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Please Take Action to Protect Our Children!

Posted by on Mar. 23, 2007 at 9:48 AM
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If you worry about your child’s innocence and safety….please join Cafemom’s campaign to unify our members and provide ONE resounding voice to our legislators and powers that be regarding the current laws governing pedophilia and child abuse. Join this group, and become part of the solution.

There are laws out there that protect stray pets better than our own children.  Child molesters and child abusers, when they are caught, are often given a mere slap on the wrists before being released back into society--enabling them to profoundly injure more children.  WE NEED TO SPEAK UP and put a STOP to these molesters and abusers!  We need effective legislation to protect our children!  We need to join together and speak up as ONE voice so that our concerns and the NEED to protect our children are heard all the way up through every level of Government!   

About A Child's Voice @ the Cafe

This is it moms. It is time to band together and have our voices heard. CafeMom has a membership that is near 7,000 moms and growing everyday. TOGETHER we can present a united front against the epidemic that has plagued our country: Child Abuse ! Each of us individually can add so much to making sure that our children our protected by fighting for more strident laws for sex offenders.  It is a sad fact that politicians, activist groups, social organizations, etc... care about numbers.  Please help us by joining  A Child's Voice at the Cafe and make sure that our voice is heard!  You can find the group by following this link - A Child's Voice at the Cafe. Our members are determined to put action behind our words in this important campaign. We need each and every one of you!There are far too many examples today of how our current legislation, as well as view of the crime itself, is FAILING our children. Our children have no voice in this battle. Our children NEED our voice, and they need it desperately.



Are you interested in joining this cause? Your kids hope you are. Your kids’ friends hope you are. The wife of the molester hopes you are. It takes power of numbers to incite change…we can do this and we can do it TOGETHER.


I urge ALL MOMS to unite….be heard, let your voice be counted!!!


If you have internal hesitations about joining, view the group and the campaign messages and be assured that we are onto something significant. Something that MATTERS to you, him, them and ALL of us.  And also realize that the PRIMARY focus of this group is to amass members, as in numbers, to back a very lengthy letter campaign outlining in detail how the U.S. government has allowed this atrocity to continue, as well as a howl for a revamp of the laws. Stay informed and involved.


TOGETHER we can have a huge impact.


Please, if you stand with us, copy and paste this journal and write one of your own on this important issue urging all of your friends here at the Cafe to join  A Child's Voice also. Please, for the sake of ALL of our children, help us get our message heard!

Thank You

America hath no fury like the mother ignored....


NOW…PLEASE...for the love of our children, GO JOIN NOW!!!!!  

by on Mar. 23, 2007 at 9:48 AM
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by on Mar. 23, 2007 at 9:53 AM
Did you know?  There are about 400,000 registered sex offenders in the United States.  And an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 of them are MISSING.  The authorities don't know where they are or where they are living!  That is an alarming fact that we, as parents, face every day. 

Jessica's Law would require electronic monitoring of all convicted sex offenders for up to 30 years after their release date.   This law was created to help fill the gaps created by Megan's law, which requires sex offenders to register and notify authorities of their whereabouts. 

 We need to unite and speak with one BIG voice.  I live in Florida--where Jessica Lundsford was kidnapped from her own home and raped and buried alive.  Jessica's Law was passed shortly after her body was found and her murderer put behind bars.   Her murderer was just convicted and sentenced to death.  But how many more Jessicas will there have to be before EVERYONE stands up and takes notice? 

There was a groundswell of support at the time Jessica was kidnapped and later found murdered, buried in a shallow grave just across the street from her own home.  It seems, though, that there is always the problem of "out of sight, out of mind." Many people come out and speak up and take action at the time when the urgency is high and wounds are fresh, but then many fall back into their own normal lives soon after.  But, the Lundsfords will never be able to fall back into their normal lives again.  Jessica's bright star has forever been extinguished.  Please, let's all join together and make sure that we do right by the memory of Jessica Lundsford, Carly Bruscia, and the untold tens of thousands of other children that have suffered at the hands of molesters and abusers.  Let's join together to protect our children!  How do you take action? 

Please visit and join the group A Child's Voice
where we will join together and unite as not a single voice, but many, where we can demand of our lawmakers better laws, better enforcement of existing laws, and better protection for our children!

by on Mar. 23, 2007 at 4:32 PM
Thanks for the notification about this, Christina.  I sign a lot of petitions about many causes ( has many good petitions to sign and causes to click on, and, of course, is also a great one to go click).  I like causes that help or protect children (like Mercy Corps).

I'm off to join the Protect Our Children grp...
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