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Brittany Levac/ ItWorks!

Posted by on Oct. 22, 2009 at 2:34 PM
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1.) What type of products or services does your company sell? ItWorks! has a range of products such as supplements, weight loss aids, body wraps, and skin care. They are all natural products, and they work.

2.) What is your company start up and overhead cost requirement and what does it include? Startup cost is $35 for a basic startup kit which includes some marketing materials, e-office and website. $199 is the business builder kit, which gives you 8 Ultimate applicators (which sell for $30 each for a total of $240), a padfolio, FitWorks program, marketing materials, defining gel and prevantage cream.

To stay commission qualified, you need to be on an $80 autoship.

3.) What do you do exactly? Take us through an average day, what duties do you actually preform? Do you make or receive calls, send emails, write ads, etc... And how many hours a day do you spend working your business? An average day for me is spent chasing after my 7 month old daughter and playing with her. I answer emails and send out emails when she naps. I talk to people about the products in the grocery store. I tell friends and family about it, and write ads for social networking sites. Average time spent in a day I would say is 2 hours.

4.) What kind of restrictions does the company give you on advertising if any? It is different in Canada than in the US. Here (Canada) we have quite a few restrictions. In the states however you are allowed to do trade shows and expos where here we can't. You cannot advertise on a website without head office approval. Not a whole lot of restrictions for the US mommas.

5.) How do you earn money? What is your commission or pay based on? You earn by selling your own stock, selling online, and from your team you build. You make 40-50% on all sales and 10% on your downline.

6.) How long were you with your business before you broke even and actually earned an income? (No income spacifics) I was with the business a week and broke even.

7.) What is an average income for a first month, first 6 months and/or year? ~ average area, we all know it's different for each person. It varies depending on how much work you put in. There have been women pulling in 5 figures in the first month.

8.) Why should someone join your team and not another? My team is a huge support network. We help eachother out. If someone is not doing well, we do our best to get them going again. Most of us are moms who want to stay home with our babies. We actually have gone from a business team, to a team of friends who just happen to sell things.

If you have any questions let me know!!

Brittany Levac
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What have you got to lose?
by on Oct. 22, 2009 at 2:34 PM
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