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Group Chatter 1/18 to Sunday 1/25

Posted by on Jan. 25, 2009 at 11:54 PM
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This is chatter between group members, up until Sunday Jan. 25th, 2009.
Feel free to post. However, you may want to consider just copy/paste or "bringing up a post topic" in our newest chatter session!

Welcoming the newest group memebers!!

1- Passion of Fire
2- DanaAndCasey
3- Cricket 1176
4-1 DisneyFanMom.
5-Hello Kitty 2718


8- SmallTownGirly

Welcome Ladies!!  We are glad to have you join us!!

by DanaAnd Casey on Jan. 19, 2009
Thank you so much!!!!  It is nice and comfy here. I like it!

by Passion of Fire on Jan. 20, 2009
Thankies! :) Glad to be here :D

by MissInnocent on Jan. 20, 2009

To: LR4VR: Your daughters are so sweet! Pretty Names, and  Love that curly hair!  I am sincerely sorry about your 17 year old daughter. Nothing makes me more MADD!  It's so preventable, if people would only think.  So very sorry for your loss.  What was her name?

To: Passion For Fire: Emyrald is so cute! Such a cute age!

To: Dana.... You already know what a cutie pie I think I Casey is!  But who ever gets tired of hearing it? LOL!!

To:Dana!  You're afraid of kitty cats?  How about kittens?  Do you know why? Like did one scratch you up badly when you were little or something? 
Hmm, interesting.... are you afraid of any other animals?

I can't think of what I'm afraid of right now, but I know there must be something. Not that you asked, LOL- but I'll think about it!

 by DanaAndCasey on Jan. 20, 2009

Leslie: Thank you for all the nice comments on my daughter! Brooke Morgan is soo beautiful. I think this is the first time I REALLY see pics of her. Soo cute.

About being afraid of kits. Yes I am and I have no idea why. I actually used to have a kitten when I was younger. I think cats scare me because they sometimes have this evil look on their faces? You never know what they are up to and I don't think you can ever really control them. I guess that makes me a control freak hahaha

by LR4VR on Jan. 20, 2009

Quoting MissInnocent:

 To: LR4VR: Your daughters are so sweet! Pretty Names, and Love that curly hair!  I am sincerely sorry about your 17 year old daughter. Nothing makes me more MADD!  It's so preventable, if people would only think.  So very sorry for your loss.  What was her name?

Thank you for your compliments and thoughts. My oldest dd was Renee Marie. She was killed in a car crash on June 20, 2007. Today is her 19th birthday. It is a very difficult day for me. I plan on making a cake/cupcakes for her and singing to her with my little ones today since it is way too cold to take them to the cemetery. Thanks again! Lisa

by LR4VR on Jan. 20, 2009

Quoting DanaAndCasey:

About being afraid of kits. Yes I am and I have no idea why. I actually used to have a kitten when I was younger. I think cats scare me because they sometimes have this evil look on their faces? You never know what they are up to and I don't think you can ever really control them. I guess that makes me a control freak hahaha

I know lots of people who are afraid of cats for the same exact reason.  They are "sneaky" sometimes. I have 2 cats that we love and they have never been sneaky. My oldest cat is Brandi and she is FAT! She can be a tad mean when she doesn't want to be bothered. My other cat is a male and he is overly friendly. To the point where you have to push him off  Well have a great day! lisa

 MissInnocent wrote: on Jan. 21, 2009
Lisa~ I'm sorry I didn't get to check into our group today and see your news. I would of sent you a little note, just to say that I was thinking of you.... I cannot imagine how much she is missed.   Thank you for sharing her name.  Very pretty.

  I love the picture of Kayla.  That's really cool.  I think it's appropriatley in black and white. She's beautiful.  How do we have soooo many beautiful girls in this one small group? Bailey also, a little beauty, ... (sept 5th is the cut off date for Kindergarten in our area too btw).  I love how you described them both. So you booked a flight to see your hubby, whom you did NOT get to see on your Wedding Anniversary Yesterday! (20th). 
You and I got married the same year!  You've been married longer, LOL-
I got married at the end of March.  (Ethan was 2 yrs old)  He was our little ring bearer.  I'm not sure why we didn't get married before... I always knew we would, ... but, I don't know.
(thanks for joining us)

1 DisneyfanMom~(Pam)
I am so jealous!  You know this!  I have never been to DisneyWorld only Disneyland (you know this too!) LOL
I think we better mark our group Calendar!  Tell me what date exactly you'll be there, so we can think of you and be envious, if applicable! LOL~
your little "night owl" Scarlett, is gorgeous, and of course you know I love her name, ... as it's my nickname! (only spelled w/ one "t" at the end). 
(thanks for joining)  8)  

Dana~ Thank you for the compliment on Brooke. And thanks for filling me in on the kitty fears.
LOL- You know you reminded me of, i had totally, forgotten this.  I went to Arizona once to stay w/ my dad, and he had this kitten, ... on a fold out couch, my long hair hung down, in between the couch/fold out mattress, and the back of the couch.  That little rambunctious kitten was scaring me by attacking my long hair!  I was soooo scared!  It seems really silly now,... But Gosh, I hadn't thought of that since I don't know when!!  You lifted a suppressed memory from my subconscious! LOL!!! 

Passion of Fire~  So i was wondering since you said you take your singing seriously and you really try to encourage you daughter with it... ... if you could elaborate!   I thought "hmm, maybe she's a voice coach, or Karaoke queen, ...

By MissInnocent

Ok, listen to this ladies. This is funny...

I have loved to sing since i was 4 or 5 I'd say.  Growing up, I think my favorite shows were Donny and Marie, .... The Mandrell sisters.... all those old corny, variety shows!  That was me!  I think my record player was my favorite thing to play with.  I had the Donny and Marie stage and used to put on different records and make them do a show!  (Oh, how simple life used to be!) LOL~

So, one day, home alone, for the short time I had after school before my mom would get home, I was doing my typical "show" in front of the HUGE mirror way across the family room.  From where I stood, on my stage which was a coffee table w/ red velvet under squares of glass on each end (Yes, we are talking 70's) LOL~

So there I was performing... 10 yrs old, singing, dancing to Andy Gibb's "Shadow Dancing"
When suddenly the Glass on one side of the coffee table broke!
omgosh~  I started to cry, I panicked.  There is of course no way I could ever let anyone know about my secret life as a wanna be singer!  So I wiped my tears, and brought a little pile of dirty laundry out of my moms bedroom.  And set it my the coffee table. 
Planted Evidence!!! LOL~

And I called my mom, and I said  "mommy, I was (sobbing/ doing the hu-hu-hu-hu- sound in between my words)  walking... and hu-hu-hu- I , I tripped on a little pile of clothes that someone left by the coffee table!  And hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-... it broke!  the glass broke. 

Well, she wasn't mad!  She told me calm down, stay away from the glass, she'd be home soon,  and I remember I felt bad for lying, but relieved!   yes! She bought it!And I think then I put the stereo back on to "Dirty Lowdown"  or something, and kept singing!!
Yep~ I'm MissInnocent!!  hee hee!!

Ps- (My mother knows the truth now) LOL~ As we all tell things when we get older and in the clear of any punishment!

The end!!

by DanaAndCasey on Jan. 21, 2009

Leslie: That is such a funny story!!!! haha I am sorry by the way for bringing back horrifying memories of this cat. I have a similar story but unfortunately my little lie became a huuuge thing.

Funny story by DanaAnd Casey

It was a rainy day and some friends and I were playing outside. I wanted to climb this one tree so badly. I wanted to make it to the top. It was a very high one but I just had to make it to the top. I would not give up. I had almost made it when I slipped because obviously the rain made everything slippery. I fell down and landed right on my face ( and I mean right on my face ) My so called friends suddenly had to go home of course and I was left alone. I started walking home and on my way there I started making up a story about what had happened. I just didn't want my parents to get mad at me for climbing a wet and slippery tree. I didn't want them to say: What a stupid idea!! So I told them that  a group of teenage boys had hit me and ran away..for no reason..just like that.
Seeing that my face was completely swollen my parents decided to go to the police to report the incident. It ended up with me having to walk into schools in order to identify the guys. That is when I finally told them the truth. Horrible!!!

MissInnocent~Mon Jan. 21, 2009

Omgosh Dana!  That's funny, but in a "Now it's funny, then it wasn't" kind of way! Well, just think of what a great learning experience it was you can relay to Casey, when it's time to talk about how important it is to never tell lies.
I am in such a rush right now., I have to try to watch some LOST movies I rented season 4.  I want to watch it on Tv tonight. I've never watched it on TV. I have always rented it.  Well, I am going to have to race the clock to fit in a few episodes before the season premiere starts.

by Kristine1812 on Jan. 21, 2009

Well I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to Leslie, (Missinoccent)  because my computer crashed about a month ago, and I just started a part time job, so she has been doing like, everything in the group.  You are FABULOUS Les, just wanted to let you know!!!

MissInnocent wrote on Jan. 22, 2009

Kristine: Your'e Welcome!  Not a problem...  I have to tell you, my computer "connection" (just the connection, not the actual computer) is acting bad all day.   Last time it did this, I finally lost it entirely for 3 days.  So, if I'm MIA, anytime soon, you will know I'm out of commission temporarily! LOL~

by DanaAndCasey on Jan. 22, 2009

I totally agree! Leslie, you are doing an amazing job.

MissInnocent wrote on Jan. 22, 2009

Wow! thanks!

I made a boo-boo though.  I have to admit to you all, I put a 60 day filter on the group, since it was soooo inactive.  I didn't know I had to put a "effective date" and that night at Midnight, it went from 43 memebers, down to 16! I had no idea it would do that.  There was no way to apologize, but then I thought, well, I guess they might not notice anyway.  And with a quick click they can rejoin~ I am so glad we have some new members, and some previous members are also joining in. 

by LR4VR on Jan. 24, 2009

That is so funny! I was wondering myself what happened to all the members. Well, if you put the 60 day filter on then they haven't been hear in a while. They willll come back if they want. Sometimes it is better to have 20 members who participate than 100 who don't. By the way you really turned this group around! Great job! Lisa

 MissInnocent Wrote:

Thank you Lisa.   Well, it couldn't be done w/o moms to participate.  And what's nice I think is that it's small, so you can really get to know each other a bit, as it grows... rather than joining in a group where there are already 385 members.  I mean, at least that's one take on it~  8)
Like you said- better to have 20 participating, than 100 that don't.

by Kristine1812 on Jan. 22, 2009

HAHA, I was thinking that when I logged on the other day, I was like, "Hmmm I think the filter is working, lol."  But like you said all they have to do is come back and be active!

by DanaAndCasey on Jan. 23, 2009 at 5:12 AM

Ha ha ha Leslie! I made the same mistake in my german moms group the other day. If they really cared about this group they would come back.

MissInnocent wrote:

Dana- Oh good then I'm not the only one that made that "filtering boo-boo"  But there was no "warning" like "are you sure you want to do this?  Or not that I saw that it asked for a date.  So I thought the computer would just know.  Well, that night, "poof" half the members gone!  ? 

MissInnocent wrote on Jan. 23, 2009

I think each week, we should start fresh on a new chatterbox in forum post.
 So we don't have to sort through many old post, but yet don't have to delete them, in case we like to refer back for info shared.  kwim?

When I start anew, I'd keep any posts that had not been replied to, by copy paste, and they'd be at the top of the newer chatterbox.

Maybe every Sunday, I can start a new.  so they're aren't so many posts to go through to get to the last, I know we can push last... but still, LOL~ 

What do you think? 

MissInnocent wrote:.

Pam~(1 DisneyFanMom)  I saw your post in (Dress Appropriately). I'm not sure I told you Brooke, like your daughter Scarlett, is also very tall for her age.
I'm not very tall, are you?  I'm 5'4".  But Brooke is 10 and though it feels as though she is eye to eye w/ me, I've still got a couple inches on her!  She's about 5'2" and not turning 11 until July!  She is youngest in her class, and tallest every year.  Funny.   They get their height, from my hubby's side, and maybe a few generations back on mine.  But mainly his side I'd say, as he's 6'11".  Yep. Nearly 7 foot.  I forget if I told you this or not before. LOL~ 

And! I'm wearing High Heels!! LOL~
by the way, you're looking the only photo of my husband and I alone, on our wedding day
Except for one where we are dancing.  The stupid photographer, didn't get any of us alone, and I apparently, didn't realize it, or think of it in the midst of everything!  So this is it, ugly gray limo that I hated.
Of course it's horribly unclear here, at least as a real photo, it's not fuzzy. But My dream is to fit into that dress again someday, before I get too old and gray and get our pics taken!

MissInnocent wrote on Jan. 24, 2009
~ on your siggy about angel readings.   I wanted to ask you, do you do something similar to what John Edwards on TV does?  I was just wondering cause I love that show. I know some people don't like it or don't believe in it. But, to me... it's very uplifting, and just can't help that I love it for some reason.

by LR4VR
Well, I have no where near the strength that John Edwards has. I do excersise my psychic abilities thou.  I alway have been somewhat psychic. Ya know getting those gut feelings and whatnot. I used to read Tarot cards in my early 20's with great accuracy. then I had stopped for years due to raising my dd, Renee, as a single mom.  A year before she passed away she loved watching Sylvia Browne and that started me back into do readings. When Renee died I felt as though my abilities became stronger. I don't know if it was because I was on a search to have contact with her. Which I do have. I love reading card for people. I not only use the Tarot Card by I have several different decks of oracle cards which are my favorite to use. Everyone has these abilities they just need to work with them.  I wish I could do more readings but it is so hard to do with the kids and the baby.  Thanks for asking... Lisa

MissInnocent wrote:

Lisa~ Very interesting!   Thanks for the reply.  My mom actually used to do Tartot Cards many many years ago. I remember, as I was about 10.  She would not let me touch them. Not to play with!!  i was afraid of them, and I could be cleaning up, doing chores or something, and , LOL~ I would actually pinch the rubber band that held  them together, rather than "touch them".    She doesn't have them anymore, and works a lot.  But, she's always been interested in hypnotism and physics and things.  Sylvia Brown, I saw on a talk show, and they were telling about how many criminal cases, that had gone cold, ... that she helped to solve.  Pretty impressive.   Our minds, brains, and human nature, our souls, ... everything... they are all so complex, I don't think that's at all impossible for people to tap into these abilities.  I think like w/ anything, you have people who will take advantage of people. My friend and I actually talk about how cool it would be to go see the John Edwards Show someday. 

By LR4VR on Jan. 25, 2009

That is too funny! But I tell my kids that they are my special cards and they are not allowed to touch them. However, that does not stop my 3 yr. old, Maria. She actually is very interested in the pictures on the cards. Then she start throwing them around the room. I am always cleansing them to get any negativity off them from being thrown around the room.

We only use a third of our brains, can you imagine what the other 2/3rds have to offer!

In my group there are 2 readers that specialize in channeling. Which is connecting to the people who have passed on. When I first open up the group I had a wonderful reader who was always right on the mark with readings. She gave me a few about my dd, Renee, and I was just sitting her in shock, There was NO way she could have known what she was telling me unless she was communicating with Renee. It was unbelievable. Well, I think I need to go to sleep. I am so very tired! Thanks! Lisa


by on Jan. 25, 2009 at 11:54 PM
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