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Information on LDS Church Cannery/Home Storage Center

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Here is some general information for both LDS and non-LDS people who wish to use the Home Storage Center (or cannery as we often call it). 

Here are some helpful links:

Home Storage Center Locations

Home Storage Center Order Form

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Both members and non-members are able to go to the cannery.  In the event of a crisis, emergency, or if there's an extremely high volume of people using the cannery, then it may be closed to non-LDS people.  There has been a big push lately for a lot of LDS members to get their food storage together, so the canneries are experiencing a higher than normal volume of people wanting to utilize the services.  Call your local one and see if they are able to accomodate you at this time.  If not, then call back in a couple months and see if things have changed.  By then, they may not be as cram packed as they have been.   If you are having trouble getting an appointment or they request that you go with a member, send me a PM and I will try to arrange someone in your area to meet you and go with you. 

2.  Call your local cannery for an appointment.  (see location above)

3.  Children under 16 are not allowed in the cannery, as it is a safety issue.

4.  Order forms are available both online and at the cannery.

5.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes - t-shirt and jeans are recommended and modesty is encouraged. 

6.  Check with your local home storage center for payment types they accept.  At ours, they accept cash and check, but if you are not a member of the church, they request payment in cash only.  Each one may vary on this policy.

7.  If you see cans on a metal shelving rack that are full, sealed, and labeled, chances are they can be taken by anyone who needs them.   It can often help you if you only want to do 1-2 of an item instead of many. 

8.  When you enter, you will be asked to sign in.  If you are not a member, ask what you would write in the blanks for "ward and stake."  If you leave your phone number, you will not be called or anything.  It's just to make sure that payment goes through, or if by chance you forget something. 

9.  A word of prayer may be offered at the beginning and close of each canning session or just the day.  It's a basic prayer for safety and productivity. 

10.  Hairnets and aprons are available there, and must be warn (an apron is optional).  Wash your hands and put on the gloves, also provided.

11.  People there can show you how to properly can the items and how to operate the dry pack canner.  There are certain tips and tricks when canning - like when you can oats, you need to press them down in order to get the correct amount of oats per can. 

12.  Once you are finished with your cans, you will take them to the canner, place an oxygen absorber in the can, and put a lid on.  Then you will seal the can.  The only cans that do not get oxygen absorbers in them are sugar.  MAKE SURE TO PUT THE LABELS ON THE CANS BEFORE YOU SEAL THEM!!!!  lables go on the side of the can.

13.  For every 6 cans you get 1 box and 2 plastic lids - included in price of cans.  On the outside of the box, write your last name and what is in the box.  You do not have to have 6 of a single item to get a box - just 6 cans of whatever.  You can mix and match.  Just write what the contents are on the outside of the box.

14.  When you're finished with your order, someone who works there will check you out by going over your order form versus what you have.  Once they've checked you out, you will pay and get a receipt.  They usually have people that will be able to help you load your car.  Many people volunteer to work there, so there are usually some burly guys around to help out.  :o)

If you have any questions about the cannery, please feel free to ask.  It's a lot of fun and the prices are really good.  Hope this helps.

(and shame on me, I went yesterday and forgot my camera so I couldn't take pictures!  Grrrr...)

by on Feb. 25, 2009 at 4:43 PM
Replies (31-34):
by Group Admin on Dec. 10, 2011 at 11:17 PM
I think it depends if non members can go by themselves ut i think if you went with a member they wouldnt mind
by on Dec. 11, 2011 at 1:23 AM

 Gotcha :) I have some ladies at the church that I would feel comfortable asking if I could go on there next trip with them. I am also thinking about visiting the church again... I miss it...

by on Jun. 16, 2012 at 8:51 PM
We have a bishop store house here. Can anyone go? Or do I need a recommend?
by on Apr. 30, 2013 at 6:12 PM

 How did you seal your bags?

Quoting Scarlett77:

I just wanted to add that I bought 25 lb bags of beans and oatmeal and little mylar bags (aka pouches) there. I came home and sealed them up myself in the mylar bags.  It's kind of odd that it's cheaper to buy the large amounts and bags/absorbers from the cannery and do it at home than do it there.



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