to him when she got pregnant. I  know at one point I believe in 2009 Andrew went to see him and know he had a cell phone and was living in his truck. For all I know he could be dead since he was using but is there a way to find him for my brother???? I also know he just turned 49 or 50....

~* Tiffany*~
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by on Feb. 23, 2011 at 9:38 PM
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by on Mar. 4, 2011 at 2:44 AM

No I have never written it down but here it is.

  I am the oldest of 4 children. My mother had me when she was 17 and my dad was 26. My father was a drug dealer and he had a shitty job at a gas station. When my mother was pregnant with me she smoked weed. My brother Andrew was born two years latter and 1 year 1/2  latter my twin sisters Margaret and Carol were born. When my sister were born they were born with coke meth weed and alcohol in there systems. Let me jump back now when I was 6 months old I was taken in as a ward of the state and was put in foster care. I spent my first christmas in foster care. My mother eventually won me back despite the fact that my ggma on her death bed went to court and fought her on it. When I was about 1 yr I was returned home. I have no recolection of anything that happened untill I was 4. My father was sexual abusive towards me and anytime my parents would fight I would collect my sibling and take them in my room and have them play while I stood at the door and watched my father beat the shit out of my mother. I remember traffic coming in and out of our house buying drugs I remember my paretns growing pot in the attic. Cops were at our door right and left. I raised all of my siblings.  We were never consistanly fed I made our food. I remember one time I could only find one bottle and my sisters were under a yr I had no idea what formula was so I got them milk and had them both laid on the floor while my parents were high as hell and they were screaming and Id give it to one baby while the other one screamed and give a few sucks and pass it to the other untill they had drained four bottles. We were always filthy hungry and up all night and day. No one put us to bed no one played with us and we had about 100 animals in our house. Cats rats dogs and birds. My dad used to rob the gas station he worked at and we always had stolen cars in our driveway. I remember my dad leaving to cheat on my mom several times, and my mother screaming at us asking who "she" was. Me being the oldest was left out a lot my dad favored my brother because he was 'his boy' and my mother favored the twins because they were "her babies". So Id go stay with my mothers parents and my Aunt who is ten yrs older than me. The elementary school I was attending was the same one my mother went to so the secretary always would give me treats because she loved my mom. One day she called my gma up because I went to school tired and with bad bruises she told her things had gotten bad and she needed to keep me. So my gma called my parents and told me she was just gonna tkae me for a while, my parents didnt object. a few days latter my parents gave my gparents the rest of my siblings. I remember that day like it was yesterday they were so filthy they trew us all int he bath together and washed all of our clothes. My parents called the next day and my dad wanted Andrew back and my mother wanted the twins I refused to go home. Then next day DHS came and took all of the kids, meanwhile my dad hid in the bushes.  We had wednesday visits with our parents for a while untill the state took that away and just us kids would see each other but as time went by that was less and less. Margaret and Carol were adopted together when they were 4. We never heard from them again they had a closed adoption, And DHS terminated the rights of my parents and gave them no choice. I continued to live with my gparents and Andrew was in foster care. Him and I got to see each other once a week and it always ended that we didnt want to leave each other. At the age of 9 and Andrew 7 we were adopted to a family in Salem who had one foster son Miguel who was 3. We were supposed to have an open adoption with out grandparents, my parents rights were terminated to us also. That never happened. Our adopted parents right away got a postal box for our grandparents to write to they never gave them our address and we were allowed to call them once a week on Sundays from a calling card so they didnt know our number. They allowed one visit a year that ended with us screaming out our phone number and address and fits. My grandparents still to this day have the videos of our visits and they break my heart. My adoptive parents were very strange people. They claimed to be "christians". Growing up Miguel was always favored. When Andrew and Miguel got to pick out cool new school clothes I was taken to goodwill and if I was lucky I could pick out one outfit from Ross. My clothes were never in style I couldnt wear anything fitting. They claimed we all had problems like adhd and rad and depression so they would get more money from the state they were always giving me pills and changing my meds saying I was a horrible kid and the new shit wasnt working. I remember when I started my period I was 11 I called my AM from school asking for new pants and underware or to come home and she made me stay at school all day in my bloody pants and I was given the LARGEST pad I have ever seen in my life to wear from the secretary. When I got home my AM wasnt there and my AD had to show me what I had to choose from I was utterly humiliated. I was forced to go to a private christian school that I hated because at this point I HATED whoever these jacasses called God because there was no justice in my life. For years I cried myself to sleep. The adoption wasnt finalized for a year and we had a case worker that would come visit and every time she did I would BEG her to let me go home to my gparents and she would always tell me give it more time. I HATED her so much. When I was in 5th grade my APs made me do it twice so "I could have more time to be a kid". When I would get in trouble my APs would throw me on the floor and hold me down eventually it would piss me off so much I strted fighting them on it and Id hit bite scratch and scream to get them off of me. I remember when we would get in trouble we would have to do "chores" I hate that word. These were not normal things. One time in September I had to go pick up all the leaves in the yard not only did I have to pick them up but I had to count all of them and when I was finished they didnt like the number so they dumped them all out and made me do it again. Theyd take all of the dishes out of the cupord and make me hand wash and dry all of them. And Sally would stand over me and say oh you missed a spot re do all of them. When I was adopted at the age of nine I did all of the dishes all day long by myself just because. And every other day I had to clean the bathroom, top to bottom. We were there slaves we did everything they never did anything. My AD would take us to school and Sally would sleep in all afternoon untll Perry Mason came on and she would get up and sit in her damn chair and watch tv untill she had to pick us up from school. On weekend we would have to stay in our rooms untill 11 or 12 when our parents would finally get out of bed and let us have breakfast.  When I was 13 we got another kid Cory he was 18 months old. From the time I moved in I always tried to run away. Eventually the cops would pick me up and bring me home. I remeber begging the cops to take me to jail because it would be better than living there. It got so bad I said to a cop one time guess Ill see you agian in a few hours, they would take me home and Id leave agin 30 minutes latter. When I graduated 8th grade I was sent to Mexico on a missions trip when I got back I kissed ass and convinced my APs that I wanted to "save" the world and that I should go to public school so I could do so. As soon as I got into public school I started meeting friend who helped me escape. I made one friend who was a super senior and had a car and when first bell rung Id go with him to his car hide in a sleeping bag and leave school. I never went to class. Some how since I went to school where if you were a sport player your teachers would just pass you because you were doing well in there eyes playing sports I managed to show that I only missed three classes when my APs came to school because I got suspended. And somehow my parents never found out that I got caught walking down the road with my BF smoking a cigarette. Before I got suspended I met a boy his name was Kyle. My parents went out to dinner one night and left me with the boys and I snuck him over. I had to sneak him out cas my Aps got home early and Andrew told on me while I was getting him out the window. Well he ended up comming back latter and I slept with him. I told one person and somehow the whole school found out. I guess the story goes someone that went to church with me told there parents and they told mine. So I was confronted about it and told I was a nasty little whore. I ran away again and went and stayed with my friend that was the super senior for a week. I returned home to get clothes and stuff and my Aps were acting all nice they took me to dinner and pretended I was the podigal son...I should have know better. A few hours latter they dumped me off at some place called Christian Community Placement Center. It was a "Proctor" home meaning foster home/ program for rehabilitation. They told them I was on drugs and crazy and was sleeping around. Now heres the funny part I slept with one boy one time Kyle...And I smoked a few ciggs and drank once and they never knew I wasnt aroun them.  And I did it because I HATED them. I was so mad I told them I shot up herion when they asked why they couldnt find marks I told them I didn it between my toes. (I saw it on CSI LoL) I told them I had slept with at least 100 people and I was doing it for drugs and money, Whle I was supposed to be in school and I had a pimp. LMAO. At this point in my life i was so sheltered I couldnt have even told you what a blow job was. Well I ran from there several times. And the last time I did I had come bac for stuff and I had a back pack and tried to get out the door with it and they took it from me so I left. I got picked up by a cop who was told I shoved the foster parent to keep my back pack....Wait  WHAT?!? I didnt even get the backpack out the door...BS Well I got taken to juvy which I didnt care I was happy to leave there. My AD came and picked me up at 2 am I was only in 4 hours and tookk me home. Well kinda. I was left in the garage with a nast dusty wool blanket a jug of water bread a plastic butter knife and peanut butter for a week. I was told to walk to the store to go to the bathroom. At this point I decided I wanted to be emancipated so I looked for a job tried to get back in school and find apts. After living that was 10 days the state sent me to Lithia Springs Girls home in Ashland 10 minutes form Califonia. My case worker and Aps drove me there with what little shit I had left my APs threw all my stuff away. I was only there a month because I ran away. I ran away with a girl named Alice we were gonna head to Roseberg and stay with one of her friends. We were gonna wait till night to hitch hike. Well the cops saw us and she let them take her I tried to run. I was eventually caught. They tookk her back inside and left me in the car. I guess they found a picture I drew  of a giat blender and someone in it. They labled me as sucicidal and homicidal and carted me to the local hospital, where I stayed 2 days and refused to sleep because I thought they were gonna drug me like my APs. Finally after two days med transport came to pick me up and I caved and took some axiety pills that made me loopy as heck. I was driven to Roseburg and placed in a psych ward for two weeks when my casewprker came to pick me up to take me to some foster home. He brought some supid chick with him who flipped out when I turned the child safety lock on my door off. It ended with me calling her a bitch and cunt and me getting taken back inside for another week. My case worker didnt come get me this time med transport did. I was taken to GRESHAM YES GRESHAM to a place called Albertina Kerr. I was on my best behavior I kissed ass so bad it was rediculous and I requested to see my gparents. The lady who was my therapist felt horrible for me and got me a lawyer. Finally someone cared enough to see that I was a good kid and just hurting BIG time. My gparents came and saw me it was the happiest moment of my life. I begged them to save me and take me home. We all then had a meeting and DHS agreed to let me go home but first I had to go to one more place because I could only stay there 2 weeks and my grandparents had to be certified as foster parents first. I was then taken to the Family Fam Home in Corvallis. I was there a month but i was allowed weekend visits at my "REAL HOME"!! The people there were crazy they tried to get me to have a relationship with my APs before i left I was made call them 2 times a week for 2 minutes. I HATED it. Id BS my way through it asking about the weather and my brothers. August 15 2005 I was returned home to my family HAPPIEST FLIPPING day of my life! =] We then went to court and DHS and a judge in Salem terminated Leon and Sallys rights to me FOREVER. I though I was a bad ass I even wore some stunna shades in the courtroom and didnt even look at Leon and Sally.


There you have it the good bad and ugly I could go into more detail about the shitty stuff they put me through but Id rather not remember it. When I first moved home I took all of my pictures and cut my APS out of all of them and burned them. Thats how much they hurt me.

Not to diss adoption Ive seen good cases and BAD HORRIBLE cases like mine I guess it depends on the circumstances. My Bio Dad was adopted and he had good parents, so you never know!


by Silver Member on Mar. 4, 2011 at 11:13 AM

 wow. What an incredibly difficult life you've had. I'm truly sorry for what you endured. I am also happy that someone helped you before it was too late. I am a bit amazed that you even considered adoption after what you went through! I'm very glad you kept your son and I wish you lots of luck on finding your ndad. Are you having any luck?

by on Mar. 4, 2011 at 11:38 AM

Wow gobo...  I'm finding myself at a loss for words.  I will never understand how anybody could be so heartless.  And you survived many heartless things. 

I wish you all the goodness possible in this world for your future!

by on Mar. 4, 2011 at 3:38 PM


by Gold Member on Mar. 4, 2011 at 3:49 PM

I think I'd try the Portland Police. If he's homeless I bet they've picked him up at least once. Also the local missions or homeless shelter.

BTW How cute is your baby!!!

by Member on Jan. 14, 2012 at 3:00 PM

Get a list of homeless shelters, most big cities have them, also if he is a user, there are halfway houses that may be working with him, or recovery centers, especially if he is trying to kick it. If none of those try the jails as well. google the states Department of Corrections, some states have an inmate search engine. If he is a user he could have been arrested and forced to rehab. 

by New Member on Mar. 1, 2012 at 2:23 AM
Go to

Type in his name in correct fields, says he lives in either Portland or Gresham OR. He is the correct age! Good luck
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