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Could my daughter have some sensory issues? Please - advice!

Posted by on Nov. 15, 2012 at 10:11 PM
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    My oldest daughter is 4 1/2 and will be starting school this next August. My Mommy Alert has been on for quite some time but I haven't wanted to say anything and was hoping that it would get better as she got older and prove me wrong but... she is getting older... and its not getting any better. In fact in the last few months its gotten worse... so here is what we are experiencing.
     LOTS of fit throwing - mostly high pitch screaming while she yells about what is bothering her. They don't last long - just long enough for me to tell her to use her "big girl words" but then if she doesn't like the answer she gets we start right back over again.
     She complains about everything "hurting" her - socks, pants, pony tails, long sleeve shirts, shoes that actually fit her (she prefers them a size too big), bath tub water (its ALWAYS too hot), seat belts, etc... her preschool teacher has noticed this as well and mentioned that she is constantly fidgiting with her clothes.
     She is very smart and definetely not delayed in anything. She LOVES school, work books, writing, learning games (board games, computer games, phone games, you name it). She is extremely emotional. She will watch a movie and if it ends happily she will cry (sometimes hysterically) becuase she is "so happy". These are basically the only activities she will sit still for - when her mind is busy, busy, busy she is happy and content.

     Basically, it seems like she feels everything on a much grander scale - physically and emotionaly things are 10x bigger to her than what they really are.

    Just a little snipet of the sorts of things I hear from her on a daily basis. We were in the car one day and she asked me if we could do something when we got home. I said yes and she said thank you. I responded with "Welcome" instead of "Your welcome". This was her repsonse - "No, no, Mom. 'Welcome' means 'Thank you for coming'. You were SUPPOSE to say 'YOU'RE welcome."

    There a couple of other things that I feel like I'm leaving out... and I know some of this is just normal 4 year old behavior. But as her mother I just feel like there is a little something more going on here.  Does any one else have experience with anything like what I'm mentioning??  I'm going to ask her doctor about it next time we are there but just thought I would ask some fellow mothers first...   

by on Nov. 15, 2012 at 10:11 PM
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