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Catalog of Informational Posts

Posted by on Jan. 16, 2009 at 11:43 AM
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Since there have been SO many helpful posts in this group, I wanted to make one centralized location for all of the good stuff.  If you have any suggestions or additions, please PM me with a link and I will gladly add them!!!!!

The Best Food Storage Links:

Wendy Dewitt Seminar Video  (please watch all 9 parts!)
Wendy Dewitt Blog
Everyday Food Storage
Safely Gathered In
Food Storage Calculators & Links

Emergency Preparedness Links

Pandemic Flu
Pandemic Preparedness Planning

How Many Do YOU Have of... posts

Toilet Paper
Pounds of Rice
Pounds of Sugar (and what kinds of sugar or sweets)
Meat Products
Peanut Butter (or equivalent)
Dairy Products

What Do You Do With... posts


Recipes Using Food Storage posts

Main Dishes
Snacks & Desserts
Rice Milk
Homemade Bread & Starters
Home Remedies 
Water Storage
Dry Milk Recipes Part 1
Dry Milk Recipes Part 2

Dry Milk Recipes Part 3 
Food Storage Recipes & Cooking Methods
Wheat Recipes 

Where Do You Store It? posts

Where to Store Food - when you have limited space
Garage Storage

Food Storage:  Refrigerator & Freezer
Show Off Your Storage Areas
50 Lbs of Potatoes - where to store potatoes
Info on Storage Containers - for food
Where To Store Water
Best Gardening Tips 

Miscellaneous Information & Posts:

Store What You Eat - eat what you store
Storing Grains So Bugs Can't Get To It

How Do You Store Rice?
Are We Fearful?
Starting a Basic Food Storage
Storage on $5.00 a Week
60 Uses for Table Salt - and one use for pepper
Converstions & Substitutions

Dehydrator Questions - and answers

Alternative Cooking and Heating Sources Posts:

Planning for no electricity
Emergency cooking & heat sources

by on Jan. 16, 2009 at 11:43 AM
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